Sep 03

I've been Meaning to Tell you

Dear DD

In the seventh grade you made me a drawing of a violin for your Secrete Santa gift.
It was a wooden framed canvas and you used pastels to create the image.
I still have it.
Its the most thoughtful gift you ever gave me.
Its one of the only gifts you ever gave me. 
I hung it on the wall in my room and its been there ever since,
the light green background slightly clashing with my purple walls,
Next to a poster of outer space. 
You see it as soon as you walk into my room. 
A silhouette of my voice suspended on my wall.
You seemed to know the violin was apart of me before I did, all those years ago.
You might have hated having to draw it
Or maybe your mom forced you to.
Perhaps you forgot about it all together. 
Or  drew it the night before, and hastily wrapped it that same morning.
I don't care.
I love that picture.
I haven't found a better picture of a violin since.
Aug 22
poem challenge: Up

The Esoteric Sky

Past the ant on the branch near by
Over the oak leaf twisting high
and right above the blue birds nest
is the clear blue esoteric sky. 
What substance is this made of?
This glass reflecting down?
Is is soft to touch and flagrant
Or granite hard and sound.
And above this mystic fortress,
that is tickled by the clouds
What lies beyond this plasma
So far above the ground.
Is a giant staring down at us
Its mouth a gaping arch
its eyes the sun and moon
with a constellation heart.
Or perhaps a simple particle
In blackness time and space,
A neutron or electron
A sparking interface.
Past the tiny caterpillar,
The hawk in gifted flight
An astronomical particle 
From the esoteric sky. 
Aug 20

Six Shortest Months

Woah Woah Woah.
No way.
Are you sure.
Sure your sure. 
How can it be August when last month, I swear, was March? 
I blinked all of two seconds, now school is in a month.
(...Less? How!?)
June was seven days I promise.
May was maybe four
Did April even happen?...Seven hours, maybe more.
And March dragged on forever,
while July we had the fourth 
Septemeber's in eleven days. 
Should we go to court,because these last four months..
(...SIX!? Really?)
Have been a jumbled bunch for sure. 
A spider silk of tangled hair
Where did half the year just go??
(WAIT. Its been half a year. Really?)
Blink and March just happned (wow)
Jump and then its August,
Sneeze and there are fireworks,
April was the longest
June once waved hello (G'bye!)
May- where did it go?
Aug 20

Your face owes me retribution

I'd like to take your face between my fingers
And squish your cheeks until you turn bright red,
And smudge your gilded figure with such blackness
As I believe, you sir, should now be dead.
             ~                 ~
I'd like to take your precious hands in mine,
The hands I've looked at countless times before,
And break your shapely arms to tiny pieces
As you have done my heart for evermore.
           ~                  ~
I'd like to snatch your nose and not return it,
So soon your arms will fall from where they sat,
And hope you'll beg for me to then return it,
Though all you stole from me will not come back.
           ~                ~
I'd inspire you to fly and taste the skylight,
Your segments twelve afloat in flight so high —
Before you crash on jaded rocks and splinter
A traitor you might call me — yet you lie. 
            ~               ~
Jul 30

Coffee Covered Glasses

I looked like a puppy as I waited for my friend to arrive. Standing by the window, too alert for a Friday morning, trying to listen and watch and check my phone all at the same time. Its been 4 months and 12 days since I last looked into her face. Her actual face, not the computer screen. I was slightly nervous. What if things have changed since we last saw it other? What if her interests have changed, her taste in food shifted, her personality morphed like a butterfly. While I was still stuck as a caterpillar.
A blue car finally appeared and parked outside. I might have stubbed my toe as I ran to the door to greet her, then ran inside to hide and surprise her, then run to the door again. I was a mess, I’ll admit it, but in the best way possible.
Jul 29

Spoken Word- Challenge

Spoken word poetry is when the author verbally presents their piece. Different emotions, effective pauses and changes in tone can all help bring the poem to life and make it leap around. Take an exsisting poem, or create a new one, and record yourself speaking it. Think about how it is being spoken, what to emphasize, where to pause and what passion you can show through your voice. 
Jul 27


16 tracks and two hours later, a tiny song from my heart was born. An original composition recorded by me. 

Sometimes I feel eaten by death,
drowning in the water depressed.
Crashing through the silence,
And the walls can't keep them quiet.

I'm drowning on the river of death.

But I know somehow I will be ok,
And I know deep down I can find my way,
And I hope to God
I beg and plead
and I pray-
I'll be stronger than the water.
Audio download:
Jul 25

To Dad With Love

Forever and always and evermore 
You’ll probably step on the toys on the floor.
In years to come and in years past
We’ll always skate around you fast
We’ll roller blade around the track
While you wave a mile back.
On pretty nights and sunset gold
We’ll watch for frogs and catch a toad
We’ll see the beach and wave a hand
Before we wipeout on the sand.
~            ~
And on those nights of thunderstorms
We’ll crack the windows, open doors
And watch the lighting strike the sky!
(And watch mom find a place to hid)
On summer days we’ll swim some laps
As you get in the pool we laugh
You do a tiny doggy swim
We do some yoga on a wim.
On winter days you’re in the snow
Flexing off your snowblower
And soon we join you- well we play,
We come in wet to moms dismay.
On lazy days we’ll watch you cook
Jul 23


Jul 23

Weaving- Challenge

You are weaving a beautiful fabric that you will be able to wear. Your loom can weave with any substances you want. Anything. The sneeze of an ant, the roar of a river, the fog of london. What would you include in your fabric and why? What strength or symbolism, if any, would these materials hold for you?