May 20

I Love You Mom

Mom, I love you more than words can explain,

It’s different, it’s where no-one else can attain,

You always were there for me even when I was hard to maintain,

I know to raise us two was a nerve strain,

But you stuck with us, that love will always remain,

You see even as a baby,

You would teach me the way of the earth boldly,

Even though it was crazy it seemed,

You and dad always supported my dreams,

You said I was your beam of light,

But for me, you were my guiding light,

You can’t forget all the sacrifices you made,

And all the time you gave,

You smiled when you were hurting along,

You were the one that showed me how to stay strong,

So I guess I wrote this song,

To say…

I love you mom
May 17

I'm No Diamond

I busted through the wall,

And gave up hoping to fly over while knowing I would fall,

I tore through hell,

And won the war when everyone thought I would fail,

I stood up to the building,

And knocked it down when no-one else was willing,

I toppled the mountain,

And retrieved my gold fountain

I went to go and face the giant,

Won that battle then I made new alliances,

I went to mock the people that didn't believe in me

But my past me who busted the wall punished me so I couldn’t see,

I stole from people that hated at me so they left,

But my past me that tore through hell punished me so I went deaf,

I put sewage on the people that thought I would fail,

But my past self that knocked down the building punished me so now I can’t smell,

but now that I rest I can now reflect,
Apr 08

I Will Stick Out

They put me in a system that my people can’t escape
Just because my people don’t blend in, just because of their skin
They say “ make America great again”
It’s tough because they can’t see it through a black lens
They give us commercials to wear the latest trends
When they wear it it’s lit, but when we wear it it’s ghetto
But when a black person gets shot they lay low
They don’t want to think that a person that looks like them would do that
So they lie to everyone and say that we were strapped
They ask us questions about the shooting that are irrelevant
To make us look like the bad guy, well, that’s how the message is sent
Poor white guys are too ignorant to see the apparent
They’re put in a system, too, just with a lighter sentence
So I got a question, why is February the only time I learn about my heredity
While we lie to kids and teach them about good white guys like Santa and the tooth fairy
Feb 13

My Skin is the Only Weapon in Their Eyes

Is my hair like a pistol
That makes them put beatings in my mental?
Are my eyes like rifles?
Does that make other people who refuse to see me spiteful?
Is my nose like a shotgun
That creates stereotypes by the ton?
Are my lips like muskets
That put me in a system with an idea that I must fit?
Are my arms and hands like revolvers
That can make them kill their un-look alike sons and daughters?
Are my legs like RPG’s
That strike fear in people who see me?
My skin is their enemy, just disguised because
My skin is the only weapon in their eyes.
Feb 06

She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way

She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way
the kindness she displayed
it felt like my body was decaying but somehow my body was displaying the complications of love 
I had only known her for a few minutes but somehow she had my trust
it seems that she must 
have known me for my whole life 
Now no one is in sight
But that might be because I'm looking in her eyes
As if I'm lost in this world but the world is crying "you are mine"
I found myself trying to find an understanding of this sensation
Her eyes held on to me and there was no emancipation
I don't know how else to say this but...

​She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way