Feb 05
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Words To Describe Me


Gifted .













Jan 26
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Stupid Auto-correct

Presidents don’t often text one another but this was one of those rare times that they do. Two Presidents of two different countries were texting each other one day when an unnoticed auto correct almost started World War 3. These two Presidents were discussing trade between their countries when the word “fill” autocorrected to “kill.” One of the Presidents was trying to say “ we will make sure to fill all tradeships” but it auto corrected to “we will make sure to kill all tradeships”. The president who sent this did not see the autocorrect so he put his phone down and left the room satisfied. Little did he know that the other President was arming the nukes and rallying the troops. Luckily the President who sent the text came back to the room and got on his phone again, but he still didn’t see the autocorrected message. He instead went on Instagram to see how many like the picture of his ham sandwich had gotten.
Jan 10
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The Grandest Canyon

I could not believe the mystique of the Grand Canyon as we drove over the hill in the car. I could see the other side of the canyon but thought that it was a distant mountain range. The color of the sandstone was like no color I had seen before. I began to be able to see the true width and depth of the canyon as we drove closer. After we parked the car we walked to the edge and I was in awe. It was the biggest canyon I had ever seen and still is to this day. The amount of sheer drops along the edge truly helped with the belief in the stupendous depth of the canyon. The incredible mystique of the canyon is hard to describe with words. It truly is the grandest canyon.
Dec 17
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Tomorrow I hope...

Tomorrow I hope..

To wake up and feel alive

To look out my window and see a better day

To have fun and be joyful

To be ready for anything

To not have difficulties

To be safe

To have a good day of school

To go home

To be ready for the next day
Dec 11
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My Favorite Musician. R.I.P.

My favorite artist is the late rapper Juice WRLD. He sadly passed away from suffering a seizure at Midway airport in Chicago, Illinois on December 8th, 2019 at the age of 21. He was very talented and his career was cut way too short. Rest in peace Juice WRLD. He made music that was both melodic and lyrical. His music sounds like if The Beatles could rap. He made music for all moods, If you were feeling sad and wanted something to relate to you could listen to Robbery or All Girls Are the Same, If you wanted to turn up you could listen to Maze or Armed and Dangerous. And if you wanted to just chill you could listen to End of the Road or Hurt Me. Juice WRLD is the medium of all genres of music. I got some of my friends who don’t like rap to like his music and listen to it frequently.
Dec 04
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A Snowboarding Christmas

Waiting for Christmas, waiting.

Waiting for the bell to ring on the last day of school before Christas vacation, waiting.

For the day when I put on my boots and grab my board.

For when I arrive at the mountain and strap in, ready for the fun soon to be had.

For when I am riding on the chairlift with just the mountain in front of me.

For when I hit the first jump and stick the landing.

For when I complete my first run, ready for another.

For when I leave the mountain with a smile on my face.

I am waiting for a snowboarding Christmas.

Nov 22
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Skydiving Accident

60 seconds left

Here I am.

Falling threw the sky toward the Earth.

I cant believe how light I feel.

Its really loud.

I wasn’t expecting it to be this amazing.

55 seconds left

I hope the plane lands safely.

I can still see the play

I cant believe how small the buildings are.

I wish I could stay up here forever.

46 seconds left

The buildings, trees and cars are getting bigger and bigger yet still small.

I can still see the curve of the earth. 

I can see a cloud below me.

36 seconds left

I just went through a cloud.

I can’t see the plane anymore. 

I can see the ground much better than I could before.

I can see individual trees now.

18 seconds left

I need to get ready to pull my chute soon.
Nov 15
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When I Meditate

When I closed my eyes I couldn’t see anything, Shocking I know. But it was weird, usually when I close my eyes I can think up an image or movie in my head. But when we did a meditation In class I couldn’t think of anything. There was no Image or movie playing on the back of my closed eyelids. For the entire 5 minutes that we did this I could not think of a single thing. I learned something about myself when I did this. My brain is thinking all day so when I am supposed to I can’t. So instead of thinking more my brain took this as a break and I was stuck talking to me, myself and I.
Oct 30
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Letter to Senator Mcconnell

Oct 24
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I Feel Most Alive When...

I feel most alive when I am in front of an audience, all focused on me

When I am dancing, each limb’s movement perfectly coordinated

When I am drumming my heart out to a fast paced song

When I am cruising down a mountain on my snowboard through fresh powder

When I am standing in some of the world's most naturally beautiful places

When I am positioned on the edge of a cliff ready to backflip into the water below

When I am backstage about to step out from behind the curtains for the first time during a play
I feel most alive when I am about to try something for the very first time

When I am about to score a goal or win a race

When I crack a joke and everyone laughs

When I am the center of attention

When I see all A’s on my report card

When I am with friends and family

When I am outside of my comfort zone