Jun 25

Zentangle #1- On a 24×36 Canvas

May 30

My Night

I gathered all the patience I had set aside, for moments like these and waited for the sun to descend, bringing forth its dark hypnotizing color. The transition to the bright silver of the beautiful, and dangerous moon of the dusk, from the orange and pink hues that glazed my skin a parmesan tone. The darkness holds so many secrets, just waiting to be discovered. The darkness holds so much decadence, just waiting to be acknowledged. I'll discover those secrets and acknowledge the horrid decadence, gladly. This was the thrill I lived for. I awaited the night, and it awaited me.
May 26

Settling Words

On the chilly, now windless night, in his vehicle he adjusted the temperature, to get a bit warmer. Kyle didn't know why he was feeling this way. The feelings that Harold Harlacher had stirred up, causing the sediment of love to surface again. Uneasiness, forgetfulness, anxiety, confusion... And nostalgia only flooded him just as soon as Harold hung up and his words settled in Kyle's cultured mentality. He felt it all simultaneously, the emotions that he expressed at the sound of her very name being uttered. His heart skipped a beat, while the acknowledgement strummed at his strings involuntarily, even though he thought it couldn't be the person he had in mind. The world, after all, was a very large place.
May 23

Mirror, Mirror

Forget it! Forget it! Please...
Forget, for me.
Forget she complained about you. 
Forget he claimed the lies, true.
Forget she said you don't deserve to be alive.
Forget his hatred.
Because I love you both out and inside.

Forget he said you're darker than your shadow.
Forget she claimed your line of thinking narrow.
I see beyond the eyes.
Forget those days, and think about tomorrow.
I see past your melancholic sighs
I see you're stout.

Forget through this mirror, mirror
As I pull you nearer and nearer
Right here, right now
As I bask in your alleged presence
Day in and day out.

But most importanly forget you said,
You wanted to be someone else
Because I love you just as you are
Flaws and all.

Forget for me...at least.
It's just how the cards have been dealt
Forget everything else,
Just remember our past of glee.
May 21

Finding Ambition

“How are you so… sane after all that?” Vaughn inquires, lowly as if it took all his strength to say so.

“Ambition,” she utters immediately. “I didn't want nothing of my past to control my life. So Vaughn... Life lesson, listen up! Let Mamma Naoto spit some facts for you.” She puts her fist in the air, as if catching something. “Whatever you are and whatever you want to be, embrace it welcomingly. We all have skeletons in our closets, the darkest depths of our origin. Things people don't want others to know 'bout. But it's alright. That's why, even with the things I've gone through, I want to make the most of everything. And it's your choice if you wanna go about it that way too.”

And at those words he felt moved and even Naoto sensed a newfound resolution emanating from him.

“Naoto, I care,” he murmurs abruptly, something sparking inside of him.

“Huh? What do you mean?”
May 21


The daughter of a renowned priest, the sister of the largest church, with a family of friends, was fact. She's the beauty of the city, the sincerest of them all, an exceptional speaker, and extraordinary writer and listener, and most assertive, holding her ground when it was needed of her to take charge. That was what she thought of herself. Having an abundance of self-pride, balanced out with humility and overflowing charisma, it was like she knew what to do in the demand of the moment--everytime. Her iris sparkles, the forest green circumference, as if it were the windows to the beautiful wilderness and towards the pupil, the color gradually changes into a clement brown, like it was dipped in warm brown chocolate. It was difficult not to feel her aura of happiness, and witness the gleaming optimism in her eyes. That smile, that brings people together. It was almost tangible, and definitely most becoming of her, making the moment seem everlasting.
May 20

The Festival

The people there were unexpected, they wore face paint, and had very uncanny costumes, then suddenly an ominous silence was followed by the bong of a heavy instrument. Soon, an abstract sight stole all my attention, and shots of sparkling color went up into the air, and dispersed, like pollen from flowers. The stinging in my ears was trailed by a popping sound which I really couldn't place but, it resembled heavy rain falling on zinc. Only to disappear. I knew how fireworks were made, it's components, when it was for the use of destruction but, this was probably the first time, for me, seeing them so close up, making me wonder how much of my childhood I really missed. Was the world really that interesting while I locked myself away from everyone, watching the fireworks from my window all those years ago?
May 16

So Close, Yet So Far Away

My fingers ache from not moving and the nerve-wrecking aura of this setting, puts me in a state of melancholy. Having my right hand in a fist, holding my head up, my elbow pressed on my desk, I turn my body to face the cloudy sky, through the adjacent window. I slightly slouched in my seat, my eyes half-lidded and burning, I yawned, on the brink of sleeping; on the verge of reality. In my position, I felt like there was nothing I could've taken advantage of in this lecturing background. It's stormy, and all I can do is watch the rain run, skip and hop down from this glassed barrier. Not only did I sense this, but the heat planted over my head. Every time, it never fails to engulf me. For the lights were nothing new, yet, the heat radiated through my body and I produced sweat without doing anything at all. Directly right under the lights of the room, I ever so slowly melt.
May 15

True Beauty

Flashes of light pour into the room in one blinding color, emanating from the cracks of the shack if one were to witness something like this from the external. The overflowing white, from the inside to the out.

The sounds of shutters and a crash follows after and I desperately try to cover my face with the palms of my hands, not out of fear, but I could feel pebbles and things of that sort bouncing off my body. It was simply called protection. Yet, I wasn't capable of doing that much. I felt vulnerable.

I was so out of reality that I had imagined I saw someone being blown to bits in the most beautiful way possible, by a single ray of light. Though, in all seriousness, it could have actually happened that way.