Feb 26

Zoom Prez

Can everything just...work out...nicely... for my presentation
For once.
No WiFi issues,
No glitchy screen,
Can I find my power cord before my computer dies,
I don't want to hear 'your muted'
or worse,
Your UNmuted
because heaven knows what I've been saying.
What Disney lyrics come out of my mouth
What Alisha Keys note I fail to hit.
How embarrassing.
No awkward zoom silences
Where your eyes are shifting between boxes
Wondering if now means a glitchy blink
or a hand movement that may or may not have been
from two minuets ago- depending on the WiFi. 
No weird backgrounds, 
funny hats,
eyebrow filters.
High pitched mic sounds from devices.
No embarrassing share screens,
Or long expeditions for the blue hand icon
None of it.
I just need you to work with me ok?
You can do it.
Feb 20

But Why?!

Y'all were cutting it close.
(I can say that know because everyone's turned it in).
But really? really?!
You submit the day of the deadline.
You make me wait, open, in your tab
My shiny classroom folder cover, wire holder
or my pixilated box just sits there.
Sometimes for over two weeks
Because you decided to submit one hour
One MINUET before its due!
Do you know the anxiety that puts me through?!
The pain of wanting all y'all to do well.
Get good grades,
Be good students,
But how can I cheer you on,
What happened to yesterday at 2pm?
Or the weekend before at 7pm?
Or the day before at 4am?
or any time before 11:55pm because IM SLEEPING!
And ma'am.

Feb 19

Ray of Sunshine x3

I’m a cosmic explosion
Red carpet at my feet
I glide along a crystal lake 
Listen as a speak,
Because my knowledge is impeccable
My spirit is electric,
My confidence is soaring high
Some say that its eclectic.
I rise like a tide and would rather die
By defying your perspective
Like a meteorite 
Watch me smite, with white hot electric gamma rays
Any doubts that you may have about my freakin beaming ways.

My eyes will turn you into stone
My lips a kiss of life.
My beauty is a flower while my hands are cold as ice.
I can free fall in the stratosphere
-kidding I will float-
I got star dust in my pockets and a constellation coat. 
My heart is beating
                                     god damn
While my essence is quintessence
I know exactly who I am. 
Feb 19
poem challenge: Year 2

My midnight rant

I know that I’m lucky,
I know that I’m blessed
For the billions of things that I have, and yet,
I’m going to do it –
I’m sorry I must –
Life is annoying, I’m making a fuss.
In these strange times
There is nowhere to go.
I was completely ecstatic to go food shopping –
At the store there were people
All wearing a mask,
But a bunch only wore it on their lower half.
And their kids? Didn’t wear the damn thing at all.
Safety's important, but youth outrules all.
We got home, it was later
And darker, no doubt,
Which diverts a quick rant on the sun's whereabouts
Because daylight still dwindles
By 5:30 Kay?
And I sleep in so late I see four hours a day.
Yea my fault, I’m aware, but it’s part of this rant
As the fact that right now there’s no ‘cans,’ ample ‘can'ts’
And sure there’s a global pandemic, I know,

Feb 17


I’d like to be a butterfly
And drunkenly flap around
Intoxicated on nectar and pollen.

Flitting from one flower to another
Resting to show off my wings.
Dancing atop a flower petal.

Do you like them?
My wings I mean.
How amazing that only a few months ago
I was a cylindrical fuzz
Inching around the same tree branch
Now feast your eyes on these sexy Elegant beauties!
Lighter than a feather
And my ticket to freedom!
Not opaque enough to let the sun shine through
But much too thin
To do anything but catch wind

I can’t always fly out my window
Because my imaginary wings only brush so many roof tops
But oh,
How freeing it would be to fly,
No, levitate
Above all the chimneys and skyscrapers
While I lick off the nectar from my fingertips
And drunkenly catch the wind in between my beating silken wings
High off tomorrow’s sunrise.
Feb 13
poem challenge: Great Poets

Vibranium Queen

Inspired by Maya Angelou's Poem 'Still I Rise'

I've been stomped on
Trod on, beat down, turned 'round
And my hands can barely take more cracks
As my blue veins have turned orange
But no matter.

I'll rise.

I've been bugged out,
called out, laughed at, spat at
And my tears no longer produce salt
As I've cried them all dry
And the heat readiating from my trying heart
Has evaporated it all
But no matter.

I'll rise.

I once bent so low
my head reached the ground
on the opposite end of earth.

I know stretch so high and mighty
That my fingertips brush the stars
and perminetly turn my ring finger gold.

And the rythem of my ancestors
The Djembe, the Bata, the Dundun speak to me clearly now
My feet throb with each proud hit of the drum.
Making my orange blood pure silver.
My hands glow like moonlight.
Feb 12

Our Promise

I love you too much to argue with you
I like you too much to be mad
I accept you too much to quarrel with you,
I'm here in the good and the bad.
Each piece of my heart is a gift for your soul
Each smile a gratitude sign.
My cooking a small way to show my affection
All you crazy pieces are mine.
I'll hug you as long as you need an embrace
I'll give you a kiss all the time
I'll be there to shelter and bare all the weather
Together we'll navigate life.
I'll laugh with you
Cry with you
Play dress up and whine with you
Feel with you
Cheer with you
Always be here with you
Take you on joy rides
pick you up, set you down
Do a tiktok, a video-
and I'll always be proud.
I love you too much to argue with you
I'll like you in right and in wrong
My love knows no boundaries,
Our laughter the air I breathe,
I know in the stars you belong.
Feb 11

The Cosmic Machine

crystal wires cant be cut
by pliers, only crystal dust
concocted from the moon itself
transported by cosmic shelves.
Diamons fences can't be broke
by lazers, only emreld bows
And pulled by magma strings and silk
Then picket lines will more than tilt.
Dew drop candies, foggy nights
bowls of wind that blow with might
sweet tea breeze and seashell tears
oaken waves on seeded fields. 
cosmic rock can't be split
by freezing straw, but ax may hit
if made of jade or silver lined
with single strand of golden light.
Feb 04

Snow Man

abominable snowman bombastically claims
that the edible edibles are elastic again
and tho try as we might he brashly blazoned
that the edible edibles are bombastic lagoons.
your bonkers we bosted and ate the sweet treat
but abominable snowman was brittle and beat,
the brackish lagoons have bacterial bunch
he bodaciously refused to eat his great lunch

Feb 01