Jan 03


We are taught from a young age how to hide from shooters in school, online we hear stories about shootings near us, we listen to stories from our classmates about their school shooting. We listen and listen but never act. They never teach us what to do when the PTSD happens afterwards, they don't tell us that the reason some shot up our school, is because they are mental unstable. But instead of getting the help WE NEED they only tell us how to hide.

They only tell us how they will prevent the next one, because if guns are available to anyone, there will always be a next one.
Jan 03

Isn't This Cool?

Hey inst tihs cool you can raed wodrs if the frist and lsat lteetr are the smae. you konw waht esle is cool? the fcat taht Muslims are bieng put itno consternation camps, bieng froecd to eat maet, gtteing snkied, rpaed. Oh wiat taht inst cool. but no one is tlaking aoubt it. IF NOT NOW WHEN, if we continue to treat other as less than, eventually we will be the "bad" we are trying to eradicate 
Dec 13


People always tell me I'm, "funny", "scary", "intimidating". But that's not the real me. That's just my mask, we all have masks. The faces we put on in front of new people, the laugh when someone asks if you're ok. When you meet someone you don't truly meet them, you meet their mask, maybe some key parts of themselves but you never truly get to see the true thing.
Dec 13


Legacy, a broad term. What I want to be remembered for? Kindness, something I can give for free. I want to be remembered for my ambition, to go left when they tell me right. My will to fight for not only my rights but all human rights.

What do I want my grandchildren to be remembered for? Their life is the best they can make it, making sure they love themselves before others, and most importantly learn for not only theirs but other's mistakes.

What do I want to leave behind? I want to leave a positive impact on the suicide rates in teens, make sure that life is easier for underprivileged people, teach my kids kindness is key.

When given the term I think of many things, but one that sticks out is kindness.
Dec 13

Big city

I'm hungry for life it's self, to experience it all. The big cites, the small towns. that natural bliss of living to the fullest. But I have built walls, these walls were layed brick by brick with each "Sorry I can't make it," and all the " I'm sick maybe next time," because when I make up an excuse to not do it all, I prevent myself from living. I can't deprive myself any longer, something has to be done. To live I must do things, I can't sit back and watch.
Aug 12


   When given the word Grade I think of a number, a letter, or an amount of points. And after every year we tally them up. I think of the pressure and fear, knowing that this one test could make or break your grade. The grade you get on it is a depiction on how smart you are.
     But many factors go into taking a test. It's not that you don't know the material, it's that even if you study your butt off and took notes and paid close attention to the topic in class, you still get "test anxiety". Instead of the knowledge that you have shining through, the stress keeps it hidden.
    I think the idea of a grade is fine, it's just how we get it that is my issue.
Aug 12

Dear youth

Jun 04


Did you know that more now than ever, kids are coming out a transgender and questioning their gender? 3 out of 100 are transgender, this is the perfect time for stores to change their ways!  I think you should stop splitting up your kids clothes by gender. I believe that all stores should have genderless clothes because children don't have a defined shape yet, and “girl” and “boy” aren't the only genders kids identify with.  
The first reason stores should not split up clothing by gender is that children don't have a defined shape yet, young kids don't have the necessary hormones to create anything that would set there bodys apart from the other gender. For example young girls body are not producing estrogen to develop breasts or get wider and rounder hips. If a child were to just walk into a store looking for clothes not a gendered piece, we could start seeing people as people before we see male or female.