Mar 13
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The Carnival

I don’t know where it came from, one day it just appeared. The Carnival is supposed to be a fun experience for all ages but something, survival instincts? Paranoia? At this time I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that overnight the forest around my house was chopped down, flattened and an entire carnival set up shop. A eerie gray fog sat just above the carnival, and the sky was dark with clouds from a quickly approaching storm. I decided to stay inside, for some reason I seriously believed if I ignored it that it would just disappear and things would go back to normal. 

I was awoken to music, quite possibly the loudest, most annoying music I had ever heard. I instantly recognized it, it was carnival music. I checked the time, 2:35 a.m, I had wondered why would anybody be blasting such obnoxious music at this hour,

“Have they not heard of sleep” I thought to myself.
Mar 06
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Everybody has a Rainbow in life,

An idea, plan or thought that begins somewhere,

And ends either with a “Pot of Gold” or with little to no success at all.

High School is mine and a lot of others rainbow

with the “Pot of Gold” as graduation You start eager and optimistic,

And slowly the end seems further and further away, as you hit bump, after bump

Slowing your journey to the day,

Through the journey you will most likely fall into the same cycle of,

Pain, Fake Smiles, Pain, repeat, every single day as some of the

Most miserable, terrible people try to stop you in your tracks,

High school is a fight, a war with inner demons,

While you fight to make it to the end of the rainbow,

A dark, gloomy, rainbow,

But yet somehow this journey becomes the best, worst time of your entire life,

And that journey is High School.

Feb 28
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He was very shy,

He felt a deep pit form in his stomach when ever he met someone for the first time

There was no real reason he felt this way,

He just has always been shy,

He felt as if his shyness was something to be ashamed off,

But at the same time there’s nothing wrong with being shy,

His parents said that he will probably grow out of it this year or next,

But he still has insecurities about his shyness,

Paranoia, nervousness, fear

These things are natural, 

But yet shyness appeared to be his biggest weakness,

But was he weak? Or was he intelligent? 

Perhaps its both, 

Or perhaps its all in his head,

Maybe, thats the most likely reason of all.
Jan 10
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Friendships can come from the strangest of events,

Sometimes what comes from the most unusual of circumstances,

Can lead to the best possible results,

Maybe you meet your best friend by connecting over your love of hotdogs at a hotdog eating contest, or maybe you connect with someone at the Justin Bieber Merchandise store, 

The point is that it's not how you met, it's that you met,

The strangest of friendships tend to be the realist and most long lasting,

If you both meet at the Justin Bieber Merchandise store whilst both wearing your pink I Heart Justin Bieber sweatshirt I would personally say that it is a match made in heaven,

Friendships come from common interests, ideas, and beliefs

And you should always follow that principle,

Don’t be friends with someone because they are “cool” or “popular”

Instead don’t be ashamed to hang out with the kids you most relate with,
Dec 20
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His Burden

He felt like a burden to all he was around,

He felt this way a lot, whether it was true or not,

Maybe he was blind to his reality, perhaps there was much he was missing,

Regardless, he lived his life in wonder. wondering how much he was blind too,

Or if he was not blind at all,
His feelings were strong, but his dedication to show lack of feeling was stronger. 

He didn’t even understand why he put on such a show,

There was no reason to continue this act. 

But if he revealed his true feelings would that be too revealing?

Would that make people think differently?

Would that differently be negative or positive,

He wished he had the answers. 
He could sense them just beyond his grasp,

His mind was torn, he hated the way he overthinks,

But of course nobody can know that he himself questioned himself,
Dec 13
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I look up to a lot of people in life, peers, famous people and the people I value most in life, however there is no one I look up to no more than my parents. They both are always there for me when I need them. They are always ready to help me with anything I need, they are my biggest supporters in life. They both work so hard to provide for me and my siblings and sometimes I feel like I don’t recognize what they do for us enough. They both work long hours to pay the bills and put food on the table. Even though they work a lot they both still find time to be able to help guide me through life and help shape me into an adult. The reason I look up to my parents more than anyone else is for all the reasons listed above but also the fact that sometimes people aren’t what they seem, musicians don’t write or produce their own work, actors don’t care about anything but money, politicians want what's best for them not the country.
Dec 06
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We are all waiting, counting down the days until Christmas,

Counting down the days until we wake up with a tree full of presents,

And stockings overflowing with our favorite things,


Waiting until I get to see distant family and eat good food,

Waiting for gifts and presents of course too,

Waiting for the best holiday of all,

Waiting until we get out of school,


But Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts,

Its about the people we miss,

Its about the people who aren’t as fortunate,

Its about giving, not receiving,

But people don’t always see it that way, they think its all about the old man and his sleigh,

They say its all about getting new things, seeing new places,


Waiting until Christmas time becomes a holiday of giving,

Not receiving. 

Nov 22
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One Minute

One minute

Its equivalent to 60 seconds

60,000 milliseconds

Or 60,000,000,000 nanoseconds,

One minute,

In the span of one minute you could think of a life saving solution,

Solve an impossible math problem,

Or think of how best you could ask your crush,

One minute is all it takes,

One minute could change the world,

One minute could save a life

In the span of one minute you make hundreds of decisions  

One Minute

One Minute could change your perspective on life

Make you realize you should be thankful for what you have

One minute could ruin your day

One bad decision

One mistake

One minute

One choice

Can ruin your life

Time is a construct we invented 

But one minute can change your life

Nov 15
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Meditation is supposed to be relaxing..
But when I close my eyes I can only think of one thing, death

      Death is unavoidable, it comes for all of us

It can happen without warning or reason,

There is no rhythm or rhyme it can simply just be you in the wrong place

At the wrong time,

Nobody knows for sure what happens after you die,

There are a thousand religions with a thousand of beliefs,  

But surely they cannot all be true,

Will I die painfully or painlessly,

Will I die a victim to the worst of mankind

Or it be because of my own foolishness, arrogance or carelessness 

Or maybe my timer has just stopped ticking

Nobody wants to die and that’s true, but we will all share the same fate,

Most of us will be in a box, five feet underground,

Family dressed in all black,

A recent picture hung on display,
Nov 01
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Letter to Senator McConnell