Jul 12
essay 1 comment challenge: Huh


My entire writing inspiration came from so many different people and characters. Probably the first that comes to my mind is Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes. I know, weird, but... Bill Watterson talks about a lot of serious and intresting topics that got me thinking about half the stuff I actually am intrested in. The main inspiration was from a haiku that Calvin wrote about Hobbes:

Twitching tufted tail,
A toasted, tawny tummy:
A tired tiger.

I really liked the haiku and was thinking of haikus I could write and... poetry! I started writing because of a comic strip. Yup.
Jul 07

A Day In The Life Of Quarantine

wake up
ah, only nine
another hour won't hurt...

shower, blast the radio
until you can hear it over the water flowing
let the warmth sooth you over

eat straberries and powdered suger
but shhh, don't tell anyone!


launch into a comic marathon
while glancing at your phone, wanting you best friend
to finally text you back.

lunch. dang it, wheres the bread!?
oh, right, we have to wait until we need more food
to justify going to the store.

sit on the front porch, 
closing your eyes when people
pass by.


and the day is done.
Jul 07

Ready or not, here I come.

I brush my fingertips through the grass, passing over an ant. I carefully go over him, and then continue to comb through the green. My eyes take in the way the light falls, the way the green looks against the ground… 

I lift my fingers from the ground, take a pencil from my stretched-out backpack, and sketch out the scene with the shade of the old oak I lean against, the little ant scuttling across the dirt, the pinecone sitting curled between the blades of grass. I skribble each little line, until I hear footsteps near me. I go still.

“Cass needs to work on her hiding, it’s way too hard to find her…” says Jess’s voice from on the opposite side of the tree. I pull in a breath and don’t breath out.

“Breath, Cass…” I say under my breath, barely audible to myself.

“Y’know, I’m going inside. Let her stay hidden the whole day, honestly…” she groans, and I hear the sliding door close to inside. I exhale finally, and keep sketching.
Jul 06
poem 0 comments challenge: Open

We Have Enough

Open your eyes.
Look around you
you don't need more
think about the little tiny buds
reaching up for spring
think about your family,
the one that loves you
don't close your eyes
and dissapear again...
into that world of
'I need more.'
we have enough...
we don't need more.
Jun 21

we'll keep trying.

Sometimes I like to think we're all ants
and we live in a busy world
where there are many anthills
and many ants
we all work together
to heave the giant crumb
and call it a day.

but sometimes
it all gets ruined
our years of hard work
all just
right off the map
by someone else who's bigger

and sometimes it gets washed away
just in moments, seconds
all our little sand hills, and the little crumbs
and sometimes us
we just wash away,
into a world of unknown

but we scurry back to our positions
push the sand together
heave the crumbs
and talk to the ones we love
we're all just little ants in a big world
but y'know...
we'll keep trying.

Jun 16

It Just Happens

I’ve never really understood why people treated others differently based on the color of their skin. No one deserves to be hurt or abused because of something they can’t control. It is the same with LGBTQ+; they can’t control how they feel, it just… happens.

    No one can control the feelings they have. They can either let their feelings take control, and feel better on the inside and allow yourself to be a better person not only for others but for yourself. Or you can trap yourself in a place where you think every feeling for someone you have is wrong, and that you have to pretend to please other people.
Jun 16

Why wasn't this already a rule?

Jun 16

Written For The School Year, For The Teachers, For My Friends

This is written for the school year,
for the teachers,
for my friends,
to the things you've taught me,
for each and every day
I learn something new,
and while there is all the regular stuff
like reading
and math
you taught me some other things
like how to love someone I've known for one year,
to have my classmates be like family
and how I really shouldn't eat chips for breakfast.
You've taught me the meaning of 'outside'
the meaning of music
and not being afraid
to blast your favorite song across the neighborhood.
You've taught me how to bond with friends
more than I ever have.
You've taught me that six feet
isn't really a barrier that makes us be apart,
it's more like an obstacle
that we will get past eventually.
So this is written for the school year,
for the teachers,
for my friends.
Thanks for teaching me.
Jun 08

I Am But A Sketch

I am but a sketch;
left lonely on the page
wavering uncertainly
agains the white,
bland backround.

I am a few lines
thrown together,
with no real purpose
I do not know
what to do.

I simply sit there
and unknowing
to what is next.

I am but a sketch,
confused at my purpose,
not knowing who I am,
simply standing on the page,
not really knowing.
May 29

Questions I Ask Myself before bed

​I made a short list of random questions I ask before I go to sleep each night. They sometimes keep me up late.
  • How did we come to have our soul, our feelings? Is it a gamble, or does someone else choose?
  • What does it feel like, what do you see, before you are born and after you've died?
  • Is there other life out there?
  • If there is other life out there, are they wondering if theres other life out there? 
  • What color is the wind?
  • Why do people talk of the universe as if it is something else completely?
  • Why does time go fast or slow when we least want it to?
  • What is it that makes words flow quickly from my head to the page?
  • What do other people think about before they go to bed?
  • Are humans technically fruits? (Please don't ask.)
That's it! It's so fun to write this down because it's cool to see if other people have similer questions (well, I don't think others wonder that last one). :)