Oct 11
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She Dresses Well (perspective poem)

Walk through me
and take the steps I step
You see me as a nobody
but think I’m well kept

I got style, I dress pretty well
I only have a few outfits
I got clothes ‘cuz my parents would yell
and my Daddy would hit
so my Momma had to expel
My Daddy’s child support buys fits
and you couldn’t tell

My real life may appall you 
On the couch my momma will sprawl 
At home it’s just us two
actually, it’s me, her, and the alcohol
her mind is out of view
In this house it’s independence for all
no adult to look up to
Momma don’t got funds, no wherewithal

So step in my shoes,
smell the things I smell
No effort to use the shampoo,
you’ll find my mind is unwell
Peel into my layers, I become see through 
And now that you know, will you let me step with you?