Sep 16

The Dream

I walk upstairs and sit down at my desk. I stare down at its contents: uncompleted math homework, my book club book, textbooks and broken pencils. My backpack hangs from a hook on the wall and my laptop lays closed on my bed. I get up and flop onto the bed, sending my laptop bouncing a few inches. I listen to the soft rain pitter-pattering on the tin roof and the refrigerator softly whirring downstairs. The familiar sounds of my quiet little house lull me to sleep. My mind is blank and black. And then, all of a sudden, a dream comes tearing into my brain. I'm walking down a brightly lit corridor--wait, I'm not me... I'm someone else. I'm seeing through their eyes, but what? Where am I? My thoughts are interrupted with the dream again... sunlight is pouring in through the high windows and at the end, there's a door. A beautiful door, made of what looks like gold. Shiny, sleek and soft-looking, I push through it to find a dark, cold room with no windows.
Jul 05


What the heck, humans!!! We are ruining the environment and we might not live to be adults all because of stupid climate change!! and guess whose fault climate change is? Ours! We have GOT to step up our game and take responsibility! We have to stop using plastic and other things! We are KILLING ocean species because of plastic!! ALL THE PLASTIC WE"RE USING!!!!!!!! Come ON, people! Also, stop buying big trucks because their emissions are ruining the ozone layer!!!!! And ALSO, PEOPLE PLEASE STOP PUTTING FOOD SCRAPS IN THE TRASH! IT WILL GO TO THE LANDFILL AND PRODUCE GREENHOUSE GAS!!!!! IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO GET COMPOST!!!! And if you live in a city, go talk to the city council and see if you can make a place where all the residants of the city can put the compost!!! Stand up and MAKE SOME CHANGE!!!!!!! COME ON, PEOPLE!!!
Jul 05

Dear America

Dear America

You are my country
But sometimes I feel that you are so far away
Like when I look at New York from Vermont across the lake
You are separate from me and yet so close...
Dear America, other times I feel so lucky to be a part of this giant community that is you, America
When I am with my friends and family I feel lucky to be alive right now
"Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now" 
Dear America, but then sometimes the bad things come back to my mind
The things that came out of Pandora's box
Like hate and fear, disgust and judgment, like disease and poverty
Dear America, I feel so bad for every person living on the streets
I feel terrible to know that it's possible I won't live to be an adult
Dear America, all I've ever known is your ground and soil, which I live upon
All I've ever known is my home on your ground
But sometimes I feel like I don't know you at all
May 26

First Day of Kindergarten

1. I wake up, very nervous and a little excited
2. I put on the new dress I got yesterday
3. I brush my teeth
4. I eat only part of my breakfast - My tummy has butterflies
5. Mom carries me to the car and we drive to my new school
6. I cling to Mom's leg as she drags me into the big red building
7. We walk into my new classroom and I see other kids clinging to their parents, too
8. A lady walks up to us and introduces herself: "I'm Ms. Mackey, I'll be your Kindergarten teacher!"
9. My mom smiles and shakes Ms. Mackey's hand. I hide behind her
10. Mom crouches down beside me and tells me she has to go to work and that she loves me very much
11. I erupt in tears and hold mom's leg as tight as possible
12. Ms. Mackey pulls me off Mom's leg and tries to comfort me
13. I'm not paying attention to Ms. Mackey, though. I'm paying attention to Mom's car driving away
Mar 02
poem 1 comment challenge: Stuck

Wait, then Wish

On my birthday, blow out the candles
Quietly whisper to a shooting star
Watch the time for all the same numbers,
11:11, 5:55
When I found a four leaf clover,
Anything like that,
I wished on everything, 
Now I regret wishing that wish,
Wishing I could be a fox.
My hair's now red, my eyes are green,
I've got a fluffy tail.
My ears are big, 
and I must hunt every two hours.
And school, school is the worst of all.
Everyone thinks I'm crazy
I tuck my tail into my pants,
Cover my ears with a hat
I'm lucky I can wear a hat, wear a hat at all. 
My parents don't know what to do,
Of course, neither do I,
All I can do is wait for my birthday, wait for the time, wait for the star
And when they come I'll wish.
Wait, then wish, wait, then wish.
Feb 19


She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way.
She had long, flaming red hair 
Always tangled
Always down
She wore polka dots and stripes
At the same time
Didn't care
Didn't care
She had a gap between her two front teeth
Always smiled
Never frowned
She'd never let you get to her
Always happy
Always clever
She would punch you for being "weak"
Always tough
Always protective
But she was the kindest person I'll ever meet
Always polite, mature and nice
Never mean never mean
She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way.
Feb 09
poem 2 comments challenge: Alone

The cat's away, the mice will play

I left my house to go to school.
My parents went to work.
My bear got up and read the rules
My dolls shook out their quirks.
The dishes jumped out from the drawer,
Now they really worked!
They jumped and played,
They yelled Horray!
They danced and sung,
It'd really begun!
But then the clock struck three,
They now knew that my school was done,
And I'd be home, they'd have to flee
So quickly they cleaned,
And put back my jeans, 
And then they went back to their spots.
I opened the door,
Not a dot to be seen!
I went to my room and there was my bear,
Exactly where I left him.
I'd never know, that they played
And jumped and bounced and yelled Horray!
Except my little baby doll,
Sitting on the ladder, about to fall,
And not in her crib where I left her.

Feb 07

Life of a Fork

Hi! My name is Mila and I'm a Johnson house fork. I'm Eddy, the littlest--human? Is that what they're called?--anyway, I'm his favorite.
I'm here to tell you a bit about my life. So I'm gonna tell you about a normal day in the life of a fork.
First, I wait in the drawer with the other forks until dinnertime. We tend to gossip a lot.
Then, at dinner, when I hear "Mom" say
"Abby! Get the forks!", all the forks and I start to get panicky. You DON"T wanna get picked.
But, I know I always will, because Eddy loves me so much.
Then, I have to spend 45 minutes in and out of Eddy's mouth, pretending to be an airplane.
After that, I wait on the counter with all the other dirty dishes for at least half an hour, and then...
The dreaded dishwasher.
I get THROWN into the silverware rack, wait there for sometimes a DAY,
Feb 03


She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way
She had a limp in her walk and a toothy smile
She talked loudly sometimes and quietly others
She had short cut red hair that bounced when she walked
She wasn't afraid to tell people how she felt
She wasn't afraid to talk to boys, like the other girls were
She was never mean, but she was strong and firm
She laughed like honey
She loved animals
She loved life
She never frowned
She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way.

Feb 02
fiction 0 comments challenge: Lost

Just a Dream?

The sun shined bright in my eyes. I stretched and let my eyes adjust to a new day. When they did, I noticed I wasn't in my room, in my bed. I was on a beach. I lived in Colorado, which is landlocked. But this was no lake beach. I could smell the salty spray of the ocean. I got up, still in my pajamas, and looked around. No one was there. I saw a sign on the other side of the beach, so I walked over to see. I got there and almost fell backward because of how surprised I was. The sign read: Penikese Harbor, Massachusetts. We had read about Penikese in school. It was on the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts! I started to get scared. My heart pounded in my chest, my breathing was shallow.