Nov 11

take me home.

reach out 
take my hand
pull me down 

from the sky
to the sand

we will run 
and play 
and jump 
and splash in the salty water of the sea

take me there
take me home 
to the sun on my face 
and wind in my ear 
take me to a place where freedom is real.

not just a saying 
and meaningless gesture
where hope flourishes in every living thing 
and life is abundant 
every life rejoiced 
and honored for it's imperfect beauty 
of just simply being
being alive. 

take my hand 
pull me up
give me wings
so I can fly 
across the sapphire blue sky 

where the air is clean 
and gone to the breeze 
are the nasty comments 
or filthy names thrown at me. 

take my hand 
take me home
take me to her
the true mother earth 
not this fake 
Nov 11

the importance of a simple question.

that day I'm not sure exactly what was going through my mind
I think I was just lonely.
but we were sitting there
me, mum, and dad.
in the window seat 
when I asked for you.
they tried to satisfy me with a teddy bear
but I was smart enough to know that a teddy bear didn't play with you 
it didn't laugh
or scowl when it was hurt
it just smiled 
it's blank eyes always open
I knew
that a teddy bear 
wasn't going to suffice. 
and I insisted.
so now
as I look over at you 
while your doing your schoolwork 
I realize little brother
just how important that day was. 
and just how much you changed my life. 

Nov 10

the sound of the wind.

noises fade
into the background
as thoughts flow through my fingers
hand moving ever faster 
as phrases form inside my mind 
and wind howls 
in loneliness outside

I love the sound the wind makes
as it rushes past my house 
the trees sway to and fro
leaves blowing in the gust 
I love the sound the wind makes
waves of air washing over us

wiping me clean 
of all these things
you only feel lonely 
when you've been loved 
and that's how I know
I've lived 
but I'm not done.

I gotta keep on goin 
just like the wild wind
I gotta keep on blowing 
and starting over again

I love the sound the wind makes 
as it pushes through the dark 
whistling in my ears 
as I wave my wild arms

I run through summer rain 
wind's warm tears of joy
and play in falling snow
it's sorrow beautified
Nov 10

life choices, a contemplation

that time 
I ran away from them 
but really 
I was running from me
even though we were eleven 
and playing hide and seek
and they probably weren't going to kiss me
but what if I had stayed
would they have? 

when I chose to tell you 
what i was
just beacuse I had a feeling
and now you ignore me
i wonder if it was that 
or just how anoying I am sometimes

that time
I ate a whole pint of ice cream 
by myself 
in the dark
because I was sad
(you know what ignore that one, I have no regrets.) 

the moment I realized 
just what I was getting myself into 
when I let myself love you

when I compleately spaced
on just how much a little sibling would change my life
and how no, a little bro wont get you more time with mum. 

to be continued later. 

Nov 10


violent orange  
my sweater 
on your shoulders 

soft gentle hues 
painted on the tiny 
summer flowers 

warm winter jackets 
cheeks rosy red
breath that makes us look like dragons
in the cold winter air 

flowing greens fields 
pebbles beneath our feet
hands clasped together 
running wild and free
happy as can be
you and me. 

(this poem started when I asked my cousin for a single word, and he said orange) 
Nov 09

good way to get kids to sleep (unless they don't like swimming)

Nov 09


Nov 09

skeleton girl

good morning world
she says as she rises
from a blanket made of snow 
and wipes her tired eyes on a tissue made of frost 

snowflakes fall
frozen tears of the stars
sad at having to leave her side 

she catches them in her leaf mittened hands
and holds them close until their gone 
her face pale and wan 
a skeleton girl 

the sun shines bright
across this new cold world
making all the tiny flakes
piled high, upon themselves 
sparkle with a newfound light 
what a sight to behold 
for one pale and wan 
skeleton girl 

the world she sees 
from her still half open eyes 
enrages something deep inside 
things are broken now 
plastics floating 
gasses staying 

her anger bubbles forward 
her rage is unrivaled 
but her screams of pain and despair go unnoticed
poor, wan faced 
skeleton girl 

she stays unnoticed,
Nov 08
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Nov 08

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