Sep 21

All the love

As we look over the ocean 

My mind drifts to you 

Filling me with  emotion

We are so thankful for you 
Who you are
What you mean 
And all the love 

You showed me 
Your smile fills this family with bliss
your eyes reveals true beauty 
For your smile, knowone can resist

Felt throughout our home
Your kindness shows us all
For this is why I write this poem 
Thank you for your love Aunt Cheryl

May 15

The Sun

The sun isn't just a ball of fire
It brings warmth on dark days
Although, It is certainly is something to admire
It will definitely attract your gaze
Don't look too long unless you wish to be blind
The sun is something to be thankful for
break the sun and your eyes bind

The sun is a sight you have never seen before.
May 14


If you've  lost your way 
Find a caring place to stay
Not one that fills you with sorrow
For a new day starts tomorrow
Try your best to not blue
I know that sorrow  is not new
May 10

Expressing Your Emotions

I wish to tell the people who bully me, that them, I hate 
My ming is feeling glum
With anger, my pulse begins to change its rate
My throat, with sadness, had begun to thrum
You are so graceful, you must be a dove
And I don't know who I could possibly love more
But when I look at you, all I feel Is love
I don't know how to tell you so my mind and heart are in a war
May 06


Don't hold onto the past, believe me you must 
Hopefully soon, you will begin to trust
Share your with me your, anger and loss
The bridge to happiness is what you must cross
Feel free to share your secrets with me
Because if you can share them with the tree's
Then trust that you can share with me
May 03


Be warned, death is on it's way
Do whatever you like, but there is no way to keep death at bay
I warn you again, destruction will come
Soon all that will remain of earth is a small little crumb
You have been warned
But because you didn't heed my warning, people have mourned
Pay close attention to any warning and heed it
Because if you don't it's possible that peoples heart's will split.

May 02

The June Moon

The dark light envelops me, filling me with peace
I have begun to believe that this peace will never cease
I hope and pray this to be true
Because I would rather not be feeling blue
This dark peace bringing light is from the moon
My favorite time when the moon is out is in June
Your heart will swell with happiness like a balloon
When in the light of the June moon

Apr 30


Be careful not to cross the line
For if you do you will have committed a crime
Make the right choices or you'll regret it
We all know that your heart is lit
I don't know why when I write I rhyme
But at least I know that I will never run out of time

Apr 19


Thank lord school is almost out
With all the joy inside me I just want to shout
I am a little upset for the friends I won't see
But on the brightside I can be outside for a while and actually feel free
I'm so excited I could run to the station
For I know  is going to be the best vacation
Apr 19