Mar 01
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The Longest Walk On Legos

If I could break any world record I would break the worlds longest walk on lego bricks barefoot set by Dude Perfect’s Tyler Toney in 2018.  He walked 146.94 feet breaking the previous record of 84 feet. I would achieve this record by laying out a layered path of legos at least 1.5 feet wide in a straight line 147 feet or longer. Then I would walk on the legos so I could be prepared to walk that far on legos when the time came to officially break the record. 
May 03
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If I could go anywhere for vacation I would go to Nice and Marseille, France.  Nice and Marseille are places that have combination of things I love.  The cities are lovely places to walk around in and have many things I would like to do. They have cafes and museums and fascinating attractions.  Both have ports and beaches like the French Riveria.  They both have soccer teams and cool stadiums like the Orange Velodrome.  If I had to take anyone with me on this trip, I would take Fritz Junker-Boyce because I think he would enjoy many of the things I like to do.  He is also a funny guy and would make the trip interesting and adventurous.   Going on this trip, leaving Vermont to go to France, would be very stress relieving because all the things I had to do at home would be lifted of my shoulders and that feeling would be replaced by a much lighter feeling of being carefree.
Mar 22
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The trees are budding
The grass is becoming green
Spring is almost here

The plants are rising
They are springing from the ground 
Spring is almost here

The birds, they come back
bird songs start to fill the air
Spring is almost here

The weather turns warm
Earth is becoming awake
Spring’s finally here