Mar 20
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Solar Powered Utility Poll

Sometimes, I think to myself, "Is this a stupid idea?" Other times, I think "Wow, we really need this in our life!" To be truly honest, I don't even know if something like this would work, I just have visions of it all the time. A solar powered utility poll. It may sound crazy, but if we were to have these on all streets and around the world, I feel like climate change would drastically change for the better. Solar power is expensive, but with enough money raising I think it's something we should look into. The way I see it working, is having a poll going up, and a solar panel encased in some sort of wrap to keep it in place. The electricity the solar panel takes in, would then be transferred through wiring to a solar plant, and used as a primary source of energy. 
May 02
poem 1 comment challenge: Senses
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My Senses Guide Me

I step out my door,
I hear nothing but the silence of the woods.
And the birds, singing their song,
as they do everyday.
I see the fresh footprint of a dog,
leading me down my driveway.
As I move, I see more and more plants,
blossoming, as if I had a magic touch,
to make things grow.
I enjoy the silence of the woods,
as I continue on my journey.
I hear the sound of children,
pleasantly playing outside.
And the chickens nextdoor,
as they scare away a fox.
I begin to find myself,
walking an unkown trail,
observing everything I see.
From tall trees, to deer footprints.
I enjoy this beautiful, peaceful spring day,
as my senses guide me,
into the unknown.

Mar 22
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Once upon a time, a boy named Arthur was faced with the toughest decision a young boy could make. Earlier that week Arthur was down by the lake. A whisper came from behind him, it said "follow" He turned around, and a Wisp, a mythical creature said to lead you to your fate, was floating above the ground. In awe, Arthur followed the Wisp down a dark path. They arrived at this abandoned temple, Arthur said "W-where are we?" He turned to his side, and the Wisp was gone. Tempted by fear, he started to walk back. When suddenly, the Wisp returned, and said, "Go inside. Your fate awaits you." Then it disappeared into thin air. Arthur swallowed his fear, and walked inside. He was greeted by an old man, sitting in an old throne. "Come. Come closer" the man said. Arthur took a deep breath, and walked toward the man. "Who are you?" Arthur asked. "I am the oracle of Paneses. And I've summoned you here, to tell you of a great danger headed to your town." Arthur didn't believe him.