Apr 12
poem 2 comments challenge: Climate

to think

to think 
it was another day
going to the bay
catching fish
being at the dinner table
with the grandmother, 
the fisherman,
the farmer,
the child,
eating to our hearts' content

to think
it was another day
in 1908,
when we welcomed Chisso Corp
with open arms

in fact,
we invited
your workers
over for fish
but they insisted
at the dinner table,
“oh no! do not burden us like this!”
but they knew that the fish
were not the same

it was because they 
produced fertilizers
with toxic chemicals 
into our majestic Minamata

because of you
the Minamata Disease was born, 
a neurological syndrome 
by mercury
causing the brain to be torn 

we soon realized
our fish,
our animals,
our bay,
our people,
were not 
the same

the grandmother, 
Apr 06


Apr 05

The Almighty

when I'm on my knees 
I thank the Almighty
for giving me 
the things I need

A mother who works day in day out
A father who is up from sunrise to sunset to nightfall
A brother who keeps our spirits alive from the inside and outside
A sister who is just as kind and caring every day
Each and everyone of you is my one of everything

When I look at nature I feel the Almighty is watching
I see the birds who stare back
I see the cats that stick their tongues out
I see the kites who tilt their heads
I see the flowers blooming towards me 
It’s comforting to be noticed

When I look at my people I question the Almighty
The labourer lifting bricks 
The child begging in the streets
The cleaner being told off and mopping all the while
The guard forever saluting the cars that drive by 
But I remember that
everything and everyone
is a Test of Life
Apr 05

frick you instagram

you see the glamour
the supreme
the drip
the gains
your bros showing off
and you can’t help
but feel left out

they say
“its where the honeys is at”
“give it a try yo”

pretend girlfriends

i want more

you have to realize 
more never means good
post after post,
story after story,
like after like,
the mind will always want more
because us humans get bored easily 

remember from mean girls
when the ever so innocent 
tagged along with the plastics?
do you know what she had done?
do you know what she had become?   
she was one of them
obsessed with others
obsessed with fame 
obsessed with herself

obsession is just one 
of the repercussions
of something i like to call
Jan 13

Types of Light

happy 2021 everyone look forward to another year at YWP with y'all.

should have uploaded sooner but was feeling lazy and unmotivated.

hopeful YWP will fix the photo window problem and ill start uploading better stuff.

hippie out ✌️
Nov 30


remember the time beauty 
used to be 
not really

they say
natural beauty used to look 
but people got greedy,
society got greedy,
looking natural
was not attractive enough

we had to go back to the drawing board
the mirror,
the wardrobe,
the operating room,
to achieve the definition of beauty
once again

but before going to the mirror 
nail polish,
i want to let you know
that all
i care about
is you,
not your makeup

before going to the wardrobe
i want to let you know
that all
i care about
is you,
not your clothes

before going to the operating room
operating on your
Oct 09


the reason
i am up
at 11:24 in the morning
is because of an ache
not from my stomach
not from my head
not from my heart
but because of a girl
i caused much pain

i didn't think that 
i would suffer
from the one i caused pain to
to say sorry
in the air
17 times
every night

i knew it was my fault
you knew it was my fault
i said sorry
you accepted


i feel terrible


like i want to jump in the fiery pits of hell

i feel like saying 
sorry again
yet we both know
it will never be enough 

i try pushing the sorry’s to the side
i paint 
to forget you
i play 
to forget you
i write 
to forget you
nothing works
i'm back to where i started

we both know
that they 
will never come
even close
Aug 14

To Decide

My choices have been changing for years.

Ever since I was a few years old, I wanted to be a police officer.

At 12, I wanted to be a YouTuber. 

At 15, I wanted to be a writer.

Still at 15, I wanted to be a bookstore owner or a flight attendent. 

Still at 15, I wanted to be a doctor.

Now, at 16, I don’t know what I want to be.

I’m considering becoming all of them.

So that I don’t have to decide anymore.

No more of this or that.

How about this and that?