Apr 07

6 Word Story

Apr 07

I'm Lucky.

A little kerplunk! sounds as I drop another rock into the water. I dip my fingers in the rivers ice-cold water to maneuver the stone so that it lets no extra water through my make-shift dam. I step back to admire my work. Rocks are piled in a messy row, creating a little area of calmer water in the river by Mills Riverside Park. I smile. I'm lucky, I know, to have such a place to come and play.

I run over to the path to the main part of the park. My dog, Bo, romps around in the grass. My mom examines a little bud growing in the dirt. I'm halfway down the path to where she is when I come to a sudden halt. Three shiny, bronze pennies lay at the toe of my shoe. I exclaim to my mom and she turns to face me.

"Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck!" she choruses. "And three, that's three times the luck!" She turns and keeps examining the buds. I crouch down to look at the little bronze pennies.
Apr 06

Listen Up, People!

Listen up, people!
we have voices
we are strong 
we're not 'just kids'
we live
we work
(and yes, we play)
and you do those things too
so don't underestimate us
we can make
just as big 
of a difference
as you can.
so listen up!
we have things to say
big ideas to tell you
we have things to do
powerful, life changing things
listen up, people!
kids can make a difference too.

Apr 05

Wonderful Wreath

Apr 05

Way To Dramatic Cat

Apr 05

Springtime In Vermont

we tried to bike
but it began to rain
but even the mud
couldn't stop us

mountains of snow
contrast the grass
as little kids
climb to the top

berries grow
on the bare
dead branches
of the old tree

people rave about the warmth
changing into summer gear
and it snows
the very next day

"In like a lion, out like a lamb."
but what what if
the lion ate
the innocent lamb?

Floridians would say
upper forties are winter weather
have you visited vermont in springtime?
Apr 04
poem 2 comments challenge: SHELTER


Under the shelter of my roof
I curl into blankets
the dog licking the tips
of my uncovered toes
80's music playing on the stereo
and an empty popcorn bowl by my side
moonlight flickers across the pages
of the sixth Harry Potter book
I smile as I reach my favorite part
the noise of pages flipping
chourus's through the room
the cat struts in
waving her bottlebrush tail
glaring at the dog
ah, home
it's different for all of us
Apr 04


I remember when
I was lying in bed
saying I'd never fall asleep
I remember yesterday
when I thought online school
would never end
I remember last year
when I thought 2020
would never come
but here I am
not in school
and in year 2020
it feels like it went fast
but really
it's just over.
Apr 04

Things to do in quarantine

Things to do in quarantine!
  1. Go outside! It's always fun to look for signs of spring.
  2. Have a 10-feet-away picnic! It's good to speak to your friends, even if you are 'socializing.'
  3. Read! I love re-reading a favorite book of mine, and I've also been using the suggestions from YWP's book club. 
  4. Write. This time is inspirational in more ways than one, so I'm sure you'll find something!
  5. Make something! I've been using the extra free time to improve my drawing and painting skills, but there is so much more!
  6. Take a photo. It's almost springtime (ignore the fact that it snowed a few days ago) and everything is getting more colorful!
  7. Go on a hike. It's good to escape for a bit!
  8. Do some gardening! It's nice to have bursts of color brightening your day.
  9. Listen to some music. Just sink into the tune, and let the world around you fade. Relaxing, right?
  10. Climb a tree!
Apr 04

Um... sunny tree?