Feb 03
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I’ve heard it, I know you’ve heard it. That overused saying, “the sky is the limit”. It’s so overused that you probably haven’t questioned whether the sky really is “The limit”. To me, the sky is home. Being on the ground all of the time can feel sort of suffocating now and then. Seeing the world from a bird’s eye view offers a whole new power and perspective that most people don’t get to experience in the same way. I don’t think many people understand the joy of flying until they taste it, because that’s when you slowly lift away from everything holding you back here on Earth. You’re climbing air, and there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. Your head is quite literally, in the clouds. Flying has taught me to appreciate our immeasurably limitless universe, and the delicacy of  life. It also reminds me that in the end, the issues facing you now won’t matter.
Dec 06
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I am lucky to live in a place where there are mountains in my own backyard.

Sometimes, I wish that I lived in a more populated part of the country, but it only takes one breathtaking sunrise or a refreshing afternoon hike to remind me that I could never leave the mountains. There are things here that city folks just don’t have. For instance, if I want some peace and quiet (and a view) all I have to do is take a walk.

Being on top of a mountain is a completely individual feeling. It is a sense of accomplishment, astonishment, and serenity that isn’t found in many other places.

My personal favorite time to spend in the mountains is in the first months of winter. Something about the cold air makes every sound about 10 times more clear.

One of the best feelings you can ever experience is waking up before everyone else, catching the sun rising and illuminating the mountains with various shades of pink, purple, and orange.
Oct 24
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I feel alive when I'm snowboarding down the face of an unfamiliar mountain on a perfect winter's day. The snow is fluffy and it’s just cold enough to enjoy hot chocolate in the lodge. As I ride the lift, it begins to snow—just a little bit. I watch from above as skiers and snowboarders fly down the various trails, anticipating every twist and turn. Occasionally, someone takes a tumble. The distant snow-capped mountains seem to  multiply as the lift takes us higher. Before I know it, I'm at the top, deciding which route I should take on my descent. I’m not overly experienced, so I choose the blue square trail. It's clearly not a popular trail, which is a nice change. I go my own speed and enjoy the quiet while I can. I reach the bottom, and wipe the condensation from the inside of my goggles before the next run.