Nov 01

Front Tickets

Heartbeats echo loss like a marching bands drum,
bum bump bum bump.
Something other then breath tells me to breathe.
I wonder what this would sound like if I didn't say wonder.
would I might not think of wonder?
No, that's not true, I would.
Why should I bring life to someone who renounces it?
Stop thinking like that, I know I would anyway.
Something does not need wonder...
NoNoNo, you. are. a. terrible. liar.
We all need wonder, otherwise this world would not exist.

Oct 29


I need clean water. I need fresh air.
I need green forests. I need the animals,
bounding across this thought and into the next.
We are losing it all. every breeze of purity,
every branch of peace, every deep ocean of truth.
You may not hear their voices now,
but once they are gone... they will haunt you...
ghosts of the past could be ghosts of the present.
I need a home. I need to live my life as all people should,
just how they want. Don't click the cancel button on my future.
I deserve (just like everyone else on this planet) a fair chance at life.
Be wary of this hot, hot fever, it will infect.
Oct 27

Teacup Listening

Word play,
old records spun to dissolving.
Creatures shooting up
from the soil of my mouth.
Trying to pry their way out until
I let free the dam and it floods the page.
Becoming more ink then reason.
You see, you don't choose the words,
the words choose you.

Oct 25

Fire Ants

I can imagine your heartbeat growing faster,
I can imagine your body pulling toward mine.
We are magnets shifting closer.
I can imagine warm hands crawling over my own,
I can imagine barely breathing as arms entangle.
stop, you do not have to imagine, this is the realty tugging
at your shirt, wanting you closer, lips breathing into lips.
Whispers are tossed at our heat, I stomp them out.
like little annoying ants swarming around our feet.
We are so tight, no regrets could wiggle between us.
Magnets belong together...

Oct 24

Cause There Be Dragons

Do not wake the dragon, she roars with a fiery passion
thy cannot defeat with a simple sword and shield.
She burns hotter then the sun,
lights the darkness clawing at your door.
The dragon is angry, the fire and flame her home.
Thy flood of careless apologies cannot put her out.
You cannot slay this dragon for to hell thy will rest.
Best not wake the dragon but best be on thy way.

Oct 24

Disturbing Water

Bubbles through water
splashing up against the sides of the tub
soap frames the inside
of the slippery walls
sloshing kaslooping rushing
back and forth foaming toward freedom
body nestled in nicks and crannies of water
scorching scalding scolding
hot water breathing up against my blotchy legs
lava pain washes over attention
like the water to the sides of the bathtub
my feet scream hurried between
the pain of cold and hot
leave the volcano
I pop the bubbles cling to my rashy arms and thighs
blop blip blop they fall back into air
Oct 21

The Meaning of Life

I started writing two years ago, and it happened completely by coincidence. I began my writing career just days after an emergency surgery, the fragile thought that if I didn't have surgery, none of this would've existed. Everything I've wrote gone. a speck of dust easily blown away. a few days after I had returned home I began my classes and homeschooling activities again. One of them was a writing group, the only thing we did that day was write one single poem and workshop it. That was the first poem I ever wrote. I named it "Watching Time" and ever since that day I've wrote. I'd estimate I written over a thousand poems and I'm still writing. I don't think I'll ever stop because writing is the only thing keeping me sane in the world of injustice and war, the feeling that by doing so I'm doing something right. That for every poem I compose I'm giving a hungry child a meal or helping a family find shelter when bombs fall down instead of rain.
Oct 21

The Price of Love

Do I care that I gave everything,
absolutely, most definitely everything
to set you free?
I don't know... maybe.

Hot shower rain trickles through the rusty drain,
each scalding droplet a metaphor,
they slip over my body leaving no part unsalted.

My breath echos through the trees, an undying scream for mercy.
You may think I am very strong or brave, or even unstoppable,
but no. I'm just as human as everyone else, as strong as I may seem
I am delicate and fragile on the inside, if you drop me I will break.
If you don't drop me, if I stay clutched in your palm, I will still break.
Someday my hair will gray, my bones will sink into my flesh,
my muscles will become torn and my eyes brittle.
I will be a ship sinking after millions, billions, of journeys.
I will age, but I am already wise. or wise enough to enjoy
every passing moment, because moments are limited,
Oct 21

Museum of Broken Promises

I don't have time.
It ran away and locked me in that prison you call love.
I don't have time, but you do and you better use it
because I gave everything so that you could have a little bit longer.
my worries drown me in a bathtub.
soap stinging my eyes, courage gone stale.
I am a watch, telling to your face, the time in which you have left.
You give me your empire of lies for me to rule.
I am the rightful queen.
The burden of broken promises will weigh you down to nothing.
It will break you, because you, yourself are a promise
something I want to but will never keep...
Oct 20

a Tilting Planet

Colors split ways and tumble among trees.
Spilling their poetry onto the frosty ground.
Their words dance on the wind,
twirling and finally coming to cover the bare ground.
Puddles of poetry, don't step in it.
it is the breath of time, passing clouds whisper of the trees
scandalous stripping as they make their way across the day.
Light leaves us in a flurry of cold we savor this time of year.
I smell it just as rain smells, purifying, and quenching the
the parched tongue of sunshine, the trees are very generous
giving their coats and scarves to cover earth instead,
she is thankful and gives them back in spring.

Sometimes I wonder who you are
and who I would be if you were not.