Mar 15

A Drop of Spring

Mar 13

March in Vermont

Feb 27


A flat, desert plain
Cracked rocks and dry sand.
A cloud of dust rising,
Way in the distance.
A horse, cart and man,
Walking through nothing.
Sun so hot,
Cracking the earth,
Splitting in two.
The horse, cart, and man
Fall, into nothing.
Feb 20

Catching a Star

Her bright eyes were sunken
Into the deep folds of her skin.
Her silver hair curled about her head
Like a halo.
Her lips were set in a permanent smile,
Her back was hunched like a bow.
Her bony hand reached for the sky,
To catch a star, and put it in her pocket.
Her back straightened as she stood,
Her hair turned from silver to gold.
Her eyes shined brighter
With nothing to hide them.
She was young again,
Running through a field of bliss. 

Feb 18

The Mountain

She is the mother.
The mother of all the trees,
Animals and ponds
Around her.
The soft-furred rabbit,
And the sweet-smelling flowers,
Are all her children.
She holds them in her strong, 
Caring arms.
She looks after them,
Nurtures and cares for them.
These are her children,
And she loves them
Even after they are gone.
She knows she may be
The only one who cares.
The only who will save them
When the humans come.