Apr 13

Run, Fly, Love

The world is limited. 
You’re not. 
They impose restrictions.  
Restrictions are your second thought. 
Has anyone ever met you and thought you were normal? 
Cause if they have, they haven’t stepped a foot into your world. 
You’re unlike all I’ve ever seen. 
You’re a riddle to everyone and me. 
You’re wild. You're graceful. You’re strong. 
You’re something they all long for, but they could never hold on.  
They try to fit you in their narrow lines, but you can’t hide for long. 
You weren’t made for this world. 

Go explore every door.  
Open up. 
Chase the horizon.  
Learn to live, to laugh and to be young. 
Don’t you know you weren’t made to just waste your days away? 
There’s a life waiting for you. You're not supposed to be afraid. 
There are a million reasons for life. 
Go ahead and give it a try. 
So, go. Go look. Go hear. 
Mar 27
poem 2 comments challenge: General

If I Were a Writer

If I were a writer, my words would flow right from my thoughts.
My reader wouldn't be confused, the meaning wouldn't be lost.

If I were a writer, I'd have a clear goal in my head.
I'd say just what I meant from the beginning to the end.

If I were a writer my words would shift into a song.
And when my reader read them, he would want to sing along.

If I were a writer, my words wouldn't stay stuck on a page.
They'd leap and bound and spread throughout the world; they'd make change.

If I were a writer, would it be so awfully hard
To make the people listen and to get my point across?

I know that it's too often my thoughts get trapped inside my brain,
And I'm sure they'd make a difference if I could get them out some way.

The world needs these words. People need to be spoken to.
And if I were a writer, I'd bring these words to you.
Mar 30
poem 2 comments challenge: Pal

For A Little While

I went outside alone one day 
And found you in an old tree’s shade. 
Your skin was soft, your eyes were grey. 
You never spoke until I spoke. 

I almost didn’t see you there 
Beneath your mass of messy hair. 
You moved as quietly as the air. 
You just barely caught my eye. 

But I was desperate for a friend 
And you didn’t mind my talking and 
I guess that you liked to pretend 
You knew just what I meant. 

I told you I was all alone, 
No one to play with, nowhere to go. 
You said, “I bet you didn’t know 
That I’ll always be here.” 

A smile flickered ‘cross your face 
I’d never thought of it that way 
We decided then that we would play. 
But my mother called me in. 

Without a warning you were gone. 
I had no choice but to move on, 
I said I’d come back before long. 
So much we’d yet to do. 

And as you promised, when I came, 
Mar 08

Crossing the Continent: The Sun's Journey

From east to west, from sea to sea,  
The sun fans out her rays, 
And touches trees and mountaintops  
Awakening new days. 

The fields were soaked in starlight,  
The valleys masked in night, 
Soon to be awakened  
By her penetrating light. 

Upon the slopes and over peaks 
Her light directs its gaze, 
And melts the freshly fallen snow  
As quick as night’s dark shade. 

And climbing down the other side 
Of sturdy evergreens, 
She hears Niagara’s distant roars, 
So strong, so wild, so free. 

Upon the falls and surfaces  
Of Niagara’s grand facade, 
She adds a touch of sparkling light 
Inducing greater awe. 

Then leaping o’er a hundred miles 
She lands with full force in 
The Mississippi’s running currents 
And rides to the river’s end. 

And jumping out, before the gulf, 
She stretches and she yawns, 
Mar 08

Golden on Kirby

Brown pig tails waving in the wind,  
Pink Skechers hitting the street, 
Little girl with one big smile,  
Her small hand clutching a treat. 

The suns shine bright upon Kirby, 
As she runs down the little lane, 
Eager to throw a ball and hug, 
To her friends Dave and Adelaine. 

The blue jeep she greets with a smile, 
As she reaches the shaded front door, 
Then ringing the brass bell quickly, 
The door opens up just for her. 

The pups, they come to the threshold. 
And she feeds them a crunchy snack, 
Watching each crumb be devoured, 
Proud of how she acquired that. 

Tennis balls flying in blue skies. 
Wet tongues waving in a cool breeze, 
Little girls and her neighbor dogs, 
Happy as they all will please. 
Mar 08

Pain and Hope

Soft little tapping, she tiptoes to bed, 
Pulls back the covers and slips both feet in. 
Darkness enwraps her, they’ve come to be friends, 
Giving her solace to dream and to rest. 

The day wasn’t perfect, her poor hands are sore. 
Sleep is her refuge to hide from the storm. 
She knows when the sun falls behind the great hills, 
She’s able to breathe, to be calm, and be still. 

The light of her candle is burning down fast, 
She opens a book with a leather-bound back, 
She reads of a Father who’s loving and kind, 
His grace and his mercy’s beyond her small mind. 

Her young feet are frozen, her mind is at peace. 
She knows of a Savior who won’t ever leave. 
Candle extinguished, her heavy eyes close, 
Amid earthly pain she holds onto great hope. 
Mar 07


Another square is crossed off in bright red ink.  
The strongest man couldn't hold back earth's orbit 
The clock’s hands can't be kept from ticking. 
Each week follows the same track as last. 

The strongest man can’t hold back earth's orbit. 
Each morning the sunrise is new. 
Each week follows the same track as last. 
You can never get one day back. 

Each morning the sunrise is new. 
Can beauty be found in monotony? 
You can never get one day back. 
Life is more than a glued down hourglass. 

Another square is crossed off in bright red ink 
Can beauty be found in monotony? 
The clock’s hands can't be kept from ticking. 
Life is more than a glued down hourglass.