Sep 18

Monotony and a Pencil

Adorned by graphite expectations 
Fingers gripping tightly 
To the chipping yellow nub
To the hopes and dreams
He’s afraid will dry up
Surge through his head
Washing gentle waves upon his brain 
Gentle are not the words he wishes to convey 
Nonetheless he lets the silence envelop him 
Fantasies of freedom 
Gone along with the sunkissed inspiration 
And will to rise from his seat
Choking on the dread that filled his lungs 
It smells of anxiety and highlighter ink
many a homework assignment late or incomplete 
And of the many many people who may have sat 
But in this silence too, sink 
Wishing much like he that they too could be gone 
In just one easily mistakable blink 
He raises his head 
But all he can see is chartreuse and honey yellow 
Sharp circles and soft triangles 
is the cast of all his troubles 
Sep 16

Coloring experiment!

Sep 16

Cracked Ceiling Sky

The cracks in the ceiling
Akin to the fractures
That sprawl spider like
Across your painted plaster mind
Pushed to breaking
Shattering, flaking
Falling apart and spilling
Starry secrets all over the shoe trodden carpet
Where my head rests in wait
Of unspoken expecations 
Adrift in a sea of uncharted memories 

Aug 22

H u m a n

Whether you come from the throws of anxiety
Of day to day stress and high stakes highways
Or the frustration of realization of our own human limitations
Whether your skin is purple blue green yellow or mahogany
Our hands are the same and you can rely on me
To reach out with mine, to open your eyes, while still respecting your boundaries
For each soul who’s felt burdened so heavy with baggage
For each person weighed down with the weight of “being average”
each number they're counting, you’re more than a percentage
No matter if you come with or without privilege money or fame
No matter if you forget until you’ve forgotten your very own name
If you come from a land that’s a whole different place
Whether you put your faith in religion,  yourself, our whole world, or have lost faith
Whether you see yourself as something different
May 07

Where I'm at

Somewhere I lost the words
along the tissue paper flower path
that smells of floor cleaner 
like a hospital 
all hallways and anxiety 
every turn a new reason to want to run away 
from what you might find
Somewhere i went crazy
on this river raft to wherever I'm going 
created by my own eyes 
ever flowing, carrying me forwards on a twinkling path to anywhere
it tastes like rain and smells of chamomile 
dark chocolate skies 
and stars that aren't stars but tiny hanging magnifying glasses 
to remind you 
to look closer 
you may ask what I'm on 
may ask what I've eaten
how much sleep I've had
but what you should ask is if I need a hug
if I might feel as though
the weight of all who cry 
rests upon my shoulders
and pours through my eyelashes every evening 
if maybe I might need to fall into a field of dandelions and laugh for a while
Apr 13

That Boy

I don't know who I am
the little kid in the purple dress
with the long hair
has changed and, slightly faded
he's sad today
he knows
something isn't right in his world
but he can't pin down what
I try to drown my emotions in the sounds that pour forth from my headphones
I attempt to smile
but I feel too grey to appreciate the blue sky
I wish my eyes were green
like the back of a frog
like the sound of humming
Like limes and grass
like the cartoon dinosaur I painted on my wall
in the hopes it would make me smile on bad days
the little kid who used to laugh at anything
he feels numb
he doesn't know how to really laugh anymore
or how to ask for help
fear seems to drive his mental state deeper
and deeper into the false world he's made for himself
inside his mind
where nobody can hurt him
and somebody always holds his hand
I am that boy
Apr 13


Nobody made me love you
Nobody made me care
Nobody led me to believe
that I am who I am
so blame them if you can
Nobody helped me back up to my feet
they helped me get stronger
don't you see?
the lack of being there
as if
they were somebody. . .


Apr 10
poem challenge: Assumptions


My body does not define who I am 
no more than the shoes on my feet
change in my pocket
or house that I live in 
I know its a messy thing
sometimes It seems unreasonable 
doesn't make sense
but the endless stream of pink words 
the relentless waves of knowledge 
that I am and will never fully be myself
I close my eyes
cover my ears
and wrap myself in blue
the pink I used to think made me something people would love
does not fit into my life anymore
and I will don the colors that make me feel 
like me
despite the pink you throw at me
I will revel in the fact
that I am blue inside. 
Apr 10
poem challenge: Revelation

Star shine

The sun twinkled 
through the pine needles that almost kissed the dusky sky
just barely missing the soft hues that were brushed across the atmosphere 
by the gravity that holds us to the ground
and turns us over
morning to night
stars fill my eyes
faded into the vastness of the night sky
fleeting colors folding bending 
shifting to the backdrop of dewy obsidian 
as I lie here 
I imagine being a blush of color in the heavens 
must feel like floating in a blanket 
the faint smell of bubblegum and spring breezes 
concepts of emotion 
just faint hazy memories 
giant floating spheres of gas and rock
hurtling through space 
always moving farther away from each other 
life is simple 
if you let it be
but curiosity and the desire 
to know
to truly know 
will always win out
Mar 25
poem challenge: Blue

Blue days

broken blue 
shattered porcelain scattering across the floor
some relationships are more fragile than the finest glass 
and some are sweet words encapsulated in a reliable see-through bottle
thrown into the unpredictable waves of day to day life
and coming back just as kind
all of them blue
light blue that coats my tongue with the taste of spring 
fluffy clouds and the smell of cotton candy
light blue like fake smiles hiding anxiety and the knowledge 
that the words won't fall from my lips the way I want them to
the way the sky looks at me as if wondering why I can't be happy yet
green blue
seaweed swaying in the cold Maine ocean water
crabs scuttle through my memories 
of the cold water I threw myself into lovingly, only to run out of, laughing from the chill 
it seems every day I grow older
I find myself desiring to go back in time even more
back to navy blue