Jul 23


Jul 23

Weaving- Challenge

You are weaving a beautiful fabric that you will be able to wear. Your loom can weave with any substances you want. Anything. The sneeze of an ant, the roar of a river, the fog of london. What would you include in your fabric and why? What strength or symbolism, if any, would these materials hold for you? 
Jul 23

Gibbering- Challenge

English relies heavily on phonetics and sounds. A few centuries ago people didn't have dictionaries and made up spelling according to the sounds they heard- that is to say very creativly. Somehow our brains are able to figure out what it means (to some extent). Write a poem, verse, prose, riddle or anything you like and make the spelling a little wacky or a tad silly- without losing its meening. 
Jul 16

Flower, tomato and dirt- Oh My

Jul 14


Yes, I have work that must get done
So that I don't  see the rising sun
When I am still stuck in the day before
... But I'd like to lie here and rest on the floor.

Yes, I'm aware there is much to do
With essays to write and cleaning my room
But I captured the breath of yesterday
... And random music I'd like to play.

Oh yes, I know I'm behind in my ways
With my future approaching and interviews made
But yesterday's stars are still in the sky
... And I'd like to lie here and see it.
Jul 04

Bold to Assume I like Fireworks

The fireworks are epic,
and the lights are bright at night
The pops are all around us
The colors such a sight.
As they rise above the buildings
and expand in dots of gold
yes the fireworks are awesome
and the sparkles just as bold!

But these fireworks are loud
And the sparkles blinding light.
the banging shakes the window
the colors blinding white.
As they rise above the buildings
and the smoke is thick as sod
the fireworks keep going
and its 1 AM good god! 

Jul 04
poem challenge: Independence Day


I do not know what this all means –
Independence Day right now –
when redefining freedom 
was different then than now,
how mindsets have since shifted
but some brains have stayed behind,
reshaping laws, procedures,
all to better human kind.
This day in which we broke away
from powers that we hated
repeats itself, a larger echo,
it's now reciprocated.
Among thy neighbors, friend and foe,
we stand together still,
our Independent land right now ...
there's more work we need to do.
I don't know what to celebrate
this Independence Day right now.
As fireworks extol outside,
what do we shout about? 
The way our country freed itself,
Independent from oppressors?
Or how we must be free again,
as our Independence festers?
Jun 23
poem challenge: Rhyme

Four AM

Sitting on my bed at night
Wishing for a star.
Come wave hello for my delight,
Night owls we are.
Come take my hand and lead me through the universe at large.
Bless me with your tinkling laugh
Among the planet shards.
Sitting in my bed at night,
Eyes are wide awake,
Looking at the moon so clear,
Its presence I can't shake. 
A comet shows me wrinkles of the time I spend asleep.
Making sense of dreams I’ve dreamt, 
It answers in a peep.
Looking out my window shade,
The silence greets my soul.
Suspended plasma takes a breath,
It takes a pleasant toll. 
How many shadows do appear on any given night?
How many sneezes from a star dispell and bring in light?
Lying on my bed at night, 
Eyes are getting dimmer,
Thinking of humanity – Are we just a filler?
The middle pages to the end of something extraordinary?
But what we do matters ... it's not imaginary. 
Jun 02
poem challenge: George Floyd


One black square on one webpage 
Another pops up too,
A third is seen if you scroll down
Soon there's twenty-two. 
One blank square,
No writting on it
Inky darkness freeze,
And yet the power in the blackout... 
Knowing what it means. 
Ten more squares if you keep scrolling
Twenty soon to be.
Just one square with nothing on it
Soon there's 1,003.
The numbers rise
The silent cries
The firm representation,
The power shows,
Of ending woes
And standing all together. 
200,000 times five more,
400 growings to millions
Each square demanding justice, change.
Those squares have turned to billions.
May 29

Think Fast

I can not think as fast as you
I'm not a genius either,
I work hard to understand
and you go ten times farther.
I do the problems at my pace
and you go times faster
And I'm not doing easy stuff! 
But in calc, you are the master. 
I can not comprehend these numbers
in seconds 22-
And yet you understand these things
while you tie your shoe.
Maybe I should not compare,
we all have different features
I really shouldn't be discouraged...
except that-  I'm your teacher