Nov 24

Sanded Tears

Sanded tears on breathless shells
hiding from the oceans swells
quikly put it in your pocket
its voice is better than a locket

jaded crystals, smoothened glass
hiding on the turles path
salted tears have weped and dried
leaving sand that wails at night.

Grainy poradge tastes like stone
grounded pounded from the bone
humming with the waters heart
tastes like bits of cracking art.

spirled becons in the dunes
sloshing answers on the boons
Hear it quickly tell its plight
Sanded tears at silver light. 
Nov 18

Wishing seeds

Wait so you can see the glow
Of faces lit up with new hope
With smiles wider than the breeze
With strength that's stronger than the trees.
Wait so you can see the heart
that grows together not apart
And all the wishes in the air
that crystalize if spoken there. 

Right now uncertain times unfold
But into golden fabric bold
The fibers weave those crystal shards
Into the visions of the stars.
And those wise stars then paint a picture
Constellations. Brothers, sisters
Holding hands and being one
looking at the future sun.
And in the suns there lies the truth,
Fortunetellers, eclectic sleuth
Find stories filled with good inside,
it's then revealed unto our eyes.

And look! Our eyes can see the truth!
The good, the bad is coming loose.
The crystal wishes all refracting,
Doubts and worries broken. Cracking.
There we see what we have sought
Nov 08


I was on a Zoom call when it happened.
Naturally – a Zoom call
because Zoom has embodied the essence of 2020.
There were 26 of us. Cameras on, 
listening to the lecture.
Or not – I don't know. I wasn't.
I was a bit preoccupied. Constantly looking at the numbers.
Oh the magic number 270.
I was willing that tiny blue bar to make its way to the black pixilated line.
Because if that happened there was a chance.
Just a chance 
that the future of my country would meld into a shape I wanted to be a part of.
That my country would try harder. 
Try harder to be equal, safe, accepting, knowledgeable, respectful.
Surely the majority of the people believed in what I believed in ... right?
Surely my own uncles and aunts and cousins have a similar idea of the future as I ... don't you?
Naturally this transfer of power from fire to ice will only hiss softly,
Nov 03


Thank you.
I needed that today.
Whatever that was.
The laugh, the tease, the game, the tea.
I needed all of it.
I really needed you. And you were there. 
Don't get me wrong, you never fail to drive me crazy,
And get on every nerve I have on my being,
but you also reside in every part of my heart.
My mind. My soul.
And sure, I'd like to admit I don't need anyone, a gilded individual. 
Unyielding, unbreaking, ever strong, always.
But that is so not true.
And when I'm not- on those rare moments of lonely doubt, and panic.
There you be.
With a comment that is so fitting, or so completely random and not fitting
That it fits perfectly.
And I love your for that.
So I thank you. 
For laughing at my jokes, or at my laugh, or at me when I try to be funny. 
Its done out of love and I love you for that.
And for those games, those phone calls, the picnics and silent smiles.
Oct 29

I Am NOT Afraid Of The Dark!

I am NOT scared of the dark.
The soupy inky blackness hardly phases me.
Monsters under the bed?
Creepy spiders in the covers?
Electric tentacles of death swooping inside 
from the inky blackness of night to paralyze 
me with one sheer look from its terrifying face?
What is this? A bedtime story?
Do I look four to you?
You can put me in a room so devoid of light
I can't see the hand in front of my face 
and I swear, I will be content. Happy even.
Because in that void of darkness there is nothing I am scared of –
ghosts, banshees, bears, demons, blood sucking vampires –
give me a break
I'm not scared of shadows, or prehistoric swamp monsters or claw crazy fury beasts.
None of that is real. Besides, monsters are way too big to fit underneath my bed. 
I'm rational that way.
I am one with the colorless, shapeless hues of the night.
Oct 26

Sunshine remix

Nope, I'm not a rapper, I can barely tap my feet,
I can sometimes feel the music, feel the rhythm, or the beat,
However you've inspired me to somehow get this done,
A tiny little project 'bout the lovely beaming sun. 
I do not have much skill at all, but I swear it's filled with passion. 
For once I've left my comfort zone, in beats and music fashion.
It took too many tries to count –
I've laughed along the way. 
This really's not my forte ... but you've inspired me anyway. 
Oct 22

A Good Safe Place

Inspired by a quote from A Thousand Splendid Suns

Oh the places I will take you that always wished to go
Oh the wonders I will give you that you didn’t want to know,
And the gifts of different thoughts I spew, the stories I can share
The colorful illusions I project right from your hair.

Let me take the reins awhile, I’ll let your eyes rest,
From trying to see good in this hellish place of death,
I, the mind, am here for you, to whisk you someplace else,
Your hands are limp, your chair too stiff, it is my turn to help. 

Do not try to shut me  off because my mission is to fly!
Like a rocket or a cadillac your thoughts go zooming by.
And I love when you do nothing to stop those tumbled thoughts I gift, 
For then I will produce a place that's warm and safe to sit.

It might look like hurricane, yourself inside its eye,
Breathing very deeply where your tear ducts finally dry,
Oct 19

This, Is Why I Write

I write because my tongue is too tired to speak.  I write because somethings are easier to say if their shaped in ink. I write because I want to say the things that are hard to say. I write because sometimes you don't listen. I write because I'm not wasting my breath on your ears. I write because of that feeling of giddy blissful happiness or cold suppressed numbness goes away, and I continue to write because it always comes back. I write because I hate to repeat myself. I write because I hate repeating myself.
Oct 13

Woke up tired

Woke up tired at half past four,
fell out of bed and right through the door,
went to the kitchen for food or a drink,
ate some spaghetti and talked to the sink.
Flew back upstairs to get dressed for a place
brushed with the hand soap,
used deodorant mace,
combed out my hair with toothpaste and fork,
felt a song coming on and so sang to the cork.
Busted some moves to the pots and the pan.
My neighbors all worried when I sang with the cans.
By then it was nine — my gosh I was late.
I'm supposed to be at lamp school at eight!
I used a banana to call for a lift
(ate the banana when I found out the tip).
Then rocketed through my living room door,
crashed through the wall and the hall and the floor,
tumbled downstairs and grabbed my coat,
yawned at the news and snoozed the remote,
grabbed a bagel that sang in French,
snatched a light saber and a wrench,
Oct 11

Another ray of Sunshine

You think that was the ending
To my sunny disposition? 
I'm a freaking beaming smile.
Any doubt will need revision. 
I'm the wisdom that your lacking. 
I'm the voltage charged up high.
I swear I'm in the lead,
Eat my dust as I say by
Cause I'll forge along ahead you
I'll cheer once I have won,
I'm the sweat that's in your eyeballs
And the lovely beams of sun.
Watch me I'm a shooting star
A destructive force of gold
I'm the active radiation
And the voice to lead you home.
I will hug you if you worry
And set fire to the moon
Cause the silver isn't working
In this beaming afternoon.
I'm a bullet, a geyser,
My strength you can't contain
Your knees knocking together
Happens when I call your name,
Like a black hole I will eat you
Like a lily I am calm,
I'm an indistructive crystal
And a pistal and a bomb. 
I'm the quickening of heartbeats