Feb 10
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Hello and Welcome!

Dec 01
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Pay back

I was walking into my cabin, when they came over. They are the popular, mean girls of the camp. There is Zoe, Klara, and Cosette. Every day after I get back from Archey, they come find me at my cabin so they can do something to one of the people in our cabin and it's never a good thing. Usually I go in the front door but our cabin set something up. So I walk in the back door and lock it. Klara comes to the back door and tries to open it but it's locked so they walk around to the front. When Zoe their “leader” opens the door, she gets a bucket of paint over her. 
“AAHHH!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO MY HAIR!!!!” She screamed. And I mean screamed. 
We all started to laugh. Cosette started to walk in but we had set up a trip wire. Cosette stepped on the wire. A bucket of goo fell on her. 
“OH MY GOSH!!! YOU HAVE RUINED MY DRESS!!!!” Screeched Cosette. 
Nov 11
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The day after

On November, 8th, I was watching the election until about 10:30. It was very close when I went to bed.
In the morning my mom woke me up and said “Wake up. I have some bad news.”
“Trump won didn't he?” I asked. 
“Sadly yes.”

I was not super surprised. Just listening to the debates and what people say on Social Media. 
I started to think. I am really hoping that women will still have equal rights. I hope that LGBTQ+ people will be treated at the very least the same as they as they are now if not better because I have a bunch of LGBTQ+ friends. I have many colored friends. 
I fear that Trump will completely destroy democracy as we know it. This completely changes because we have a pretty good and equal country, but now that Trump is the president. That could completely change how this country runs and treats each other. We are already broken enough. 
Oct 31
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My Kingdom

I wake up. I'm was in a pitch black room. I could not see anything. I tried to move my fingers and toes, nothing. I tried to lift up my head, again nothing. Then I felt the straps. My whole body was strapped to the table. Each one of my fingers and toes, my head, my torso. Straps around my knees and elbows. My thighs and shins. My upper and lower arms. I could not move anything. Then all of a sudden I was moving forward. As I came out of the darkness I saw a huge white lab full of needles, bottles, and lots of other stuff. There is a single person in the room. They walk over to the table I am strapped to and hit a button. Once they hit the button, I move up to a standing a standing position and the table drops away but I am still strapped down. As my eyes a just to the bright light, I look down at myself. I am completely naked, covered in bandages, and freezing cold in the harsh air of the lab. Then the person in the room says,
Oct 19
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Winter Tales - Snowy Owl

    It was 12:35am on a cold, snowy, winter night. I had woken up from a noise outside my window. I wanted to go look outside and see what made the noise but I was warm and cozy snuggled in my millions of fluffy blankets. I just lay there for a while before I heard in again. I would guess that it was about 5 minutes later. ‘Ok, fine I will get up go go look’ I thought to myself. I sat up. I hadn't realized how cold it actually was. I pushed the blankets off, and stood up. Oh geez, I was so cold. I walked over to my window, when I looked out I saw nothing. “Oh come on. I got out of bed for nothing!” I said aloud. But quickly shutting up. I didn't want to wake up the rest of my family. I ran and jumped back into my bed anxious to get back under my covers. Right as I was getting back under my blankets I heard it again. I ran back to my window. This time when I looked out I saw a snowy owl! I ran over to my bedside table to grab my phone.
May 09
fiction 0 comments challenge: Cats
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“Ack! Help me I don't want to die!”
“Don't worry I won't let you die. Just keep climbing and if you fall I will catch you.”

When we got to the top I see the ball of yarn. The ball of yarn was thrown by my humans and now we must get it so we can play. We reach the top of the ladder and run across the roof. I get there first. Once I beat it, it goes flying off the edge of the roof.
“Oh no! Now we have to climb down the ladder!” 
“It's ok. I will start down first and then I can still catch you if you fall.”

Before I start down I look over the edge. I see the my humans have come out to watch.


When we came outside all we heard from our cats was 
Dec 11
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When I woke from a dreamless sleep, I sat up quickly supporting myself by putting my hands behind my back. As I stood up, I started to feel dizzy. The world started shaking slightly like it was not connected to the ground. As I started to walk the atmosphere was a little funny. I kept walking through the woods in my new pair of converse. I walked through the trees and I found that there were no animals on the ground only animals in the air. I looked up and noticed that the trees were about to end soon from the trail that I was on. As I kept on walking, the hill that I thought was there, wasn’t. It just dropped, it was a cliff. I looked down, not believing my eyes, I saw that I was on a floating mountain. A floating mountain of Pandora.
Oct 22
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Vampire story

After school I start to walk home planning out my afternoon, so as I know what I am going to do. As I get closer to home I get out my key. I unlock the door and walk inside. As I walk into the dining room as to put my stuff down,  but as I put my stuff down I see a trail of blood. I follow the trail of blood down the basement stairs. I have always hated the basement of my house, I hate the way the light bounces off the cobwebs and how many spiders there are. I walk down the stairs. As I walk farther into the basement I see a dark figure, and I say 
“Who are you?”

    “You know who I am.”
As I get closer, then I notice the fangs dripping blood.


    “Hi hun, how are you not a vampire? Your real self?”