Jun 09
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Step Back

I sigh as I reread my work. "Too this, too that. Not good enough. Will I ever be good at this?" Discouraging thoughts 
 are in play and they keeping snowballing. 

Hold on. I need to tell myself that I am only 11 and not yet a writer. I have the rest of my life to work on this. "Step back, I am a young writer" I tell myself.

Jun 09
poem 1 comment challenge: Ferocity
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Lightning strikes and
the room Lights up,
only to darken again

Midnight drags on with
The worked-out moon,
Yearning for a break.

The sky Bursts with rage
and this time,
the sun doesn’t save us

Umbrellas broken
bathing in the
City garbage cans.

Restless bodies fidget
In a bed full of tears.
The world can not sleep at a time like this.

Jun 09
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Watching the Tree Bird

Apr 24
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A Kingdom Unknown

I sit at the edge of the long stretch of rocks, peering at the sea. Only it isn't just the sea, it is a home to creatures who probably have another life-one where they look at us and wonder what ours are like. This is the animal kingdom. Each species thinks it is the king, but they never stop to consider who we are. This is mostly out of unknown selfishness. All of us want to rule this earth-although we don't know it. I wonder if other animals study us, like we study them. Does anyone think about the other species-what are their viewpoints on us and our world? Maybe they have their own language! Or even lifestyles! Completely different but similar to ours! Of course animals will make sounds and live differently from us-but what if they were more sophisticated than we thought!?! How does their world operate different from ours?
Apr 08
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The Really Cheap Mouthwash

Carnivals. They aren’t bad, but I feel jumbled and confused. Right away, the Jaws theme songs plays in my head and the color orange dances around in my head. Clowns. Oh great. I hate clowns. I taste mouthwash-the really cheap kind.  Usually, I like these tastes,colors and sounds to accompany the actual scenario or object. Right now though, I am losing my orange-tainted-Jaws-music mind!
Apr 08
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Oh, Spring!

April. It really is a beautiful month. Possibly my favorite. Today-75%! To think! April is also National Poetry Month. That could be another reason why I love it so much. No wonder. I suppose they chose that for a reason. Spring signifies new beginnings and most of all beauty. Poetry shares that with April. You could be someone else aside from your writing. I just can't get over spring! I love it so much! Right now I am reading Anne of Avonlea. I adore it. Anne is a beautiful writer and yet a beautiful character. Avonlea is a dream. Especially in spring. You might think it is not enjoyable-Brooklyn springs. But the thing is spring is beautiful anywhere.
Apr 06
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I Am Still Wonderful

They watch her from afar. They think she is carefree. And happy all the time. She laughs like nothing in life holds her down. Like she is a bird. But she hides her broken wing.

Her eyes always show her mood. Like a “naturally flavored dessert.” That’s what they think. (There is a tiny bit of added sugar) She has to pretend that she feels included. Or happy.

She knows that her family and friends love her. But that’s not it. She can’t love herself,her emotions or the twisted world she lives in. They don’t know.

But they might know that this is not her all the time. Not the depressed,insecure girl. That’s not all me. I am a writer, a friend and a girl with a broken wing who still will fly. Because I am loved and ready for anything that this throws at me.

Apr 04
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The Sun Sets With Tears

Her silhouette next to the sunset is the perfect image. But at the wrong time. She doesn’t speak. The only part of her that moves is her feet, slowly dragging along the dock. Alyssa follows but I pull her back.

“She needs space.” I tell her. Alyssa looks at her concerned and then sighs.


She sits at the edge of the dock, wondering why this drama and heartache is attracted to her. She toys with her fingernails and her feet are tickled by the water. She tries to laugh, but the tears overpower her weak smile. The orange sun disappears into the ombre water. It looks as if she holds the very sun in her hands, but she gives it away-it is too much in this state of mind.

Mar 31
fiction 0 comments challenge: Lost
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Nightmare or Is it Real?

I wake up to a vast, open land. Or maybe I'm dreaming. Rubbing my eyes, I see nothing familiar. Where am I? Ok. I think to myself. Wake up. But, I don't. I splash myself with the cold water from the lake in front of me. I still don't wake up in my soft bed, I still am in this mystery world.

I look around. The only living thing is a sad looking tree. And me. But why? Why am I here? My mind searches for any trace of memory I had before this. In other words-how did I get here exactly? Sitting in the corner of my brain, I find one memory: the dock. I remember jumping off a  floating dock and hitting my head on something. Piece by piece, memories appear. And as I put the puzzle together, I realized that I had jumped on a floating dock, hit my head on something and landed on a floatie which carried all the way here. Thank godness for that floatie or else I wouldn't be waking up; mystery world or not. Now, how do I get back?
Mar 29
fiction 0 comments challenge: Woods
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Fuming, I head outside. Why did my sister have to get into this?

I step out the door and my first actual calm breath feels amazing. Nothing like the mysterious woods outside my house to cheer me up. But seriously, I have never been there. Maybe an adventure will cool me down. Or help with ideas to run away from home.
As I step into the woods, it feels lush, green and alive. Little did I know, that they actually were alive. I hear quarrelling. Maybe just my mom and my sister. But as I step closer, I realize that the voices get louder.

"Hey! Watch it!"

"I'm not the one carelessly knocking down everything, making noises for humans to hear."

"Speaking of humans, one is coming now! Shhhhhhh!"