Mar 04
poem 0 comments challenge: Rainbow
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By: Aidan Morse

At the end of the rainbow 

There is only one thing that can be bestowed

That is if you can catch the leprechaun and his gold

There is only one way to do this of course

You must fast 

You must be quick

But which end is he at 

Is he on the left

Or perhaps he on the right

 Unstill you met me

The leprechaun

The gold is mine
Jan 31
poem 0 comments challenge: Wishes
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Jan 07
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best friend

I met my best friend I made the mistake of walking into the girls bathroom. Thankfully no one was in there. I realize what I had done as soon as walk in. as I came out she was just about to come in. I quickly said “woung one” ran to the boys room. Later that week she was told to sit with me on the bus. She confronted me about it and that is how I met my first and only best friend.
Nov 29
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Tell Her

There is only one thing I wish I could do over. This one thing is to tell a girl hoe I really felt about her. I met this girl in the fourth grade. We were on the same bus so we got to see each other a lot. We sat together for two years before she moved away and I haven’t seen her since. If I could I would go back and tell her about how I felt I would.
Nov 22
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food mounsters

There it is 

My worst nightmare 

The only thing to ever beat me

The creature of the night

What to do 

What to do 

Come on think 

How to get away 

What is it weakness 

That right 


That it 


Only way to kill it 

Feed it 

Feed it and it will die

I got food 

Open up

Yes it is dead

There another one 

Why are they chasing me 

What do they want 

What did I do 

There is only one thing they want 

Me dead 

Can’t let that happen

Ah a mountain 

If I get to the top 

I’ll have the high ground 

But I’ll also be trap 

No mountain

Keep running 


What is that


It is a food factory 
Nov 15
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I close my eyes 

All I see is black

There is nothing to see here

Inside my head 

Nothing is the only thing I can trust 

Nothing to see 

Nothing to do

The only color is black 

In the nothing 

That is my head
Nov 01
poem 0 comments challenge: When?
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if not now when?

Oct 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Perfect
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Perfect day

Perfect day

The perfect day start with toast

Then comes the chat with friends

Next is the unlimited money spending time

For lunch I get pizza 

Have an epic Bakugan battle

Pasta for diner 

Then it time for bed

After a Perfect day

Oct 11
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    It’s Halloween night, as I walked past the creepy house, on the corner of my street. People said that a man died in that house, in the late 90s. 

    “Go inside,” said the ninja standing next to me, “go in and I’ll all my candy.” This was a very good offer because it just so happens that this kid went to all the rich people's houses then came to this house to make the same deal. 

    “Ok” I say stepping up to go inside. Inside the house there was nothing wrong with it. It was just an ordinary house that could use a little work. I was there for about fifteen minutes. When I came out the ninja handed over all the full sized candy bars. 

    So now every summer I work on the house and then on Halloween I have a big party and that kid is dumb and gives his candy to the first kid who went in the house.
Sep 24
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gold tree

It has been three days since we’ve entered this forest. My friends, Tim, Tom, and I came here looking for something to make us rich. The only thing in this forest are trees. 

“How long has it been?” Tom asked.

“It has been three days,” I tell him, “and it will be three more keep stopping for Timmy.” Now Timmy is not a bad guy he just a little round and a little out of shape. 

“Guys wait up you know I’m not that fast.” Tim yell from way back. 

“I’m gonna go scout ahead,” I tell Tom “wait here for little Timmy back there.” Then I leave to go look for a way out. In five minutes I find the way out. So I go back to tell them and then we all leave. It turns out that the inside of the tree is gold. So we big dumb now.