Oct 09
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the reason
i am up
at 1:24 in the morning
is because of an ache
not from my stomach
not from my head
not from my heart
but because of a girl
i caused much pain

i didn't think that 
i would suffer
from the one i caused pain to
to say sorry
in the air
17 times
every night

i knew it was my fault
you knew it was my fault
i said sorry
you accepted


i feel terrible


like i want to jump in the fiery pits of hell

i feel like saying 
sorry again
yet we both know
it will never be enough 

i try pushing the sorry’s to the side
i paint 
to forget you
i play 
to forget you
i write 
to forget you
nothing works
i'm back to where i started

we both know
that they 
will never come
even close
Aug 14
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To Decide

My choices have been changing for years.

Ever since I was a few years old, I wanted to be a police officer.

At 12, I wanted to be a YouTuber. 

At 15, I wanted to be a writer.

Still at 15, I wanted to be a bookstore owner or a flight attendent. 

Still at 15, I wanted to be a doctor.

Now, at 16, I don’t know what I want to be.

I’m considering becoming all of them.

So that I don’t have to decide anymore.

No more of this or that.

How about this and that?
Jul 15
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To Read

Jun 02
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Cassia Fistula

May 20
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May 10
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Fashion Show

May 04
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Evening Photography

May 02
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look at it

the night sky 
is something we are familiar with 
but most of us 
don't give it much thought 
not enough time
to gaze at it 
look at it
they go “if i look at that thing for even a second who knows what could pounce on me”
look at it
“you know they say it can blind you”
look at it
“sorry im getting a call can you give me a minute?”
look at it 
“ugh i need to get going stop wasting my time”

their eyes widen
are spoken

look at the comets
“there goes hailey!”
look at the asteroids
“i think ceres is going for me”
look at the constellations
“there’s orion, leo, cygnus, taurus..”

you have your telescope now
you see asteroids 

“i can see jupiter”

all i want
Apr 25
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Midnight Photography