Jan 15

If I Bubble in the Answer

*studying for standardized tests*

If I bubble in the answer
I will not do it again,
I used up all my pencil lead
I guess that is the end.
If you grace me with another one
I will whine and then agree
but this time I'll  be smarter
And always just choose C.

When you say that isn't good enough
and make me try again.
I'll throw my hands up in the air
bawlk just like a hen.
But then I get a great idea
I bubble it like so,
To save some time and energy 
I'll just write 'I don't know.'

Jan 15

Unbeknownst Time Traveler

~time flies-fast~

I have a very important theory.
I, am I time traveler.
I guess I always was.
The way I could read a book for five minuets
and it becoming well past midnight.
Or how I pick up the pen to write down a few lines
And an hour later its morning.
Its weird how I can skip through time
when doing somthing I love.
How I can look down at a few words 
With the sun streaming on my face
And moments later have two pages of writting
And the stars winking at me.
I would say I'm bothered by this, but the fast change of setting is intruiging.
Going from sunrise to sunset in ten minuets is beautiful.
Seeing snow and then grass in a half hour is inspiring.
eating breakfast and then dinner in 20 minuets is almost uncanny.
So what if I'm tired, hungry and stiff at the end of the skip.
Its the price you pay for reading a 500 page book in an hour.
At times- I doubt my theory,
Jan 14

For Pan

*Play the audio as you read*

Oh Greek god of wild things
plants and beasts and birds with wings
He who loves the dirt and leaves
He who does protect the trees,
Your smile is a gental breeze
Your fierceness is with sand and weeds
 How do you feel we've treated you?
 your territory nature true.
  We've demolished many parts of it,
 hurt the animals, made them sick
 stupidly messed up the eco systems
  but with one word we'll help you fix them.
 I know your frustration; we are too,
 Nature is our priority too,
But please keep singing you song so clear,
To remind us why we need you here.
Audio download:
For Pan.m4a
Jan 13

To Take the Shot

To think you didn’t take the shot
And held your breath instead 
to doubt the choice that you just made,
then doubt that choice again. 
And to believe it couldn’t be 
and every pass deny
and push away the basketball 
for someone else to try. 
To not face up to challenges 
that tower over you 
and believe you know the outcome 
when In fact that isn’t true. 
To stand there with a shot in mind
and then be scared to shoot 
to pass the ball the other way
And let them take the loot. 
To doubt and shy away from this
and think your skill is luck 
will always leave you wondering 
what if I took the shot? 

Jan 12

Why Must I read Through Slitted Eyes

Why must I read through slitted eyes
of all the news that does defy
the hope I have for humanity 
I squint so I don't see it be.
Why must I always brace myself
for all the yelling, calls for help
distress, mistrust, misleading lines
all of humanity this does defy.
Why must my hands be clasped in fists
why for the news I have to sit
because I'll fall and maybe sigh
why can't mankind try harder, why?
Why can't I read with open eyes
smiling face and heartened sighs
of relief of fires, floods, and bombs
diplomates, kitty cats, wonderful proms.
Why must I read through slitted eyes
all the news that does defy
the hope I have for humanity
we're better than this mankind...Aren't we?

Jan 09

The Funny Dish Washing Incident

"Hey sis? Are to ladies allowed to kiss each other?" asks my five year old sister Maive as I washed dishes in the sink. The water was loud, but I think I got the question.
"What?" I said and sprayed a dish. "No." I said. "its not ok, thats not allowed"
Maive blinked very confused as I banged pots and pans around. "They'er not?"
"nope. Thats not ok" I said, suprised she was confused.
"What about men?" 
"No. it goes for both." I said smiling at her sillyness and scrubbed loudly away at a pot. 
"Not even at a wedding??" she questioned with round eyes.
"what? oh, no especially not at a wedding Maive, why would you do that at a wedding? Thats not acceptable " I said. I start a new pot.
"So then why do you?" she asked. she looked confusingly between me and the person washing pots in the sink with me.
I was perplexed. "I don't maive." I said, spraying the pot. 
Jan 08

I Am Prepared

I line up my pencils
And sharpen them well,
I will be prepared if you can’t tell.
Cause today in math class I will understand!
And not just give up and draw on my hand.
I’ll ask all my questions-
And I will engage-
And will write notes on every page!
I’ll make sure I get it,
And can do it well,
This way I won’t copy the homework (don’t tell!)
So I am prepared
And nothing I shall miss, cause-
“-That’s great and all, really
But this class is English....”
Jan 04

Trouble in Treble is Fine

trouble in treble is fine.
treble in trouble is not.
treble in rebel is fine.
While rebel in trouble is not.
what ever the hubble
with rebel and treble,
we'll fix all the trouble they've got.

the hubble wih rebel is mad.
the trouble with treble is not.
the pebble from rebel is bad.
it seems the whole thing is upsot.
whatever the trouble
we'll get there in double,
I hope all of that you know got.

Jan 02
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen

Just Me

Jan 02


Cutting the air in tones of wonder
Defying duels with bonds of chords
Escaping closed rooms, and solid walls
Flying through time and frozen in it
Gifting ears with familiar comforts
Abducting hips, feet hands and voices to respond to its heartbeat
Beating steadily onwards.
My second language.
The most beautiul language.
A simple language.
A universal Language.