Jul 22
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A crush

Because of situations and the people you meet you get close to someone who you never thought you would. Then you second guess your friend ship and think do I like this person? Your Body is telling you and making you think something that you aren’t even sure about. Then when you think you know you really do something goes wrong, these are experiences that mold your future. Even if it means the cute guy who sits next to you says no.  There is always a mr. Right out there, it just takes time for him to find you.

signing off
Jul 07
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Why is it when your in school you need to have to be PERFECT. The perfect outfit, the perfect Boyfriend/girlfriend,having money, The best friends. This makes NO sense, no one in life is perfect. I do have friends in school and I really do think school is fun. People need to realize there is no problem being you and it doesn’t matter your personality or if you like books or sports. There is something for you.

Lilly signing off
Apr 11
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Cry Me A River

School Sucks, 
every time you think you did something right
Think again
your wrong cause you didn't understand 
anything you ever learned in that class
you are amazing in so many ways 
a school doesn't teach you about how to make a best seller book 
or how to sing higher notes
YOU do that all on your own no help all you
sure you hire a coach to help you with some of that but the creativity
makes you special
sure I'm Catholic 
and gods suppose to help me find out my purpose 
but is it too be pushed down every day
just to laugh it off and say 'i'm fine'   
I can't pretend to be happy anymore 
I will show my feelings even if it means to cry in front of everyone on this planet.
because I am me
and I don't need ANYONE
Mar 22
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I’m afraid

I’m afraid, 
the world doesn’t love me
it doesn’t care about a girl from a little state in Vermont 
I’m just another problem
something to worry about
even if I am a child of god
he may not care of me
or see me
for who I am
show me
am I loved?
do you care
you don’t cause you just think you only matter
I am alone
left to cry
to show fear
I have no light at the end of my tunnel

im different,
I care what the news, friends, family, even what the president says
Cause I am different
no boy or friends to love

that is what are world has come too
what we consider friends is
a heart next to a post
what are we doing with are lives

....I may not be loved but
share your love with people in your school, work, Community


Mar 22
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Friends and bad friends

A friend doesn’t treat you badly if they do that’s not a real friend. If someone makes you choose/says you can’t be friends with someone. That’s NOT a good friend a friend supports you in decisions in your life. I had friends like this and I got ride of them after weeks of them fighting and putting me in the middle of the fight. It was like there was something wrong with myself I felt awful I lost sleep, didn’t eat well, cried in my room cause it hurt. This isn’t a health relationship and should not happen. I even felt like it was my fault. I care about everyone around me and I would never wish this upon anyone.
Just be you! Don’t let anyone put  chains on your ankles so you can’t move on with your life. Make your life what it needs to be.
Feb 01
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My Childhood Friend

I had a best friend when I was 5-11. He was the only other person I didn't want to punch in the mouthother than my parents. We lived 2 houses away from eachother. We did almost everything together but he was 2 years older than me. I may have been dumb but I still helped him with girl advice (I'm hoping he never reads this). He didn't ever want to go to college but.....he is the smartest person I have ever met. He knows he isn't smart in acedemics. but he knew strange things that made his so smart that I thought he could make it into Yale. We talked about everything from Music,Movies, Aweful teachers, Cursive. I had the best days of my young life being a kid but then a knock on the door and there he was! But one day he went to high school and I never got a knock on the door. I saw him sometimes cause my mother worked at the high school or I saw him at a store. We never truly had a comversation ever again

All for now

Feb 01
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