Jun 06
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    When I was young, like 12, I've had mice as pets. They were quite tame and I've had them for 5 years. Well, when the female mouse got old, my parents and I could tell, that she'd die soon. When it happened, my moms best friend was over at our house and she had brought her dog, which I know since he was a puppy.
    However, I was alone in my room and the dog came upstairs. As soon as my mouse started to go crazy, because she knew that she was about to die, I layed down on the floor and started to cry. I couldn't watch her. The dog walked over to me and layed right beside me. He wouldn't leave until I was done crying.
Jun 06
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The neighbors child

People protect their blood
Flesh, bones
Their family of shared homes

Saving young and old from the flood
Short, tall, grown,
The ones on the throne

They protect the rich,
Who protects the poor?
What even do they stand for?

Who protects the polite clever one
The fast charming redhead
What keeps them all from being dead

You? Not you!
They’d be gone if it were
‘Cause deep inside, well, all you care about is her.

Your child, Sir
Her nature is harming,
Neither clever, polite or charming

She is the worst,
But she’s yours
Well she’s not

You protect and save her
And always

But who protects the neighbors child
The clever fast, charming redhead
Who’s never been anything but polite

She may be you kid
But the neighbors girl is right
So protect her at all cost.
May 29
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All I see,
  white sheets with blue flowers.
An ode to loneliness touches the room.

This will be my place to dream
  not first, but the last time,
 in this bed full of relief.

The thoughts fade,
  mix with happy memories.
But to say it
  seems Infinite and Ending.

Leaves don't dance.
No insect lands on the blue.
The flowers remain untouched

  but the weight of me and my grief cannot be,
if my being is removed.

  What exactly am I saying goodbye to?

May 07
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Sinking deeper and deeper,
The whale -
Flying with its wings

A lion is roaring,
Screaming -
Its blue hair is puffy

My body gets soaked in,
I’m shrinking -
Darkness all around me.

I’m in a building now,
Plants are growing in every corner
The stripes are chasing me

The tiger is jumping and chasing and biting,
I’m running and hiding and screaming and crying;
Don’t eat me, I am tired.

Standing in the ship, the middle of it all
You open the back, water streams in
There comes the flood -

Animals are swimming and swirling and
It is so loud my ears are hurting -
I get away and fly

Into the night, I escape -
The elevator door opens and
A lion jumps onto me

The elevator door opens -
A cheetah rips my skin off -
The ship is sinking, I am left.

You won’t let us go,
All eyes are on the food -
May 04
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May 04
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You are asleep
Mind awake
A different world
Changed person.

Tell me;
Is it better,
Are you happy,
Am I with you, where you are right now?

I am leaving
Going to leave you
In june.

May 03
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Nail polish on my hands,
Hair on my skin.
Listening to vibey bands,
No decision, where I could win.

She is breathtaking,
A gorgeous boy.
My feelings are heartbreaking,
He might brings me joy.

In the middle,
Nothing to find.
My mind is a riddle,

Apr 25
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Sunny Day 5:32

I am standing on the balcony,
Lawn underneath me,
The shadow of the building
Stretching itself on the garden.

Birds are singing.
It is past four.
The sun goes to sleep
And takes her warmth.

Don't leave
I am trying to reach her now.
My fingertips stay cold
She is so far away.

I climb on the fence
Stretch my body
I fall, no, fly.
Towards the warmth and gold and sun.

The sky is falling
So are the clouds.
So are the birds,
But I can touch her.

Apr 23
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It was nothing like a game
Still, I was the one to lose.

I’ve had my fun,
Stopped shedding  tears.

A game I didn’t choose
The board unknown.

Not to win, is not a shame,
You might start to run.

No need for fear,
Your best is shown.

Tell me, friend,
Who won?
Apr 08
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