Mar 19

What if I Told You

1. What if if I told you you read that wrong?
2. Haha! I got you!
4. It's weird how our brains do that
5. Like how you don't notice little little things
6. Like that!
7. I got you! Or maybe I didn't.
8. But I bet there were somethings you didn't notice
10. Like how there was no number three. Or nine. 
Feb 19


Feb 19

My Six Word Story

Feb 18

Clingy (Based on true events)

There is a girl in my grade
She is what I would call, well, clingy.
She would pick one person, or a few.
And stick to them.
She will follow them around
And talk to them 
And burst into their conversation
at any random time
Even if it is personal and private
She would get very sensitive
If we try to have a more private conversation
Yes we.
I am one of the "Chosen Ones".
She would call us names like
Even if we barely know each other
She only sticks to us
Only ever hangs out with us.
It's as if she is the spider web
And we are the poor flies
But it's not like I don't like her
She's alright
A little weird..
But still okay
Just very..........
Feb 14


You use words to freely
Anxiety? So do I. And everyone else.
Look around.
No you're not.
Depression is a mental illness.
A feeling you've never felt
You're happy. Embrace it!
It doesn't mean sad, stressed, or angry.
And honestly?
You should be more greatful.
Real friends?
We are real.
Enjoy it!
You can't be happy if you're so paranoid all the time
You're family isn't the only one there for you
We are
Please reconize that.
The world doesn't have it out for you
You are lucky
Saying these word about yourself
Isn't just hurting you
It's hurting us
We are giving you the best life we can
Please don't throw that away
Please don't throw everything we have done for you away
Life is not a game of chess
You are not the king
We are not pawns in your game
But if we get knocked out
It hurts us more than you

Feb 14

Fine Print

   Okay. This is it. Today I will go to the drug store and get it. Get what? I am happy you ask! Hair dye! Yay! *Fireworks and confetiti* So yeah! I just need to stop bye and grab some hair dye! I was thinking about dying it blue, but then I wanted gold. But then I thought, Would that really go well with my hair? So I finally settled with...........purple! I am actually on my way to get it right now! I have wanted to dye my hair since I was really little, and have saved up a lot to buy some. Oh hey! I'm here! I get out of my car and step into the snowy parking lot. I walk into the store and shiver. A vent is blowing cold air right at me! I hurry into the isle with hair stuff and quickly check out my favorite (best looking) hair dye bottle.
Feb 12


Everyday it happens
Like the sun rising everday
But this sun is a hot firey sun
A sun that never sets
A sun that will burn and burn
And never stop

It drives me insane
It drives me crazy
It drives me mad
Please make it stop

Just ringing in my head
It will never silence
Just once can I not fear you?
Just once will you stop?

I can't deal with this
It affects my life
You tell me to cope
But don't you understand?
I can't
Until it stops

I didn't realize it until now
But this is the reason I am glass
This is the reason a single drop
And I will shatter
This is the reason

Feb 12

Worth It

Is it really worth it
To pretend
But in the end 
Get nothing?

Is it really worth it
to take the spotlight
Off someone who needs it
And deserves it
So much more than you do?

Is it really worth it
To judge others
And discriminate others
When they did
Nothing wrong?

Is it really worth it
To hurt people
And emotionally,
Because of their skin color
That they wear proudly
Or sadly

Is it really worth it?
Feb 11

The Lion's Mask

The lion has a silky cover
The mask of a great golden beast
The dark and light of what is under
The very most and the very least

The lion has many secrets 
A story to unfold 
The whispers, voices inside it's head
Is just another story remaining untold

To follow the lion into the depth
And drown in your own sorrows
And the eyes the that take away your breath
Is just another reason to see who follows

The lion's mask is another way
Of saying there's something to hide
But honesty's the only truth
So wonder
What is it's thunder,
And what will you see behind?
Feb 07


I walk into the kitchen
A delicious smell fills the air
Warm, fresh, comforting
Out of the oven 
They are hot and plump
And they have the perfect amount of chocolate chips
I look around
No one is there
Surely one little cookie gone will not be noticed
Surely just one cookie is okay

No! No cookies!
Yes! Many cookies!

They smell so good!
But no! I'm not allowed to have one.
But it's only one!
But still!
Oh! I can't decide! Maybe just one....
I reach out, fingertips edging closer and closer
I quickly snatch a cookie,
it burns in my hand but my rush of adrenaline blocks it out
Oh no! I just did that!
I rush upstairs and gobble down a cookie.
In the middle of eating, I hear my mom call for me:
"The cookies are ready if you want one!"