Sep 09
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back to school

now it's back to school in a berand new way
only gonna be there for two days 
its gonna be different,not the same
I think hybrids got some game

For three days, we'll be at home 
Doing schoolwork through the phone
That's not how this world should be
Missing out on everything

When did this world, ever show
Any signs of yes or no
It's never been this or that
It's always been mismatched

Now its back to school
with a brand new look
Every day
With so much books

It's to the highschool
where I'm going
Homework alway

Taking your time
 is what you need
To stay on top
of everything

So just breathe in
and then breathe out,
cause in the end
it will all work out
Jul 24
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its safe to say 
this world is gone 
the one that
we all had

don't you know
that stores are closed 
making us so mad   

all this stuf is 
really crazy 
thinking this is 

maybe if we 
just say please 
all this COVID 
will just leave
Jul 13
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A Poochy Nose

Aug 14
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I like

I like skittles, 
I like burgers, 
and I am a hard worker,  
I like building, 
I like writing, 
I like to see my God sightings 
I like po-et-ry, 
and I do it everyday,
this poem is called "I like" 
and I like it that way.

Aug 14
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reading, its boring, 
it takes up my time, 
im such a slow reader, 
and it feels like a crime, 
whenever im reading, 
im doing the time.
just leave me alone
and I'll be just fine. 
why does it matter,
what good does it serve, 
every word,
is on my last nerve.  
I'm better on my own, 
I survive in the wild, 
please dont make me read, 
I dont want to be that child.  
Jun 17
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I’m a sweet-walkin’,
Mano on the court.   
I’m a lane drivin’,
ball -divin’,   
Big bro on the court.
I’m a head-bangin’,
All-go on the court.   
I’m a cool-rappin’,  
Star pro on the court.  
Gavin’s my name,
You got no game.
Listen up, fool,
I’m taking’ you to school

Mar 21
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Ode To Grandma

Like a garden, plants will grow,

inside of you I hope you know,

That God is there for you and more,

He knows that one day you will soar.

Butterflies will fly the sky,

Never low but always high,

Their colors will show forth today,

I like to think of you this way.

Jan 18
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Over and over the answer is no 
I feel this way like never before 
rejection hurts, rejection stings 
i feel like giving up on everything 
you say your sorry, don't be mad 
but the way we left things makes me sad 
you and I, we catch a glance, 
but lets face the fact that I have no chance
I ask you again,for answers and more
I want us to be, bit you keep shutting door.