Feb 06
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    When asked that important question “what are you grateful for?” We all think of our families and our blessed lives. Which is good, we should be grateful for those things, but there is one thing we often take for granted. Our home. No I don’t mean our houses, I mean Earth. We never take the time to appreciate the place we have been given. The yummy foods it provides, the clean air, the rushing water, the beautiful sights, and other resources. It gives us a habitable home that is breathtakingly pretty. It gives us all these things with no charge. We never think to thank our home for everything it gives us. Instead we destroy it. We are killing the place that gives us life. We have taken its resources and used it against itself. We need to realize what we are doing to our home. We need to appreciate its amazing creatures and delicious foods. We need to stop harming the thing that is the source of our existence. I am grateful for our home, you should be too.
Jan 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Wind
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Gone Like The Wind

The branches of the old oak tree sway in the autumn breeze

One lonely brown leaf finally snaps and falls slowly down. 

As the wind picks up, the leaf drifts away. 

No control over the course it will take. 

It flies from one roof to another,

Only ever stopping for one minute.

Traveling freely.

Watching as other’s lives go on. 

This brown little leaf is carried hundreds of miles from where it started,


The breeze stops.

The leaf falls slowly down to the ground,

Where it stays.

More leaves pile on top.

Hundreds of people walk buy without a second glance.

Weeks later, the snow starts to fall.

The leaf is buried under a heavy blanket.

But it doesn’t realize it will never resurface. 

That it’s journey is over.

The feeling of flying is still prominent in it’s mind.
Jan 24
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The teacher seperated us again. By us, I mean my best friend and me. He did it because we wouldn’t stop talking, like always. But little does he know, it won’t stop us. We have ways of communicating. No it’s not sign language, and it’s not passing notes. We don’t even have to mouth the words. We use facial expressions and hand gestures, and we understand each other. Most best friends can relate. Here is how our conversation went. Katy rolled her eyes and scrunched her face which means “this is so dumb, we weren’t doing anything wrong.” I widen my eyes and shake my head “I know right, I hate this class.” Then I… well, this could go on for a while but I think you get it. We tell secrets and talk trash about people without the world knowing. It’s what makes our friendship unique and amazing.

Jan 09
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How we met

I’m in the airport, hundreds of people buzzing around me. I look at my ticket trying to figure out where I’m supposed to go. This day could not be anymore stressful. First, I forget my passport and have to drive all the way back home to get it. Then my suitcase busted open and all my clothes fell out, and now I’m lost. I’m about ready to lose my cool when someone bumps into me. It’s a woman and she turns around immediately apologizing. I tell her it’s all right and continue trying to figure out where I am supposed to be. The lady doesn’t leave though, she continues looking at me. Then finally she asks, “Are you alright?” She quickly adds “I know we are strangers, but you look stressed out. I’m Alice by the way”

“I’m Rose, now we aren’t strangers anymore.”

“yeah, so what’s wrong?”
Dec 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Burden
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One step after another.
I can’t… 
I can’t go on.
Can’t think
Can’t breath
Can’t see
All I see is black.
All I feel is a heavy weight.
Cinder blocks tied to my ankles.
Why did I do that?
How could I hurt them?
I tried to apologize
To make it better
But, It’s too late
Things can never be the same.
All trust is gone.
And for what?
I fall.
It feels like forever.
Falling into this deep dark hole that is my mind.
There is no living past this point
Life is over
I ruined everything.
But then…
I hear it.
Quiet at first.
But then louder and louder.
A familiar voice.
“I’m here. It’s ok. Breath.”
I run.
As fast as these leaden legs will go
towards the voice.

Dec 12
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When asked who I have reverence for I thought of my parents, my teachers, our leaders, coaches, and so on. But then I thought of trauma survivors. Specifically sexual assault survivors who chose to stand up for themselves, and tell their story. Going through the trauma is awful, and living with it for the rest of your life makes you extremely brave and strong. But the ones who choose to make themselves vulnerable and risk everything to tell their story are incredibly courageous. Victims experience shaming and hate for standing up for themselves to protect others. I have the utmost respect for the victims who put themselves through this stress and shame, and don’t always have a positive outcome. These women stand up to their attackers, and open a path for others to do the same. They tell the story of the worst moment in their lives in front of a jury, judge, and many other people. All the women who stand up for themselves deserve respect and support from everyone.
Dec 05
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Why Wait

Everybody always has something to wait for. College, vacations, holidays. It seems as though we spend so much waiting that we surpass all other moments of life. We wait for Christmas and don’t take time to appreciate Thanksgiving. We need to stop waiting for the good moments, and just live our lives. Those specific moments won’t always be good, so stop expecting them to be. Live in the moment. Make everyday worth living. Stop waiting for days that might never come. Stop holding back, be spontaneous, and enjoy the people around you. A couple years ago I couldn’t wait for my siblings to leave the house, for me to be the only one at home. Now I wish I hadn’t taken it all for granted. I miss them so much. Obviously I can’t take back the past, but I do make sure to cherish every moment I get with them. Stop thinking about what’s to come and take in what’s happening in the present. Live life with no regrets. Stop waiting.

Nov 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Do-Over
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Moving On

I wish…
I wish I had worked harder

To achieve my goal.
I wish I was nicer.
I wish I spent more time with them,

Before they left me.
I wish I could go back and just cherish that moment.

Go back and erase all the stress so I could just enjoy it. 
Take back my stupid decision, 

do the right thing.
I don’t have one thing I regret,

I have millions.
I think about it all the time.

A heavy weight crushing me down.

Restricting my breathing, a pit in my stomach.
Or is it regret.
I want to change everything,

But I know I can’t.
Instead I beg for forgivness from others,
From myself.

I can’t go back and make it right.
I tell myself you can’t be perfect.
You can’t control everything.
You are human, you make mistakes.

Now move on.

Nov 22
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    I can’t believe this is really happening. My wife just had a baby, and now I get to hold her. A tiny human, only a few minutes old. So fragile, raw. My hands are so big and rough, will I hurt her? I’ve held a baby before but this, this is different. The nurse is wrapping her in blankets. The nurse scoops her up and starts to walk my way. I’m so excited but still so nervous. This precious human being for which I am responsible for. The nurse asks me if I’m ready. I could not be any more unprepared, but I nod anyway. She tells me how to hold my arms, and I position them that way. She lays the eight and  a half pound baby in my arms. I’m doing it, I’m holding her. I start to rock slowly back and forth. There are doctors and nurses working aorund me, but I don’t even notice. All I see is the bean in my arms. Fast asleep. No care in the world. Not a hair on her head. All babies are cute, but mine is beautiful. I would stare at her forever if I could. 
Nov 14
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random thoughts

During class meditation I tried to find zen or whatever. I failed, I couldn’t think of anything. For the first time in my life my brain just went blank. I kind of gave up, and started to look around at my classmates. I tried to read their faces, but had no clue what they were all thinking about. Then I realized I have no clue what’s going on in anyone's mind during the day. Not even my parents or closest friends’. Then I started thinking even more. A person’s face could be blank, but in their minds they could be fighting a german spy or something even more random. You could be talking to someone and they are dreaming about spaghetti or something.