Dec 17
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Forwards and Backwards

I am Newt

And here I stay

On my Moss


I'm As small as a stick

But don't let that fool you

Because I am Quick

I race my friends

For the moss

And I win

Until Now

I have been beat

Dec 16
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Dec 16
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A Quick One

Begin a poem or story with the words, “Tomorrow, I hope...”

Tomorrow, I hope
That Time Slows
Down To A Halt
Slowly the minutes get longer
Then the seconds
And then It stops
We are free
Time is irrelevant
We have all the time in the world
For time will never speed up
And time can not go slower
We won't age we will only
Our Planet
Our Inventions
Our Species
Our Opinions
This Is What I want 
Apr 23
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Walking down an old road

I walk alone
Down this old dirt road
Not a care in my mind
Nothing to see except the moon  
Making the rain sparkle high above
Nothing to hear except my own footsteps
On this hard, packed ground below me
Nothing to smell except the mud beneath the trees
I taste the sweet droplets on my tongue
As I stick it out, protruding from
My lips
The wetness of spring
I won't forget
Jan 03
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Her Beauty

I look at her from across the room

So elegant sitting there

With her hands folded neatly across her lap

And her hair that is beyond compare

Her eyes glittering when the cold sun passes over

The gold flecks just shimmering

Her ears so in tune to the lesson going on

Unlike my mind distracted on her

That smile that is as white as snow

Those lips so red and stainless

Since she is the apple of my eye

I love her in every way

She is beautiful in a different kind of way