Mar 09

Sunlight through the Trees

Mar 09

The Check-in Sign

Mar 09

The Road Sign

Feb 20

The Mountain Top

The early spring wind gusts

Across the barren mountain top

Chilling me to the bone.

My foot slips into a crack,

Splashes into a puddle,

The blood of the mountain.

The hollow echo of the wind,

Like the screams of ghosts

In an old graveyard

I shiver,

And Try to warm myself

Try to remember why I should feel happy.
The sun slowly burns

Its way through the clouds,

Its golden arms reaching towards me.

The warmth engulfs me,

And finally,

I feel the accomplishment,

The pride that everyone should feel

After exerting themselves,

After scrambling over rocks

And jumping over streams;

I climbed the tallest mountain in Vermont.  

Feb 11

Cherry Blossoms

Feb 11

The Tin Man

Feb 11


Feb 11

The Snow

It falls from the sky

A bundle of white fluffy  beauty.

Flakes brush my face, as delicate as feathers,

Each leaving their mark on my cheeks.   

I reach out my hand,

trying to catch each flake as it falls.

But they slip by me, teasing me as they go.

My sneakers scrape the ground

My sticking-out toes are biting cold.

Goosebumps line my arms,

like an army ready for combat,

my thin sweater does nothing against the cold.

The swing beneath me rasps in the fading wind.

People stroll past me, but I pay them no mind,

I am lost in a winter wonderland.

A snowflake drifts into my slightly open mouth

It tastes cold and wet,

Yet pleasantly wonderful.

I inhale the brisk air,

Feeling unusually happy.

I guess that's what happens when snow falls from the sky.