Jan 27
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Home is here in the Green State

Yep I live in Vermont. With my mom who can't cook so well as she can make people laugh. Then there's my dad who loves all sports and inspires me to want to be as passionate as him. We live in a gray house on a small hill in a small neighborhood. Sure, no one wants to hear about the 'redneck state' but, I love my town from maple leaves to the gas station slushy's. I love the people from my 8th grade classmates to the little old lady who lives next door. I love my math teacher Just for the way she challenges my mind and makes it seem fun. My life is as far as you can say ordinary, from the way that I can eat 6 donuts and still not be full to acting on stage with my hands shaking like it's 100 degree. I'm an outfielder on the softball team and catch pop fly's on a daily.
Dec 28
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We all hide

I once wrote a poem that read as so, 

I hide in my baggy clothes so you can't see all the scares that we're left behind. So you can't say my body isn't the way it should be. So I can have friends that won't like me for my makeup and Instagram followers. This is me the girl who runs as fast as the Boys but still cracks a joke with them. I'm the one no one gossips about. The one who sits at a lunch table with 2 other people.

no one is perfect and all of us hide. From something even if it's are own shadow. Why do we though why don't we just say 'I don't care I'm perfect the way I am.' That's not what we think in are heads even if we think we do. We don't.
Dec 24
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What if there were no elves?

Have you ever met an elf? The pointed eared,  joyful, always eating candy elf? You haven't, well I've got to say they are quite amazing! Always wanting to play in the snow making snowmen and snow women. All of them have different jobs! The toy makers, reindeer caretakers, The elves on the shelves, and the one that every year rides on Santa's sleigh. Every job is essential and helps Santa make it through! If not for the elves... the presents wouldn't get made fast enough and who would care for the reindeer! Who would play in the snow on their breaks. What if elves weren't a thing! The children wouldn't have anything under the tree. Good thing the elves DO help Santa. Tomorrow you will have something under your tree even if it means big presents, little presents, or coal.
Dec 23
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How I made my other best friend

I had always been told that Rose light (not real name)  was a bad person. Even though I had only met her a few times she was nice. even if I thought she was nice, I had seen text messages and stories of her being so 'mean' I never was her friend. Till one day in 7th grade I got put in all the same classes as her we talked more. I knew she sat alone at lunch so I was the only one to sit with her. My friends hated it sooo much that most of them didn't talked to me because they thought she was awful, a rich girl who was mean to everyone. One of my best friends sat next to us one day and told me I may not like her but I'll give her a change cause you are my friend and I trust you. So all 3 of us have been friends ever since.
Dec 23
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Dear young writers project

Why do we come to this website just WISHING that someone will notice us? Why do we hope we get a comment that lifts are hopes? Let me tell you something, we go to the popular users and forget the little starters. Why are we so mean to each other without realizing it. We are judging a book by its title. You want to know what ya I may get no likes and no one may come here to my side of the writers project but there are many of you like me, who sit there and wait for a like on a post and it never came so you liked your own work so you felt better about yourself.
Nov 01
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The Little Girl

There once was a little girl who never once stopped dreaming of her life once she grew up. A prefect husband, no more money problems, never going hungry, a beautiful daughter. But when the little girl told her mother of her dreams of the future she would always say "It will never be perfect you will end up as a maid and mop the floors  like I do!" The girl never lost courage through the years but her parents got ill and she was left to tend to her younger siblings but as she got older she was accepted into a great school where she met a lovely man who loved her so much and the rest was history she was a doctor and invented medicine for the ill
Jul 22
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A crush

Because of situations and the people you meet you get close to someone who you never thought you would. Then you second guess your friend ship and think do I like this person? Your Body is telling you and making you think something that you aren’t even sure about. Then when you think you know you really do something goes wrong, these are experiences that mold your future. Even if it means the cute guy who sits next to you says no.  There is always a mr. Right out there, it just takes time for him to find you.

signing off
Jul 07
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Why is it when your in school you need to have to be PERFECT. The perfect outfit, the perfect Boyfriend/girlfriend,having money, The best friends. This makes NO sense, no one in life is perfect. I do have friends in school and I really do think school is fun. People need to realize there is no problem being you and it doesn’t matter your personality or if you like books or sports. There is something for you.

Lilly signing off
Apr 11
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Cry Me A River

School Sucks, 
every time you think you did something right
Think again
your wrong cause you didn't understand 
anything you ever learned in that class
you are amazing in so many ways 
a school doesn't teach you about how to make a best seller book 
or how to sing higher notes
YOU do that all on your own no help all you
sure you hire a coach to help you with some of that but the creativity
makes you special
sure I'm Catholic 
and gods suppose to help me find out my purpose 
but is it too be pushed down every day
just to laugh it off and say 'i'm fine'   
I can't pretend to be happy anymore 
I will show my feelings even if it means to cry in front of everyone on this planet.
because I am me
and I don't need ANYONE
Mar 22
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I’m afraid

I’m afraid, 
the world doesn’t love me
it doesn’t care about a girl from a little state in Vermont 
I’m just another problem
something to worry about
even if I am a child of god
he may not care of me
or see me
for who I am
show me
am I loved?
do you care
you don’t cause you just think you only matter
I am alone
left to cry
to show fear
I have no light at the end of my tunnel

im different,
I care what the news, friends, family, even what the president says
Cause I am different
no boy or friends to love

that is what are world has come too
what we consider friends is
a heart next to a post
what are we doing with are lives

....I may not be loved but
share your love with people in your school, work, Community