May 02
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the chance of a life time

Over the summer my parents told me I would have more responsibilities, they made me a chore list to do every day. In the morning I have to walk the dog and get the mail. Just like any other day I walked the dog and got the mail. I usually look for anything addressed to me. While looking through the mail I saw a letter addressed to me. I opened the letter and it said “congrats you’ve just won a dream vacation! You pick the place one person and we’ll pay for the rest. When I first read it I was excited, could I really have just won a dream vacation to anywhere? Then I thought about it for a little and realized that the chances of winning a free vacation are very slim. I saw a number that could be called. When I got back inside I called the number, curios if I had really just won a dream vacation. When the operator answered the phone I told them that I got a letter that said I won a dream vacation. The operator said “yes!
Mar 05
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The effects of a storm

Sophie Prescott

    It was August 24, 2005 a day after hurricane Katrina hit, I was with my mother, father and sister huddled in our basement. We lived in New Orleans, the days before the storm hit on August 23 We had been stocking up on non perishable food, water, flash lights, batteries and just about everything you needed to survive. We were huddled together in the middle of the basement, it was freezing. I hadn't slept for two days. The night before the storm hit my father was up all night covering the windows in plywood and tying down anything valuable in an attempt to save it. I had a feeling that everything beloved would be lost. This was the first hurricane i've ever experienced and it hopefully will be the last. My dad was in the military so we moved around alot. My family moved here from a small town in Oregon.