Jan 07

Don't Tell Me

Don't Tell Me...

Everyone is beautiful when the models on the billboards and posters are 60 pounds lighter than I am and blonder and skinnier than I will ever be. 

Things will get better when every day a new crisis arises that my generation must fight through.

All Men are Created equal when this country was built on the backs of slaves, sown with misogynistic rhetoric, and it's harvest reaped by a select few. 

That this nation has done great things when citizens are murdered by people who are supposed to protect them, up until recently people weren't allowed to marry who they love, and our own president whom we voted into power is defying our constitution. 

Nov 30

The River

The river flows 
Through the valley of life 
Never stopping 
Never giving, 
It brings with it 
All swirling through 
The toiling waters
Never ending 
Never stopping. 

Nov 30

To The Daisy in the Meadow

I like to wander through the meadow,
Glancing at the flowers as I pass, 
But today when my eyes fell upon you, 
They could not budge. 

Perhaps it was the way your snow-white petals stood out against the grass, 
Or the sunshine yellow of your center. 
Maybe it was the way you stood beside your twin, 
Silent, unmoving, content. 

I admire the way you radiate your happiness, 
Letting it seep into your surroundings.
Sometimes I wonder how you keep it up, 
How can you be happy every single minute of your life?

I thank you for being there for me every single day, 
Reminding me to be happy. 
I will remember the joy you gave me long into the winter, 
When your petals are laced with snow.

I guess I just want to say thank you, 
Thank you for being you.
Nov 30

Snowy Trees

Aug 07

Camp fire

Aug 04

Rainy leaves

Aug 04

Rainy leaves

Aug 03

Morning flowers

Jul 09

Fourth of July

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