Nov 22

A minute of the concert

Two days of practice and one minute left of the concert
The fancy auditorium lights beat on my face
My lips ache from playing so much 
My fingers still move quickly to the right keys 
I look around me, everyone's face filled with dedication yet they can't wait for this to be over. 
This blemming song is almost over 20 seconds left
The conductor starts to lead the last eight measures. 
I'm ready for this to be over 
We hold this final note, my body running out of air 
Then it's over.
We all smile at each other saying, “Good job” with our eyes 
Lights flash in the audience from parents taking pictures 
The clapping silences and we are then free to go
Man am I glad this is over
Nov 15


When I close my eyes I always see him...along with our memories
I see his whole 6’ body trying to fit in the playground
I see his hand holding mine when we cross the street
I see his face smiling when reading us bedtime stories 
I see his effort as he tried to give to be a good dad, while dealing with addiction 
I see his body stumbling trying to stay on his feet 
I see his empty beer cans around the house
I see his car leaving the driveway after fights 

Then I think of how it is now...
I never see his beer cans or his stuff 
I never see his car in the driveway
I never see him in the pictures in our hallway
I never see him during plays or concerts 
I never see him at my graduations 

I only see him when...
I see his letters with pictures 
I see him telling us he has cancer 
I see him after surgery not in person 
Nov 08

Boost, don't knock

    Warren G. Harden’s saying, “There’s good in everybody. Boost. Don’t knock.” Harden’s saying makes me think of how many people don’t think this way. People use their feelings about someone on how they act, and they usually don't think better otherwise. Around my school there is a lot of Anti-bullying posters, which there should be, but I was reading some of them and they were bullying the bullies in those posters which really connects to Harden’s quote. The more of them I read the more I realized that calling bullies dumb isn’t helping the situation. People need to realize that yes, they are doing a bad thing but they need to see that they can still change and do good. If you go to your local doctor's office and look at the doctors you would never know that they were a bully in school. This is because they found the good in them, they decided it's time to help people and not bring them down.
Nov 01

If not now, When?

If not now, When? 

This makes me realize how much people push things away. Why not start your community service in 9th grade and not push it till 11th grade. Why not drive everyday with a permit to achieve the freedom of a driver's license? 

If not now, When?

Why not tell your parents your depressed instead of living in sadness alone. Why not go get the haircut you have always wanted. Why not work in 9th grade and start saving your first car? Why not always aim for 100%? 

If not now, When?

How long will it take people to realize life is too short to save things for the last minute? How long will it take everyone to realize procrastination can come back and stab you in the back? How long will it take people to do things that push them out of their comfort zone, instead of living a boring life?

If not now, When? 
Oct 25

Perfect Days

The perfect day is….
Waking up next to your best friend
Watching youtube until you get hungry 
This is how to make a perfect weekend
The perfect day is… 
Being awakened from your dog kissing your face 
Letting them outside, running and running
Sprinting and not falling down the staircase

The perfect day is…
Waking up in Mass
Seeing your whole family in the morning 
Enjoying a big milk glass 

The perfect day is… 
Waking up on christmas
Everyone being happy 
No one having suspicious business.
Oct 18

My Winter

The final leaves falling from the trees 
It’s amazing how happy someone can get 
With this strong winter breeze 

Feeling like a dragon
When you can see your breath 
Watching out for black ice
And avoiding imminent death 

The snow sparkling
With the shine of the sun 
I enjoy these mornings 
With a tasty Cinnabon 

Nights to spend with family 
Playing board games
Noticing the wood in your fireplace
Become engulfed in flames

Watching your dog 
Trot in the snow 
Her coming inside
With snow melting off her nose

These are the days I love the most 
Drinking too much eggnog 
And listening to the Christmas dinner toast

I look forward to
looking out my window, eyes in agaize 
Waiting for the snowflakes 
And the shortening fall days 

Oct 11


I wake up, eyes adjusting to the darkness

I see it there standing in the corner

Its black 15 foot tall body hunched against the wall

Then it gets closer, arms dragging against the floor

Until it's right next to my bed

It lifts its long arm off the floor and onto my hand

Its long fingers glide up my arm towards my face 

Its fingers leaving goosebumps as it touches my face

Its hand makes its way off my face and onto my throat

I feel its lengthy fingers wrap around my throat 

It's there choking me, my body laying lifeless against the bed

I can feel its hand there, my body deflating as its running out of air

I look at its face black and lifeless with only a big, sharp smile 

I awake in tears and a big gasp of air 

I look in the mirror and see a black ring that goes around my throat

I see a trail of black lines on my arm
Oct 04

The Change.

Skin stretching
Heart beating
Body forming 
Hair growing 
Back rounding
Claws growing
Knees collapsing
Body convulsing
Teeth sharpening
Face shifting
Heart steadying 
Mane blowing
Lion roaring 

Sep 27

The White Bunny

I wake up, where am I? The last thing I can remember is closing my eyes to go to sleep, and now I seem to be in some sort of clearing. My breathing intensifies making me dizzy as I try to find some logic to the situation I’m in. Nothing is making sense at all, nothing fits together, how, and why am I here. As I start to panic my breathing becomes loud, and fast, some animals from the woods around me seem to be gathering, a white bunny touches my leg and brings me to my senses. I need to calm down if I want to get out of here, I try to steady my breathing I realize that my head is throbbing, not with pain, but it's as if some voice is urging me to go on. Without thinking my body starts to move on its own. I’m walking farther into the clearing without even thinking about what I’m doing, it seems to be getting thinner and thinner. I keep walking unsure of what's to come, unsure of what this longing feeling in my chest is.
Sep 19

The Colors of Hiking

Rustic Cabin Red

Lets you know you’re at the top

Fungi Orange 

The color of mushrooms that run along trails 

Sunflower Yellow

The color of the bee’s happy place

Mossy Rock Green 

The color of your biggest obstacle

Azure Sky Blue

The color that aligns the mountains far away 

Distant mountains purple

The color of the things that make the view beautiful