Apr 30
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Together we will rise.

We will rebuild our society.

We will heal ourselves.

We will start new routines.

We will be more cautious.

We will be overflowing with love.

We will see our loved ones for the first time in months,

And we will hug tighter,

Stay longer,

Talk more,

And the world will feel like home again.

Aug 05
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When they fight, I worry. I worry that he’s gonna come find her, and hurt her. My mind races of all the possibilities of ways he’s going to hurt her. He takes after his father. His obsession with guns and weapons terrifies me. The way he’s so controlling of her disgusts me. She pretends she’s fine... but I know how unhealthy their relationship is. He holds her back from what she loves the most. The way he always has to know where she is, worry’s me. I wish HE weren’t here... then I wouldn’t worry as much. I’m scared. 
Jul 28
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Here’s to “Girls”

Here’s to the “girls” who want to have kids. The “girls” who want to buy their own first car with their own money, before they have a license. Here’s to the “girls” who want to buy a house when they don’t have a job yet. The “girls” who want to pay for their own groceries. Here’s to the “girls” who dream of what the future holds for them every time they close their eyes. The “girls” who want to be able to afford nice things. Here’s to the “girls” who get excited about life.

Here’s to the YOUNG WOMEN that try every day and never give up. I believe in you.
May 31
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See Me Now?

Can you see me now?

You inspired me to change.

But you attacked my different personalities.

After all these years of crying for help,

I’ve finally put myself back together.

I wiped away my own tears.

I’ve cleaned up and cared for my scars,

And healed my own broken bones.

I don’t need you here anymore.

I am new now.

I’m alive... without you.


I’m taller than the trees.

I’m reaching for the sky.

And I’m still growing.

I don't need you, Anxiety.

You kept me home when I wanted to go out.

You kept me in restraints.

But I am too strong to be held back.

I’m better now,

Without you.

See me?

I’m better.

See me?
May 29
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Let The Tears Out

Let the tears out.
Let the drops of pain fall from your eyes
And drip from the top of your nose.
Watch the memories create a blur in your eyes
And feel them run down your cheek.
Feel the water,
As it dries up on your chin.
Let it pour out.
Like rain falling from dark clouds,
On a cold spring evening.
Lay there motionless,
And listen to your little heart,
pound like big feet running through a fire.
Let your tears out,
Because they speak,
Every word you cannot say.
Every word you cannot explain.
And every feeling your little heart cannot handle.

May 06
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The Truth Behind Our Monsters

I want to run away from my problems,

I want to hide from my fears,

I want to be left alone by society's expectations,

I want my anxiety to stop taking over my thoughts.

I would rather have my monsters live under my bed than inside my head.

But I can’t run, or hide, or ignore, or control my nightmares… I have to wake up.

I have to understand my monsters,

I have to chase my dreams,

I have to face my fears,

I have to gently let go of the weight I can no longer hold, before I drop it.

 -Natalie Strout
May 06
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There is always confidence in her laugh,

determination in her eyes,

freedom in her smile,

courage dancing in her soul,

strength in her posture,

adventure rushing through her blood,

and memories chasing her.

She is unstoppable.

-Natalie Strout

May 06
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dream catcher

Imagine being free.

You are in your own world where you feel safe.

The wind lifts you off your feet as you race a river.

You’re not scared, you’re relaxed.

The fresh air smells like wild dreams.

You are taller than the trees.

There is courage beneath your feet,

and freedom dancing in your wings.

Nothing can stop you.
-Natalie Strout