Oct 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Music
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Music and the Elements

Breathing in cool October air
is the beginning of this concerto;
looking at the sunrise over the mountains
is the opening.
As the piece moves forward
the notes go lower and higher
as the rolling hills go endlessly onward.
Using your hands to climb over dirt and rocks
is the lower strings, calling forth intensity within oneself.
The high held angelic notes are like
holding melting ice.
As the notes climb higher
your skin accepts the cold, embraces it.
Oct 13
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Plig and Wev is Winter Time

Plig ice lays on timbo snow
sparkling, for all to now.
icicles so diminit, 
lay atop the houses wint.
careful of the cold so wev
seaping into bones and bed
gendek blowing loudly too
falling snow on me and you
falling on the glinters high
keging back up towrds the sky
looking pretty everywhere
winter time is tinkoler. 
Oct 09
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homework's rules

Not again!
shouldering the weight, its heavy
bearly even feeling ready
papers flying everywhere
marker pens are in my hair
calculator on the double
I can not get into trouble,
so no sparks note use for me
I must use my memory.
Writing, reading taking notes
trying hard to stay a float
and 1 AM my eyes are done
flipping to page 31
highlighters are everywhere
keyboard clicks have fill the air
printer printing, printing more
pens and textbooks on the floor.
And Tada! all the homeworks done
and I have study like, a ton.
finally- to bed I go,
until I do this agian- tomorrow

Oct 04
poem 3 comments challenge: Shoes
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Grandpa's Boots

I clunked along in my grandpa's old boots
too big for my feet but who'd give a hoot?
The clunky and funky big boots of the past
Were put to rest when he came here at last.
The soles were so worn, cause the path was so rough
One heel was half on cause he ran quite alot
the arch suport, favored the floor, not the foot
So it seemed you were walking on nails screws and hooks.
The tong was all droopy
the laces all loopy 
the thread worn and faded
the skuffs under rated,
not to mention a hole was in the left toe
and the laces were mismatched, one green and one gold.
Without these worn boots I'd never have known
what a hard working man my grandpa really is,
As I clunked on by him he gave me a grin.
Sep 30
poem 5 comments challenge: Choice
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The Fork in The Road and Our Conversation

I met a fork in the road one day while traveling on a dusty path.
I was at a loss for which way to go.
"I suppose you're going to tell me I must chose the right path uh?"
I said sarcastically
"I need to, like, furfill my destiny and become who I truly am?"
I laughed softly, I was talking to the fork in the road, it could not undersand me.
"Just go left."
said a voice
I jumped.
"Go left."  it said again. it sounded tired.
"Everyone ponders this question!" Continued the voice
"since when did it become a turning point in your life?"
the fork in the road was talking to me?!
I said "because no two roads are the same, and one can take me where i want to go-
the other can lead me astray."
"Heck No!'" cried the fork. 
"stop overthinking eveything! you humans, you overwork your brains,
no wonder you have such big heads..."
"Excuse me?!" I said.
Sep 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Colors
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Colors of Laughter

Sep 14
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Finding Friends and Surviving School in Seven Steps

step one. 
Feel the vibe. When you first walk into that room of so many people, look for someone who gives off good feels, and isn't in a huge group of kids. A smile, a quick gaze in your direction, or someone absorbed in a good book.
Step two
Sit next to them. No need to rush into things. Give them a smile, a nod. Ask for a pencile sharpener. Let them know your there, but if they do or say somthing you don't like, you have time to go elsewhere.
Step three
Ask them a question. Whats the page number? What time is this class over? Have you had this teacher before? They may start a conversation with you. They may just answer the question. If they give a small smile or think about the question before answering. Thats a good sign. If they quick to push the answer and turn away. try again with someone new.
Step four 
Sep 11
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Roses are red
  Violets are blue
      Your allergic to flowers you say?
          I am too.
gifts are expenisve
    I'm kinda broke
      I tried to make cookies-
        I ate them and choked.
tounge is in knots
   This could go so bad
      But prom is tonight and...
         I slipt on the sand.
Stars are so bright
     The night is so calm
         I'm glad I said yes
            When you asked me to prom!
Sep 07
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Please Ask For Directions...

can you please hear more quitly
       can you taste with no spice.
              can you please hear my smell
                    can you lie down upright?
I don't ask for much,
       just taste all around
           breath in all the noise
                    and talk without sound.
can you smell all the colors
        and see without sight
                just hear when its quite
                       and touch the sunlight
please stand up while sitting
         bend down while upright
                 can you switch right and left
                       and then shrink to new hight.
 Of course you can! You know I am right...
                now look without seeing, and lie down upright. 

Sep 01
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YWP is...

YWP is... something, that's for sure.
It's like being at the dinner table with everyone who thinks as you do
Who has your sense of humor.
And everyone has a place at the table,
No one is pushed to the side,
pushed to the next room,
everyone is included. 
And each person brings their own dish to share
And no two dishes are the same
Some are in plates, others in pots
Each has a unique aroma and flavor,
a different spice,
Some people have been cooking for a long time
Others just started,
But no one says one dish is better than the other,
No one eats only what he brought. 
Everyone tries a different platter
makes suggestions on how to make it better
More flavorful,
Baked to perfection.
We share recipes too.
Challenge each other to push our cooking skills 
Coax one another to try a new technique. 
And we always respect one another,