Hello Anyone?

My voice has gone clouded 
The words don't show up anymore
Power that once stood in the palm of my hand
has turned to ash
in the nick of time
I won't be around
someone will take my place
NOTHING stays Forever
so while I have some voice
some control of my path
and where I'm headed
what are you even doing?
it's like your not even trying to hide
whatd Wrong anymore
whats your problem 
come on people
we are supposed to be the future we have done barely anything to change the fate
of the direction we are heading
can we just look at the stats 
the positions 
why are fighting over the little things when are planet is heating up
animals are going towards extinction 
The sea levels are rising
and we haven't even taken one step in the right direction 
listen up people while we still have time
this is everyone's problem and it's not fake 
Oct 12
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Game On

I am judged because I am not a guy
that I stand out more if I make a mistake 
no matter what
even if I 'get good'
I am still of the opposite sex
and don't fit in the same standards
no matter if it's Minecraft to Warzone 
Females stand out as gamer girls 
and are either 'Simped' or beat down
doesnt mean you can't have a good group of gamers doesn't mean they can say things based on your gender or race. It all may be a joke but it still makes you think if it's Appropriate to say or do things that are not okay
Sep 25
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I Want.

To be heard
Someone to hear me
but no.
That's not how this works
you listen till you can't no more
and when your voice is squeaking out
they turn away.
leaving the person with so much to say
only when they want a chance to speak 
out against all that is cruel in this world
I Want
My voice out there 
to not have to listen 
opening up and sharing all that is good
having been drowning under the pressure 
of the water thrown straight in with a weight holding me
at the bottom of this lake
Whats the point screaming 
when no one can hear you cry

Sep 16
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Do you accept your children 
What if they are gay. Are they okay?
A different Gender, Religon, Social status?
would you still love them?
If not Why.

Even if they aren't would you?
Just based on one choice
you would hate them

if thats true WHY
Even after all the good.
You would bring in so much hate and destruction
The times are a changing 
just ask anyone 
so I would like to ask you

Why are you so narrow-minded?
making it harder for people to live, to breathe
If you won't love them. 
Their friends around the world will. 
With open arms they will say "we love You"

So go ahead and hate 
You won't change anything

Every good story starts with a obstacle,
A challange to conquer,
Something to push over the edge.
A feather so easy to push just with a little help.
Sep 15
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The Horror-able Hoodie

A piece of Fabric
To cover shoulders and keep you warm.
The things you don't know hidden underneath are what,
You should hide from the most.
Swollowing you in darkness 
till you can't breath from the fear.
If you try and roll up the sleaves it forces you to pull them back down.
It feels soothing at times just so you will give in to the darkness inside
The mind games it plays is the trick of all evil.
You must feel the water before you drown
Then Just when you think this nightmare is over you are dragged back in,
Just. From. The. Fear.
This is why you should stick to showing your true colors and not hide
in the darkness
and just be the shining light

Jul 13
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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes!
If You say there is no issue with what Humanity has done
Open. Your. Eyes.
there is a problem 
and just cause YOU
don't see it or think it's not.
People are dying!
We as a society can't let people walk on the streets without being stared at
What the #*%$
I wish we could just be in peace all around planet earth for 
that's not how it works 
Children are the future but they won't listen
Even when we scream we are pushed aside
im tired of being told it can't work one way 
because people won't MAKE it work
there is a different in I can't and I won't 

Open Your Eyes
people who are as different as you are just as beautiful, Powerful, Amazing

Jul 02
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The Little Poet

Sometimes she feel trapped
Like her words don't matter 
 The Little Poet with to much in her head.
Who's heart has shattered to many times to count
She doesn't write based of what people will like or comment on
but writes for herself so others may enjoy
The little poet who thinks thoughts she wished she didn't
She wishes the world was kinder
Hoping someday people like her can smile
So if a little poet had something to say it would be

"My words are not what I mean they are what I feel.
You may not like me but I like you. I'm not special but I hope to be.
I am The little poet and I hear you."
So if a little poet has something to say to you

Listen to what they say....

Jun 27
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To be famous
the glory 
I could just to live that life
for 1 minute
thats all
to feel the rush
how Tom Hanks feels when he walks in public
Lady Gaga on the runway.
Adam Sandlers charm
what I would do just to be
The time.



Jun 21
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The summer
where everyones to busy living there lives
enjoying the views
smiling laughing
no need for a distraction from homework
because the world is the distraction
people stop writing
and start living
no care for 
likes or comments 
when you are just living life.
Jun 19
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Im sorry I hurt you...

To the person I hurt the most

Im sorry.
I think of what I did to you every second
my words made you feel powerless
that I am the evil person in your fairytail story
I am the bad guy the one
who makes people scared
I hurt from thinking of others pain
but my worst thoughts caused you 
to hurt
I hate the feelings I made you feel
If I had to reverse every bad thing I did to people
if it costed my life I would do it
for you
The tears roll
words can't describe
the sorrow 
I feel for you
My heart shaking
Lungs dying
Please Im sorry!
Im a awful friend
and the lies I tell
make everything worse