May 02
poem 1 comment challenge: Senses
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Taking a Stroll with my Senses...

Cold strikes me now, but will soon be forgotten.
Fog-covered skies and muddy water.
I'm going outside, I tell my father.
Rain hits the pond and makes rings of sound.
It's not that loud but distracts my thoughts.
Stains from water on my shoes,
wet grass how I walk all over you.
Sleeping and reading for time to go.
June, I want you more than anything, I hope you know.
At least there's no more snow,
so I don't have to hibernate in my room alone.
During the cold months there's a sense of sadness.
There are cones around being happy so there is no gladness.
Lots of trees have fallen, so more can grow.
Rocking back and forth in my comfy chair,
Waiting to throw rocks in the river and stare,
Waiting for water to carry it through its path,
giving the rock a little bath.
Sometimes I think life carries me,
Drifting me away off into the sea.

Mar 22
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The Goliath

A boy named Slick with his three sisters and single father lived in Ireland. Slick spent most of his time at a lake near his house. He would fish, skip stones, and go swimming in his shorts. Slick lived in a town called Paddle, sometimes he would meet a wise man named Jok. Jok would tell him stories about his past, but today he was going to tell Slick his prophecy. The prophecy was that Slick would have to kill a fish the size of a whale, with the teeth of a shark. Jok said the fish was called the Goliath. Slick was scared, but then he realized that if he killed the fish he would have enough food to feed his whole family for years. Jok had made a fishing rod that was very special. It could lure any fish to hook on, and it wouldn’t let them go. Slick took this rod to his shack that he had made at the lake. Then he went back home to tell his family about his prophecy. His youngest sister Coral was amazed, but his other two sisters didn’t believe him.