Jun 01
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One Step

One step closer
This whole mess I made would be over
These words I say hurt
not just me
but everyone
no one sees me
so I make myself seen
not for me....

For the devil who sits on my shoulder 
ignoring the angel
who is crying for me
for me to speak
my lip quivering
I stare down at the open road 
down below
wishing someone would rescue me
do it! DO IT if no one cares they won't if your DEAD

the voice now taking over my thoughts
repeating itself
I manage to let one tear escape my grasp
one step..
as I walk forward that one foot
im yanked back 
by something warm?

Jun 01
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Not Love

Whats this hole thats aching in my chest
that makes my eyes 
only focus on you
this thing stuck in my throught 
Am I....
in Love?
No I can't 
its just some stupid dumb crush
the way his hair falls
his deep eyes
telling me a story
his warm hand in mine
....I love you my mind screams but no words come out
he doesn't care for me
Im nothing like the pretty girls that have fallen for him
If I say anything to him he would go away
the happiness in my life
gone in a split second
like everything else....
but my heart takes over my brain
and im only left with one thing
"I love you"

May 31
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From The World

Dear You, 

Words can not describe a illness
Neither can a person
It’s not something wrong with them
The thoughts or actions they make
Are obstacles in their life. 
An evil thought-
Is the evil of the past
The things you feel about yourself
Someone else in the world
Feels the same way
Just because you don't FEEL
Beautiful or accepted 
Doesn't mean your ugly or fat
Everyone looks in the mirror one day
At some point and sees….

A monster



The World
May 24
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Average Girl

I'm not that average girl
I'm not the girl you met next door
All I Need is me
I don't need you or anyone
So you can sit there and stare 
But I'm staying right here
So you can find a city pretty girl
No I know I'm not the one
For you
Cause im
The little girl with an attitude
Always fighting back the pain
Who only cares for you
I have this pain in my chest
Hurting deep down
What if I said I liked you
What if all of it was true
I would dress up for you
I’d change for you
I'm not a average girl
I am the nerd who sits behind you
So what if you say no
I don't care cause your the one for me

May 23
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I Am The Writer

Im the one you may
but not hear 
I write words for others to feel
to reach down from the bottom of a pit
and find meaning
to change
To look at a word that means nothing 
and give it life
thats me
the writer 
behind you 
to give you light
to give you power
I pray for you
to see you grow
reach the end
Pass the limits 
get your dark thoughts out
and find passion in 
anything and
I am the writer
who writes words
to inspire a person to inspire the world
Im not the only one
look around
everyone is here for you
just look
May 22
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8th grade graduation speech

I have missed so much planned
The days go by and I think I could have 
smiled more
laughed more
but we can't take back our actions
We will live on 
we cannot dwell
in the past 
but we can hope for the future to be better
to get through the world together
Make a change 
Everyone has a great mind and
can conquer the world
just with one action 
one dream
a single touch
I am glad to call you all friends 
Have a good year
and a wonderful summer
May 07
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The Tide may rise
waves may flow
my heart shatters
in one suddle blow
Wind sturdy and strong
Soul hard as stone
Which no one can penetrate 
the one they love 
or the one they did love.
Apr 29
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The Theatre Kid

Im that theatre kid
the acting one
who sings and dances
laughs with the 6th grade ensemble 
the 7th grade leads
the choreographers
when I walk up those stairs
center of down stage
lights off
thats when I come alive
for however long I would have to stand their
I would enjoy every last minute of it
cause I am a theatre kid
I sing hamilton at the top of my lungs
Dance steps in my sleep
Knows how to scream at someone 
to make the crowd

Apr 28
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Dear Loser

Sitting down at my desk,
first row,
middle seat,
I turned the page of my book
to find a message.
My eyes stared at the words.
Dear Loser
You're nothing, no one would care if you were gone.
Just disappear. Your shadow even runs away when it sees you.
Anyone stupid enough to be your friend
would leave you in the end.

I could see the tears fall and seep into the paper.
'Was it true? ...'
The laughs from the back said yes.
I couldn't control myself. The next thing I knew I was at my locker. Tears kept rolling as I opened my locker.
My eyes widened 
as I opened the locker.
There were letters!?!? I couldn't believe it.
It must just be more hate mail, or so I thought.
I decided just to open one.

Dear Beautiful
You are more than perfect.
You keep to yourself so you can focus on your bright future.
If anyone asked you for help you would have said yes
Apr 03
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Your Beautiful

My first time going camping 
I went with someone who I thought was a friend we will call her Quinn
when we got there we went to go see one of her camp friends from Canada 
After awhile she said 
"You're  Beautiful I don't know why Quinn said you were ugly" 
it made me want to laugh, smile, and cry all at the same time
for the first time someone called me beautiful 
but at the same time someone didn't feel the same way
I felt small
thats not what a friend does 
a friend is suppose to tell you your beautiful 
but no they don't realize what effect their words have 
no one should be called negative names based on your looks, personally, religions, social status. It is not okay
No matter what 
you just live your life 
the best you can