Dec 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Home-ish
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Running, Running and Only Running

Whether it be in the field house or on an outdoor one,

the track will forever be a second home.

The air is filled with excitement, nervous energy and adrenaline. 

It’s where my friends and I catch up after exhilarating races,

hoping the team will come out on top.

I love the feeling of the wind in my hair,

the feeling of relaxation that comes with the steady thud, thud thud of my footsteps.

But most of all,

I love the track because it’s where, above all places,

it’s okay to  think about running, running, and only running.

Dec 15
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Me, Myself and I

Oct 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Perfect
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Looking at the Sky

A perfect day for some,
would be spending it with the one they love,
but for me,
a perfect day is all in the sky.

The sun would rise, 
creating a canvas of pastel pinks and purples,
and as the day went on, 
it would turn a Carolina blue.

The gentle pitter-patter of the rain,
on a warm summer day,
falling all around me
almost completes my idea of the perfect day.

To finish it off, 
the sky turns an almost black,
as stars twinkle as they begin to appear,
I can’t help but wish for another day like this.