Mar 15

The unfortunate events

A carnival enters the town
It feels off and mysterious 
Yet you want to enter 

The music lures you in
The smell of fried dough
The lights and rides 
You just want to do it all

These carnivals seem so happy
Smiling clowns and laughing children
Yet the secrets that lie within these carnivals
Make you sick to your stomach 

These carnivals are a money trap 
A scam, causing begging children 
Eager to spend their parents money

A place where children scream and cry
And you see people buckling over trash cans
After “facing their fears” 

The clowns can bribe young children 
Take them away to never be seen again 
And then selling them on the black market

People die at these carnivals 
From supposed malfunctions 
Or carnival shootings 

But they always bribe you in
With the sounds of happiness and fun 
Mar 03

What awaits?

For all one knows
There is an end to a rainbow
What lies there is unknown 
A place of mystery

Whatever lies, makes people wonder
Makes people take action and chase it 
Following the colorful aura as if its the answer 
Chasing it like a dream 

What awaits at the end?
Perhaps the grass is a little greener 
Or the sun shines a little brighter
Or perhaps lies a pot of gold with a dancing irish

No one quite knows the answer
That is what makes it more special 
To leave it up to the imagination 
And leave this magic a mystery
Feb 24

The hidden

I am the one with two sides
I am the one who is always sad
The one who has been through too much 
Too early on.
The one who is always stressed
Who is packed with anxiety
The one who never sleeps 
Because of overthinking. 
The one who picks their lips 
Until they are split and bloody 
The one who tries to forget
Because the memories are ubarable. 
The one who stares at walls 
Trying to escape where they are 
The one who has cried too many times 
In their mother's arms
Yet I am still the one who you can rely on
Who you can tell anything too
The one who laughs at the dumbest things
To make sure people think they’re happy 
The one who is running out of room to paint 
Because they escape through art
The one who is nice to everyone 
And has no enemys 
The one who is making her mother proud 
With the dream of being a doctor 
Jan 31

The ominous wind

You’re in a cemetary 
Bringing blood red roses to your mother's grave
Sitting there staring at it when it comes…
The breeze

Goosebumps trail up your body 
The breeze is still trailing past your body 
It doesn’t seem to end 
As if its circling you

The breeze is getting stronger and stronger
It picks up into a strong wind 
It strongly whistles past you 
Rain slaps down on the top of your head 
Plopping and plopping down 
Faster and faster 

The wind becomes harder to bear 
It picks up the roses 
As you go to grab them….
You float

The wind drags you over and around 
Upsidown and sideways
The whistle of wind getting louder and louder 
Increasing the chills in your body

The whistles in the wind get louder and louder 
The wind bringing ringing in your ears
Until it's the sound of screams….
Jan 22

Your Best Friend

Opening the door everyday to see her there
Listening to her scratching and pawing against the door
As if she summons you 

Laying on her as if shes your pillow and hearing the quiet thump of her heart 
Hearing her paws prancing into your bedroom ready for sleep
Feeling her wet nose againt your face as you binge a show 
Smelling her wet fur after a rainy day 

She has always been there for you as a friend to listen 
Someone to share your favorite snacks with 
Someone there for your shoulder to cry on 
Someone there to give all of your love to 

In a moment of sadness you need her 
You need one bear hug, one kiss on the face, or one walk in the rain 
But all you can get is one paw to hold, and one set of puppy eyes slowly closing
You get one moment to hold on to her, before you’ll no longer hear her soft heart beat 
You will no longer get cuddles or kisses
Jan 10

The girl in the mirror

She hears a voice in her head telling her to stop. Her thoughts of hating herself and sadness comes to a quick hault. Chills run down her body as she puts the knife down and slowly turns around to the mirror. A girl her age stares back at her, her eyes empty yet full of movement and beauty. In some deep way it feels like they know each other. They begin to talk about life, about the good and the bad, about the love and hatred it contains, and about how the girl was soon about to end her own. She leaves the bathroom feeling numb and full of change. She wakes the next morning and looks in the mirror, she no longer is sad nor hateful of herself, she no longer has a deep hatred for everything, because she is now the girl in the mirror.
Dec 20

I hope for....

Tomorrow I hope for happiness
I hope an aura of happiness glows off of my body
I hope that my smile can change lives 
I hope for giggles and laughs I can share with somebody 

Tomorrow I hope my track meet goes well
I hope my friends aren’t in pain 
I hope for the feeling of success 
I hope for the taste of fried chicken once again 

Tomorrow I hope time slows down 
I hope people take the time to appreciate family 
I hope people don't fret over little things 
I hope tomorrow the world could be sweet and sound 
Dec 13


Lewis Capaldi's song “Someone you loved” Is about the feelings of heartbreak. This song starts off slowly just like the ending of a relationship. It is slow like your mind after you lost the one you love. It feels as if though everything is okay yet you are just sad. It increases until suddenly all of the feelings hit you at once. You crave to hold this person again, you crave their touch, their voice, and even just their presence. Then it gets intense feelings you need and crave when you can’t get them anymore. It just keeps getting more intense. Then you get calm again, you are okay just sad. You think it's over but then it happens again. You can’t function without them anymore. You are willing to do anything for them. You now remember all of the memories and fun times you shared, you start to feel angry. Then the feeling of love intensifies for them, it gets so intense that you are screaming out till your voice breaks. You have reached your peak.
Dec 06


    I stay awake that night hoping to catch santa. I need to know if he is real! I stay awake with a flashlight in hand, I hear the snores and breathing of my family across the hall. I need to make sure he got me the barbie salon. Santa better enjoy the milk and cookies I made him I worked extra hard on that. My mom told me to sleep but I need to know If he is real. I wait, and wait, and wait. Nothing. My eyelids become heavier the more I wait for him. When Im awakened by my brother jumping on our beds yelling “It's christmas!!” Oh well I guess I have next year.
Nov 29

I will never be the same

    I will never be the same.
It all started that afternoon, when my entire life went down the drain. I was on my way home when I got the call. I picked up my phone to my mom telling me to get home, right away. I rushed home and walked inside, she immediately sat me down and said she needed to talk.
“I can’t take care of you anymore.” she said it so calmly. I didn’t understand.
“I won't take care of you anymore.” She was starting to get angry. I was scared. What was happening?