Mar 13

Ode to the Empty Google Document

Ode to the Empty Google Document

By Katey Abbott
There we were again

Just you and I

Just the Empty Google Doc and me

The gateway through which ideas flow

But locked with iron
But when I am looking at you

And you are glaring back at me

With that solid white

That seems to only be there to

Taunt me
Until words come to me

Not perfect words

But the words that seem right.
No longer is it me

And the Empty Google Doc

It is a Doc filled with

Everything and Nothing
But I know that soon

It will be the

Empty Doc and me

Mar 13

Horse Show

Feb 07

Ode To School Or Apple Cutter

Feb 05


Feb 01

The Dark Room

This is the room where she lived

Where she trived

This is the room where she made light

Where she brought words to life

This is the room where she stayed

Where she went to hide

But this is also where she died

That is when the light faded

You should know that this girl is alive

This girl now has power

She is ahead in the world

But now she has no light

The light that could turn this room

Into paradise

Into a pirate ship

Into a place where her words

Were brought to life

Jan 20

Dream Land

Jan 20

How To Eat Honeysuckle

Her mother grew honeysuckle in the backyard:
pale, narrow flowers I watched grow lustful
in Augusts heat, as if afraid that any moment
their youth would wilt away

I knew that every flower held a secret the way
the body holds thirst, that hummingbirds flock
around its vines like an oracle, that to indulge
this thirst would mean leaving with a hunger far greater

& still one evening, the petals grow a crisp brown
In the afterglow, we snuck into the garden where
She pinched apart the end of a honeysuckle
Pressed the opening to my lips & said drink,
as if the nectar would be enough to quell
the sour of depression
Jan 20

Tha Farm

Jan 19


Jan 19