Apr 16
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    Basketball #21. It’s always #21 no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Everyone thinks it’s funny, like not replacing your lucky shoes or not shaving your legs. I get on the court to warm up before practice, 21 crossovers, 21 jump shots, 21 layups, 21 foul shots, 21 three pointers. By the time I’m done with my warmups I see her, Taya, the only girl keeping me away from the varsity team.

 If I could just be better and work harder I would easily take her spot on varsity. I watch her warm up from the sidelines while I pound 21 dribbles into the floor on each side. She hits everything, not one miss. I start to feel like I have no chance of making varsity until I remember, I didn’t miss any shots either. I might have a chance.
Inspired by Tamara Ireland Stone’s every last word.
Mar 27
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Please mom?

Dear mom, 

I know you said that this was a bad idea but just hear me out. Living on Mars costs half as much as it does on Earth! We get to grow our own food to eat, recycle our own oxygen, and have brand new jobs and skills to use! Now if this wasn’t persuasion enough, let me tell you boy does it get better. The brand new jobs are phenomenal! We get to help build housing for those that are planning on making the big move, go exploring in the deep material rich caverns that weave their way through the planet’s crust, and even explore above ground for new life forms and different places to build towns. There’s even better wifi and technology so we could keep in touch with grandma and grandpa when we move. Not to mention we could keep our very own slime ball as a new pet! No one really knows where the slime balls come from but they’re very low maintenance and it would be super easy to have one as a pet.
Mar 20
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Our saving grace


It’s the light at the end of the tunnel

It’s everybody’s saving grace

We couldn’t live without humor
Humor is the solution for everything

It makes everyone feel better

And it can be used anywhere
Humor is a beautiful thing

You can use it if you feel threatened

Or if you are sad

And even if you’re having a good time
We crack jokes all the time

Using it to make friends or get out of a terrible situation

Or just to make ourselves feel better
It’s a human’s natural coping mechanism

And it’s a pretty good one too.

Feb 28
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The shy boy

He just sat there, alone, every single day. Lonely and secluded eating his lunch, with no friends. He wanted to have friends, but he couldn’t make any. He was too painfully shy to have anyone stick around. He didn’t have anyone, he was so utterly alone and he couldn’t do anything to fix it. One day instead of trying to avoid lunch completely, he walked in and sat there, alone. He was okay with being alone because he learned that being shy is okay. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have or how popular you are because that doesn’t change the type of person you are. Even though you might not be popular or you might not have any friends to sit with at lunch you can still be a good person. And he realized that. He realized that he is an amazing smart person and the fact that he doesn’t have any friends doesn’t change any of that.
Feb 01
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Jan 31
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The eulogy

    There was a light breeze while I was sitting on a park bench. The breeze made it very difficult to write the eulogy for my mother’s funeral that was the next day. I had been writing for about 20 minutes when the light breeze picked up into a powerful howling wind that blew my paper away. I watched the paper quickly get swept away by the wind while I tried to chase after it for fear of someone finding and reading it. I chased it for a few minutes before I gave up and sadly started to walk back to the bench in order to restart my mother’s eulogy all over again. Just when I had given up and started to write again I felt a tap on my shoulder, I jumped because the tap startled me and then I turned around. 
Jan 24
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Beautiful Silence

There we are, sitting across from each other in the large crowded room and we still seem to make eye contact. Tears rolling down my face and he stares for a moment, wondering what to do. He gives me a concerned look with soft eyes and tense eyebrows and I return a sad half smile to let him know that I’ll live and be alright. He gives me a nod tagged along with a sympathetic smile that conveys his kindness in a way that makes me feel better and stop crying. I silently chuckle and return a smile, letting him know he made my day better. He smiles and gets up from his chair, turns around, walks out, and I never see him again.
Jan 10
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What happens at midnight

There they stand in the middle of the unfamiliar house, both girls frozen with fear unknowing of what the other is going to do. Not knowing whether to run or stay put. Both girls slowly accept the fact that they aren’t the only one trying to rob this old man’s house and exchange hellos. They instantly click and become friends, sitting on the random living room floor they quietly talk about their lives and get to know each other. After about 30 minutes of talking they both agree that they should probably get out of the old man’s house for fear of being caught and punished. The two girls make their way out of the house but they don’t forget to stop and pick up super valuable things that they came for, because that’s how they both make a living after all. The two girls steal many things and then make their way outside of the house and down the street in the warm thick midnight air, giggling down the street both happy to have made a friend almost exactly like temself.
Dec 13
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The wonders of music

You insert your earbuds into your ears after a rough day and “Truce” by twenty one pilots starts playing. The soft instrumentals and delicate vocals hit you like a splash of warm water. You’re consumed by a sense of love and wantedness that makes you feel like you can survive and keep going.

You feel needed and important, and you are reminded that a new day will come and you will get to try again. You’re reminded that it gets better and that life doesn’t always suck like this. You finally feel accepted and valid and nothing is wrong anymore.

The reason you felt beaten and broken seems so small that it doesn’t matter anymore. You’re not sad because you know it’s going to get better. All of your problems just wash away like a wave smoothing over the sandy beach.

You reset yourself. And you feel better. And now you can go to bed feeling loved and wanted, knowing that tomorrow is going to be better.
Nov 24
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Phone Call

Many people wouldn’t know what to do with just one do-over, however the second I think about something I would like to re-do one thing sticks out. About a year and a half ago my grandfather had heart surgery because of a persisting heart problem that got so bad that he wouldn’t have survived without the surgery. After his surgery I started to call him every few days to keep up with him and let him know what was happening up here in Vermont because he was down in Missouri. A few days without calling him had gone by and I decided that this would be the day I would call him again. I would always call after dinner and so that was what I was going to do again, call him after dinner.