Oct 21

Voices in the Dark

Creaky stairs, voices in the dark.

So many monsters I don’t know where to start. 

Ghosts in your head, wishing you were dead. 

All monsters are our own creation.

Our worries and fears are given sheets.

Ridding them would be a feat

Glowing eyes, making little ones cry,

Hiding, begging for dawn to come.

Knowing that for when it comes,

The darkness is gone,

 Till the voices return. 

Jun 04

One to the Present

At one, I was a happy little lump of flesh and bones

At two, I found out my parents love would have to be shared

At three, I was a mischievous little devil with scissors  

At four, I became curious  

At five, I left everything behind

At six,  I felt alone in a new school and a new world

At seven, I finally found some friends

At eight, I moved again

At nine, I battled the wasps

At ten, I felt like a queen

At eleven, I fled from elementary school

At twelve, I found my heaven (middle school)

At thirteen, well actually, I am still waiting for it.

May 28

Nothing's Right

May 21



Resilience is the new grass that survives a late spring frost.

Resilience is bones broken and bones healed.

Resilience suffering, and surviving.

Resilience is what we need,

and what we will be. 

May 20


A nice little tint,
perhaps after a complement.

but for me,

My face flushes
as red and blood.

A sickly feeling
in my stomach  

My face
feels like it is burning,
and melting

That's Blushing for me.
May 20


"Night Mom" I say.

"Night Sweety" She tweets back.

"Night Booger" Jokes my Dad.

"Night Dad" I reply sarcastically.

"Night Genius" I snicker at my Brother.

"Night Space Nerd" he comes back with.

Good Night Today, Hello Tomorrow
Apr 01


Apr 01

One Word

Proud to be who I am.


Then one word.

One sentence.

They are talking about me

That grin vanishes,

Because of one word.

Just one small word.

And I am running.


All because of one word. 

Mar 31

Standing in the Rain

My feet planted in the mud.

The sky, dark and soft.

Grey clouds promising me.

The soft pattern has arrived.

Soaking me inside and out.

My soul and my mind,

Being washed clean.

The water like sharp bits of heaven pierce me.

Running down my arms.

Dripping from my hair.

Standing in the rain. 

Mar 31

At the Window

At the window,

A pencil in my hand.

Light flicking.

I can see the breeze.
Some of the world is thrown into darkness.

Some bits alove,

With a warm glow.
A pale blue sky,

Concealing the wonders beyond. 
My thoughts,


Out the window.