Jan 22

Why Does A Willow? Short Story

Why does a willow bend upside down
Its branches floating by the ground
Instead of reaching for the sky?
Who made it droop so low?
Twas I.

It happened rather randomly it’s branches towards the sky 
(For if you didn't know this- willows branched once grew high)
Bursting upwards like an oak, as sturdy as a Pine,
And under it, when I was small I'd play their all the time.
This tree and I grew very close, though I too small to climb,
I spent all days and nights by it,
Until, one day, it cried.
It’s sorrow filled the air itself and brought on golden tears 
Airy songs like chirping doves did leave me wrought with fear.

I didn't want the tree to cry, 
As its tears turned mud from soil.
And so I tried some remedies- 
'Twas treated as a royal.
But nothing worked 
To no avail whatever could be wrong? 
It’s branches, long and straight before now bent with every song. 
Jan 18
poem challenge: Photo-Slanting


I love the light this time of day
The way the raindrops dance and play
The gentle shadows on your face
The way the darkness leaves in haste

I love the light this time of day
The flowers' colors on display
And birds like rockets soar so high
And yet I see them in the sky

I love the light this time of day
The pure eclectic gamma rays
Saturn, Mars in strongest bond
A sweet guitar now plays along

I love the light for it is there
Thank you sun for being near
Unto my arms, my face, each day
The gentle rays kiss fear away
Jan 13

Normal People Prison!

Normal people prison!
I'm glad your finally here!
Someone thought I stole a watch
And lookie I'm still here! 
Normal people prison!
The jump suites- all the wire.
Eatin' lunch like high schoolers
Calling people liars.
Normal people prison!
His cell mate changed again,
In and out in two weeks-
I've been here over ten.
Normal people prison!
The hours drag along-
Staring out the window
making up a song.
Normal people prison!
What are you here for? Oh same!
Stealing cards, a bit of theft,
A little coke in vein.
Battery, a tiny fraud,
Protests, calls for peace!
4 weeks spent in gray cement
for wanting any feats.
Normal people prison!
welcome behind bars
Feel the metal benches
And the stench of old cigars!
Corruption, scandals, rioters?
Fake news spreaders - where could they be?
Well, this is normal people prison,
Jan 04

A year in the life

In march I learned I value a schedule.
A really full schedule, with a plate piled high with things to do.
Because not having a schedule means free time
And free time means thinking and procrastinating.
And I could not think- for then I would procrastinate
And I could not procrastinate because then 
Absolutely nothing of value would get done.
Only worthless, time consuming hobbies.

In the summer I learned worthless hobbies are valuable.
In fact I discovered my march hobbies became my september drive.
The only thing that got me through september of 2020 
Was those hobbies.
Writing, reading, music, sleeping (yes, I consider that a hobby).
And I loved every minuet of it.
It made this year less hard
Because something good came out of it.
My own confidence.
And my own voice.

In the last month I learned I’m a social butterfly.
Jan 04

The Side Affects of Reading

Please read all side affects before sticking your nose in books.

A sense of curiosity,
A strong beguiled urge
To ride in hat and cape and wand on broomsticks, will emerge.
You'll start to see head canons
fandoms love to speak.
Most get many large ideas from reading before sleep.
All the thoughts from pages in,
The love, the lust the sorrow,
The reader feels this deeply
And tears will often follow!
Mind the time warp that occurs
Dimensions start to bend
You'll go to other universes 
By one chapters end.
The words you will acquire
and the frustration that you'll feel
Will come in time and time again,
And this will never heel.
You'll start to see more beauty in the world and on the page,
Images will float before you, not just ink and names.
Cities, canyons, thoughts and wonders
All are in your grasp.
You'll often sit for hours and soak in all it has.
Jan 03

7 O'clock

Sorry I'm not ready,
I should be- but I'm not.
the fact that schools tomorrow?
Can it honestly just... not.
I woke up after twelve today,
I read well into dawn.
The stories blossom in the night
(Even when I yawn).
To wake up hours earlier
(hey, I like my sleep)
And sit there muted for the day 
without a single peep? Nope.
And alllll the classes
Alllll the homework
Gosh and alllll the tests?
I knew I had a week of it,
but I could use some rest!
Just thinking of the next few weeks
has given me a headache,
I know we just had break and all
but to wake at half paste eight
And sit and learn
Recite, return
the papers and the projects,
All before mid-day at best?
(I do not like this logic!)
yes I want to zoom some friends
Learn things from now and then,
But possibly- can all this happen -
After 1pm?
Dec 31

One Orbital Cycle

This year,
Last year,
Next year.
Is a human construct. 
Which in the long run means nothing
The only difference between today
And tomorrow
Is the numbers with which we document time. 
But what if.
No wait, here me out.
As our minds spin and we orbit each other
The planets spin and orbit each other.
Our solar system spins and they orbit each other,
Turning on an axis
Teatering on a thought
Tripping on the moondust. 
And so a year is only an orbital cycle
A smudge mark on a white circle
A neon sign on the highway,
A black cap and gold scroll on a stage.
But what if.

Wha if it actualy means an end and a begining?
I prefer it this way.
Though its only an orbital cycle.
This orbital construct we've created,
The longitutde and latitude
The random sharpie mark in the universe 
I don't know how it got there-
Dec 24
poem challenge: Repeated

Race to Christmas

Fly out of bed
Hit your head on the fan
Watch as it swings 
Dress as fast as you can
Storm to your sister's room
Don't knock, lightly tread
Then bust through the hinges
And leap on her bed.
Shake up the bed
And scream there's a spider
(She'll wake and be mad – but efficient is nicer)
Then skipping with energy, your sister will strut
Go to your brother's room
and jump on his gut.
With an 'oomph!' and a 'hey!' he'll be up and okay
which is great cause it's eight,
it's time for the day!
Once he's awake then dive on your parent.
Yell really loud
Because who needs a larynx?
And this time the dog and the cat are excited
And maybe the neighbors cause their windows are lighted.
Your parent, or two, or grandparents, whoever
Will leap with a start like you twisted a lever,
Now – with sister and brother, parent or pops
With dog or a cat while your neighbors eavesdrop
Dec 15


Not again.

Three cases in my tiny school.
From where, from who? Who knows?
And yet it's clear that for this year
That's the last I'll see those folks.

Did I look them in the eye
As I asked about their day?
Did I expand my circle, be inclusive all the way?
Was there anything I should have done
That somehow failed my conscience?
Those precious moments,
flesh and blood,
I never want to botch it. 
They're far too precious,
Far too few.
How dare I let it slip?
And from my cracking voice I say,
"Really? That is it?"

The sadness creeps along my back.
It's tasted in my throat.
The gulp of harsh reality 
Makes a face to gloat.

Look now your cocky pride befalls,
Your granted treasure shattered,
Your smile bent unto a line
As you hope you did what mattered.
Dec 06
visual/photos/art challenge: Blue

Orbital Blue