Aug 20


The waters laughing gainst the shore
Come play with me it chuckles,
 The sand is soaring in the sea
 Come twirl with me it mumbles.
The seaweed dances merrily
 I'll tickle you it giggles.
 A little crab walks side to side
I sea a shell it wiggles.
The wind is singing in my ear
The waters so refreshing...
So finally I run to it,
and get a joyful drenching. 

Aug 19

The unexpected friend

One day a kid sat next to me and started eating lunch 
He did not say hello to me, he sat and ate his lunch
So then I introduced myself, and he just ate his lunch
I tried to talk to him a little, but he was rude and ate his lunch.

The next day I didn't want to see that kid who ate his lunch.
However he sat next to me and ate there for a month. 
I talked to him each day, you know, told stories as he munched
And he never said anything, he sat and ate his lunch.

One day I didn't see the kid who sat and ate his lunch
I should have been relieved for that, but I missed him and his munch.
The seat on my left side was bare, there was no slurp or crunch.
This got me very mad because I missed him very much.

The next day the kid sat next to me and began to eat his lunch.
I asked him why he sits with me as he sat and ate his lunch.
He looked me in the face and smiled, he gave a playful punch. 
Aug 17

The Hairy Spider Incident

She looks at me, her eyes are storms
raging wind and seas.
          he looks at me, his eyes are scared
          he's shaking at the knees.
She holds the broken lamp in hand,
and jestures round the room.
she points at the broken window and,
I think that I am domed.
          His chin aquiver he looks sad,
          his posture sloutched and sagging bad
          his big brown eyes are hurt and had
          a tear slide down a cheek
Her hands are on her hips just then
what did you do it read.
She waved the lamp at the window pane
what happen she quesitoned. 
          There was a spider big and fat
           he said with hands held high,
           it climbed upon the window pane and tried to eat a fly.
           I thought I'd better kill it, as he made his hand a fist,
           then he pointed at the lamp to show he hit the bug with it.
She raised her eyebrows very high,
Aug 15

4 Writing Prompts

Write a promt 2019-2020

1)  Write a story or poem starting with the phrase "I think its really funny how..." 

2) A new baby just came into the world. What words of wisdome can you tell this new bundle of joy to prepare them for the big wide world they are about to be apart of? 

3) Discribe music to someone who has never heard it before.

4) write a love letter. But, don't make it cliche. Think outside the box as to why you like and respect this person, as well as what quirks in their          personality make them so cute to you. 
Aug 15

The encouraging, skeptical Violin Teacher

Aug 12

A Sense of Thunder

Gupitty gup went the rain in the drain.
Doinkety doinkity dunk.
Plunkity plunk went the gutters again
It spluttered and muttered and plunked.
Then came the light which I saw in the sky
Zapping and splatting and crinkling high.
It zigzagged and flashed and crinkled so fast
It snaked up with vigor, it sounded at last.
Grumble kaBOOOM went the thunder too soon
Drumming and drumming kaBAM.
Grumble then mumble and tumble it went,
Then it started all over again.