Apr 17
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The Rose

The rose was fluorescent and bright bright pink
It sat on the counter beside my sink
I picked it from our big open garden
For I will not step near the deep deep glen  
In case catastrophe should strike again  
For there it was that she left me for good
Ever since then I don’t feel like I would
Had I been smart she would be here today
I blame myself in every which way
For that was where the arrow pierced her heart  
And I wish I could simply press restart

Back then it was a bright and brand new day  
The sun was shining for it was in May
We had chosen to walk out to the glen
We often came here but that was back then
The leaves were bright and all one of a kind
They blocked out the sun and left it behind
Grass was soft and quiet  beneath our feet
We shouldn’t be here but we were discreet
Our parents say we shouldn’t come here
They screamed it at us and made it quite clear  
Apr 17
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Autumn's Aging

The Autumn leaves crumble beneath my feet
Easily crushed just like me
Flat on the ground, no life force left
Hope extinguished like myself 

Blown away by gust of wind
Till they're torn and battered
to much to mend
They started off so young, so bright
Then they grew older
while absorbing the light
They grew from young to old
From a child to an adult

I once was a child small and sweet
Now there is no child left in me 

Apr 16
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Look to the East as shadows draw near
Despite the dark, there is hope here
Embedded in the stars of twinkling light
With them there, there shall be no fright
Like a comforting hand on a child's shoulder
Stars accompany us as the night gets older
The night stretches on, fading into darkness
The only light, from the stars brightness
Look to the East as shadows draw near
Despite the dark there is hope here.