Nov 07
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Past Versus Present

"So, what do you say? One final dance before we part ways?" The girl said to the other, grin widening on her face. She extended her arm, reaching out, offering her hand for the other to take. 

"Sorry, I'm afraid I have to refuse," The other girl said, "As I do not recall who you are." 

The girl's smile did not falter, her hand refusing to drop. 

"Really? What a shame," She said. "Wouldn't it be such a poetic way of parting? The last steps of the ghost of the past?" 

Jan 20
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No more goodbyes

I didn't say goodbye to you
Because you couldn't be gone
I had to see you again, right?
You promised

This is how it ends for you
This wasn't how it was supposed to end for you

Maybe this is what you wanted.
To forget the loss and pain and sin
To forever close the emerald eyes that had seen to much but didn't speak
Your emerald eyes, like jades
Eyes of a young boy, soul of a survivor 

Jan 20
poem challenge: Revelation
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For the first time, I was beginning to understand what life is all about. 
Life isn't about diving into the water
It's about swimming
It's not about the finished painting
It's about the way you feel when you spread the paint around the canvas
It's not about the destination
It's about the journey
Because life is beautiful
But it's cruel
And it's harsh
And it will beat you up until you fall apart 
and have to get back up
and dive back into the water
or get a new canvas
Life isn't about mistakes
It's not about solutions
It's not about problems
It's not light or dark or black or white
It's not either-or
It's a complicated mess that no one quite seems to figure out
But for the first time, I know what life is about
It's about being free
It's about living
Jan 23
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Your Shadow

If I thought you did something wrong
But you kept blaming me
I wouldn't tell you what I thought
Instead I'd agree

I never told you anything
That you would disagree to
Even if it was important
I can't risk losing you 

I want to fit in
You want to stand out
I keep it all in
You want to let it all out
If you hate this 
I hate it to 
You want it
I buy it for you
Jan 23
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My box of feelings

Jan 22
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Claudia Fisher Returns (read the first one)

When I awake the next morning, at first I think it's all a dream.
A scary, scarring creation my mind made.
That's when I see the notebook lying besides my bed.
Not a dream.
Now I have to get up, go to school, 
and be hunted down by a possible murderer. 
What a great day it will be.
I know, I know.
Why don't I just tell you what she is? 
The thing is, I don't really.....know.
The book says she's something called a Yjuii.
I don't know how to pronouce it either. 
Oh, and there's only four of them.
It says that they come from another planet and have been living since the universe was created.
Scary, right?
Anyways, it said that they come from the center solar system in the entire universe. Then, one day, the solar system exploded. 
Just exploded!
So the four Yjuii were sent across the universe, to these places called The Four Corners.
And, suprise suprise!
Jan 18
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What if there was a world

What if there was a world
Beyond that circle of water?
What if there was a world
Where no one ever dares wander?

What if there was a world
Where it only went up and down
But in the end all happiness
Was always soon to be found?
What if there was a world
That streched as far and wide
As your imagination would go
What do you think you would find?
Jan 18
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The Mysterious Claudia Fisher

My mom always told me not to snoop. 
But it's not my fault.
She just left it lying around like she wanted someone to read it.
The she I'm talking about is Claudia Fisher.
She is always writing in a journal. And I found it.
Claudia has always kept to herself. But now that I read it, I can see why.
No way I am ever going near that girl again. 
I am not mean, but she is scary. Everyone always wants to know her secrets. She is very quiet, and she hides behind her long, dark hair, always hugging the journal that right now feels like is a thousand pounds in my backpack, so she's easy to spread rumors about. 
They say she's a witch, or some kind of vampire. But they are off by a million miles. 
Jan 18
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The Maze

Jan 18
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Seventy Degrees

Seventy degrees
was a lovely girl
they say she came 
from the heavens
because she is 
but not too perfect
like the kind of perfect
you want to punch in the face
she was sweet
and kind
and loyal
and funny
she always knows what to say

and what to do
Seventy Degrees