Sep 09

To Know Hellen

the fingers that trace my nose
and feel their way across my face
have seen so much
without seeing
heard so many voices
without ever knowing the sweetness of sound
the nothing intrigues me
as i sit here
happy to see a smile on your face
while i wonder what its like to be in your head
and you wonder what its like to be in mine 
i want to show you the world around us
to point out the stars in the sky
and the fish in the water
to tell you to listen closely 
to the birds overhead
but you don't know the joys of color 
the sounds of laughter to you are unfamiliar 
so i must show you my world with touch
the roughness of a pinecone 
and the soft fibers of my paintbrush
as i guide the bittersweet in your expresion
to the edges of your lips
i open my eyes
to find yours looking back at me
i whisper
even though i know you can not hear me
Sep 09
poem 2 comments challenge: Sunset

sunrays fading

it seems the closer you fall to the ground
the faster the earth pulls you in
with it's arms of salty ocean water
sea spray dances on the wind
breathe in
the sand is holding on to you 
breathe out
the sun is letting go
theres a song erie playing
the whales are calling while your day dreaming 
a few clouds drift across your vision
as the breath of the world fills you
the thrum of your heart beat
as your feet pound the ground 
the last few flngers of light
reaching upwards
before sinking below the horizon 
the wind stiring up the soul inside you
as the seagulls say their good nights

Aug 08

Blue Glass Rose.

our friendship is a blue glass rose
its petals are falling on the floor
and as much as i've tried to keep it together
im clumsy with my words
and the cracks are running deeper
our friendship is a blue glass rose
and half legitimate apologies for things 
that shouldn't be apologized for 
arent the glue we need to put it back together 
our friendship is a blue glass rose
and right now
its failing to grow
i tried to bring it the sun 
of bad jokes and light laughter
i tried to water it with the waterfalls
that pour from my tired eyes
i've tried so hard 
to put our blue glass rose back together
but i feel
i am the only one trying 
because im afraid 
that ill loose our blue glass rose forever
our friendship is a blue glass rose
and your petals have all fallen on the floor
i don't know what to do anymore
our friendship
isn't what it used to be 
Jul 29

Letter to Myself (song lyrics i wrote)

this is a letter to myself
when the dark and the cold and the loney 
threaten to overtake your mind
when the hurt and the pain and the longing 
magange to creep their way inside
i dont want you to give in 
i dont want you to bite your tongue and close you eyes
dont let these feelings inside
cause i love you
i care 
even if im in the past
and your not yet here
i love you
and i see 
in you, all the best parts of me 
this is a letter to myself
no matter where you are
no matter where youve been 
no matter what youve done
i still love you more then them
no matter what youve seen 
no matter what youve heard 
ill still listen to your every single word
casue i love you 
and i care
even if im in the past
and your not yet here
this is a letter to myself. 
Jul 26
poem 0 comments challenge: I am ...


i am the cloud spinner
who breathes a great fog through the mountains
with ever breath 
and out
i am the sky shaker
with every mighty clap of my hands 
the heavens give way 
i am the sun tender
with each day
i light the fire that brings you warmth
with every evening 
i slowly fade it into the colors of the night sky
i am the world around you child
i am love and hate
storm and sun
i am rath of the ocean 
and mercy of the sky 
i am the heat of the desert child
i am the fridgid moutain cold
i am the breath of each and every living thing
my child
i am life. 

Jul 09

Child of the stars

I am a child of the pine trees
and ocean waves off the coast of Maine,
the dust stirred up on dirt roads
and the wooden boards beneath my bare feet.

I am a child of blood and bone 
and fireflies on summer nights,
a child of cloud chasing
and pondering wrongs and rights.

I am a child of the open sky;
my cradle is the moon 
under the thousands of tiny nightlights,
and the words maybe and soon –
no clear definition,
no want or need for more.

I live among the pine wood fae 
and frolic across the cold sea shore,
snails and shells in my bucket,
maple leaves stuck to my clothes,
the wind constantly nipping at the very tip of my smallish, pinkish nose.

I am a child of mountains tall 
and a state known for its green.
I am a child of a snowy spring
and the low hanging branches of weeping willow trees.
I am a child of the wind and the waves,
Jul 07

Words are hard.

words are hard
i try to make them right
the ones that make sense
the ones that sound pretty
and fall off my tounge with a smile
how i feel
doesn't turn into words
its not smooth or clear like the shattered glass 
of the window i taped back together with my imagination
and pretended wasn't scattered across my green carpet 
green like your eyes on a grey cloud day 
how i feel 
is rugged and spiky 
like the cactus on the windowsill
dirt mixed with glass bits
destruction i don't recall
only the cuts on my fist remember 
the feeling that was felt
as they broke through the delicate, and pretty, but in the end pointless
glass words
exposing the ones made of hardened tears
and the jagged part of love
that can only be found
after you think its gone
words are hard
a reflection of the uncertainty and undoubted insanity 
Jun 30

dear sleep, an explanation.

boinging across my conciseness like ping pong balls
only the word "please"
stays in place 
begging  me
you repeat in my ears 
and over
until all i can hear
is the pounding 
rhythmic sound
of your pleading 
how much i want to oblige 
out of exhaustion 
i hear you 
your lashes lay heavy on my cheeks
but i flick my eyes open 
as the last rays of sunshine lose their grip on the tops of the pine trees
and go pulmeting down beneath the earth 
where i can see them no more
i hear you
you whisper inside of me 
and i know
i should do the right thing
and sleep
cant you see
i don't want to
the fear blocks you out dear whispers 
the relentlessly itchy bug bites on my feet keep you at bay
and though give in i know i must