Dec 18
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Each snowflake is unique.
Yet when one falls,
for the first and final time,
no one mourns it.
Why is this?
Each human is unique,
But the same
Rules do not apply.
Dec 17
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death of belief

Under the christmas tree,
Santa Claus lays the presents.
He glances around warily
For unwanted watchers.
He sees a child,
Staring at him.
At him?
No, not at him.
Through him.
This child doesn't see him,
For seeing is believing.
And the child does not believe.
Too late he relizes what is happening;
Too late, as the tree topples down upon him.
He lays there,
Imploring the child to see,
To believe.
It is no use.
He crumbles slowly into soot.
Dec 17
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Toy Cars

No one believes.
The bagel shops decree seamless conventions,
Watering thrice the lost souls committee.
Now I am a human;
I will get to where i am going.
There is no time for such things
As toy cars.
They all know
A bold act is to trust.