Jun 23

Four AM

Sitting on my bed at night
Wishing for a star.
Come wave hello for my delight,
Night owls we are.
Come take my hand and lead me through the universe at large.
Bless me with your tinkling laugh
Among the planet shards.
Sitting in my bed at night,
Eyes are wide awake,
Looking at the moon so clear,
Its presence I can't shake. 
A comet shows me wrinkles of the time I spend asleep.
Making sense of dreams I’ve dreamt, 
It answers in a peep.
Looking out my window shade,
The silence greets my soul.
Suspended plasma takes a breath,
It takes a pleasant toll. 
How many shadows do appear on any given night?
How many sneezes from a star dispell and bring in light?
Lying on my bed at night, 
Eyes are getting dimmer,
Thinking of humanity – Are we just a filler?
The middle pages to the end of something extraordinary?
But what we do matters ... it's not imaginary. 
Jun 10
poem 0 comments challenge: 100

Grandparent story time- A 2020 version

Imagine- many years from now
with the iphone 66 and all,
how your grand-kids will look up at you
and ask about this all.
"Ah yes, it was brutal," you would say
as they gather round your knee.
"2020 was a time of great uncertainty"
They'd give a nod and scoot in close,
you'd chuckle just a little.
"would you like me to recall a bit?"
they'd nod and finally sit still. 
then you could say how buildings closed
school was out for months
how at first it was just temporary
then grew longer with a hunch 

"times were tough" you would proclaim
'the run for toilet paper!
hand sanitizer was fought over
our nerves as thin as paper.
google meetings, zooming too, 
the free time made us crazy
social distancing was tough
and we kinda got real lazy
The kids look up with rounded eyes
Jun 02


One black square on one webpage 
Another pops up too,
A third is seen if you scroll down
Soon there's twenty-two. 
One blank square,
No writting on it
Inky darkness freeze,
And yet the power in the blackout... 
Knowing what it means. 
Ten more squares if you keep scrolling
Twenty soon to be.
Just one square with nothing on it
Soon there's 1,003.
The numbers rise
The silent cries
The firm representation,
The power shows,
Of ending woes
And standing all together. 
200,000 times five more,
400 growings to millions
Each square demanding justice, change.
Those squares have turned to billions.
May 29

Think Fast

I can not think as fast as you
I'm not a genius either,
I work hard to understand
and you go ten times farther.
I do the problems at my pace
and you go times faster
And I'm not doing easy stuff! 
But in calc, you are the master. 
I can not comprehend these numbers
in seconds 22-
And yet you understand these things
while you tie your shoe.
Maybe I should not compare,
we all have different features
I really shouldn't be discouraged...
except that-  I'm your teacher
May 28

Through the Mesh

My back porch has become my friend
better than the rest.
It lets me sit in silence for a while, facing west. 
here I see the sunset
and the weeping willow cry,
Here I am alone, myself. Where I can laugh or cry.
The sunset is a beauty
and the colors rich and gold,
there I think of stories, rants and lyrics. New and old.
On the porch I catch the light
I sit in darkenss too, 
I wave to stars so high above and breathe the morning dew.
Here I see more of the world
More secretes fit together
Protected, finding shards of hope and enjoying all the weather. 
This porch became my comfy chair
its walls are like a hug
wishes seeping through the mesh and keeps away the bugs. 
On this porch with willow tears
I find myself and rest
I say hello to who I am, all while facing west. 
May 18


I think I’ve hit a wall.
Maybe it’s a nice brick wall.
Because I am so tired of looking at everyone through a screen.
I think my hands have forgotten how rough a surface can be-
I only ever touch a smooth surfaces now.
Maybe it’s a high metal wall.
With my thoughts reflected back at me.
My fears bouncing off and back at my face.
Weeeeee, they cry.
I can’t seem to stop over thinking.
Perhaps it’s a cold iron wall.
Metal bars tightly fit together,
So I can barely fit my arm through.
I’m in some sort of prison at this point.
This house is becoming an ongoing punishment.
I want us all to break free of it.
I need us al to break free of it.
And maybe it’s a thick dark wooden wall.
Blessed with splinters. Too thick to burn.
I no longer have the patience to watch it burn.
To protect myself in gloves and mask against its smoke and splinters.
Maybe it’s a sifting sandy wall.
May 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Covfefe

Covfefe Fefever

You know… 
That virus thing.
I can’t explain it- but its already big.
To make sure Covfefe does not spread,
There are some things you should do instead:

Wash your hands all the time with soapfefe- its great!
And stock up on toiletfefe paper… too late.
Use handfefe santitizer,
Wear a maskfefe too
I promise it’ll keep germfefes off you!
Please stay in touch with your family and friends,
Just be mindful of the sofefe distanceing.
Zoomfefe works and phonefefes are nice
And start up some hobbies- like painting on rice.
 Lyfefesol is a great disinfector,
Use baby wipes too it will help curve the vector.
These products exist! We have covfefe data-
please comply!
We are in this together. Oh- don’t give highfefefives
Are you skeptical of what was just said?
I assure you this was fact checked by the Covfefe press
May 16

Is that the Horizon?

I see the end in sight
Its dim but it is there-
A hazy mess of light
A question mark is there.
Please let the fog be lifted
From this banned that’s placed so long
Please have the questioned answered
that were echoed for so long.
Its blurry on the horizon
Where the future seems to lie,
To a world that held its breath-
Waiting. Please stand by.
And everything is hoping
That the smoke is lifted soon
And what we find on the horizon
Is not devastating doom.
May 10

Snippets of life 2020

Quit procrastinating, there's still work to be done
Unleash the power of baking upon the world. When will the muffins be ready?
About time I was let in from the Zoom waiting room
Read and write and sleep. Now's the best time to focus on projects
Eeek! we ran out of toilet paper
No. Don't eat the Lysol. Now go spray the groceries
Tell your friends and family you love them. Every day. Call, text, talk, repeat.
I miss the sea, the sand the soil, the paths and trees. Nature calls me now more than ever
No point in wearing shoes and looking presentable. Or putting pants on...
Except that it's still snowing out. 
May 06

Colors of a Candel- A Pantoum

Stiching blue and purple light
In between a candle
Neddle hot with wax and fire
And colors burning gold.

Inbetween a candle
Are the secretes of the sky
And colors burning gold
are the whispers of the night

Are the secrets of the sky
Told to us through the stars?
Are the whispers of the night
Spoken colors from afar?
Told to us through the stars
A whisper with a smile
Spoken colors from afar
Share joy and dispell sorrow

A whisper with a smile
makes us stitch the colors so,
Share joy and dispell sorrow
Of colors burning gold.