As I step outside onto the front porch,
All that's there is the dark night sky and the cold midnight breeze on my face.
I feel alone,
There’s nothing,
I see nothing,
I feel nothing. 

But then,
I look up.
Little sparkling shimmers of light fill the dark evening sky. 
Everywhere I look there's a new and even brighter one. 

When I turn back around to go in,
I decided to look up one last time at all the wonders.
That’s when I saw it, 
The brightest shimmer of all,
 falling through the sky.
What could it be?
I run inside to find my family to show them the amazing wonder. 

Hurrying to get back outside,
We looked up,
 and it was gone.
I am beyond disappointed. 
I don’t know what to feel,
What to say,
What to think. 

I hang my head down in disappointment. 
Little did I know,
Laying there between my two bare feet,

record breaker

If I could break a world record it would be how many animals I could rescue in a year. There are many animals around the world that are either being abused or taken out of their habitats. Small animals like dogs, cats, and rabbits and larger animals like goats, horses, pigs, and other animals that you wouldn't necessarily find on a farm are just some that I would start with. 


At the end of the rainbow,
Where the color meets land,
Wonders happen.

Some say there is no such thing. 
Others believe there’s gold. 
Or maybe there’s a whole new world.

Walking through the wide open field.
The air,
The sky,

But what does she see?
The rainbow,
Fading into the ground.
She walks closer. 
Almost as if she can touch it.

When she turns back around. 
She's somewhere new,
Is it heaven,
It's a wonderland.

The smell of fruity happiness fills her body. 
And she feels a way she has never felt before. 
At the end of the rainbow. 

I am ME

I like myself,
When I am who I am.
Not when I change myself for other people. 
I like when I can be who I am.
And full of energy.
Quiet when I want to be. 
I am the one who is willing to try new things.
I am the one who cares for others.
I am the one who tries to not care what others think. 
I am the one thats not perfect,
But nobody is.
I am the one who is proud to be me.
I like myself, 
Just the way I am. 


I am me

The Wind

The wind,

Such a simple term,

That holds so much power.

It rustles the leaves on the trees,

And flaps the flag back and forth on the poll.

The wind, 

It blows against my face as a walk through the woods,



Just nature and I.

It howls in my ears like a lone wolf as I move along.

Every now and then I mistaken its sounds for creature in the bushes.

Frightened but free.

Just the wind and I.



My name is Sam.

I live in a mute town where nobody speaks.

We communicate through gestures and facial expressions. 

I have a part time job at the local supermarket.

It’s an early Summer morning.

A man walks in with a list and a confused look on his face. 

He shrugs his shoulders as if he's confused about where he is. 

I grab the list from his hands to realize that all of these items are for the pet store. 

I wait a minute

I don’t know how to explain to him he’s in the wrong place. 

I run to the back room leaving the lost man out front and grab a map and a red sharpie. 

I then run quickly outfront where I point to the man in the direction he needs to go to find the stuff he is looking for.

Then we part our separate ways and I locked up and went home for the rest of the afternoon.


A Sight to See

I could not believe the mystique of all the little bodies of water through the fog as we were coming in for the landing above Tampa Florida early on a mid November morning. It seemed as if there was a small pond or large lake within every 50 yards from the next. As we got closer the tiny little cars on the roads that went over the ocean became visible. The sun was rising and the palm trees were everywhere you looked. It felt almost unreal. Leaving VT at 3a.m. with the gloomy snow and stepping off the plane into Summer weather. It was weird to see all the Floridians wearing there winter hats and sweatshirts. The bright sun on the silky sandy beach glistening on the little grains. It really was a mystique sight to see.  


The Disaster

“What are we supposed to do now.”

“Calm down Becca it’s going to be okay.”

“NO, this is a disaster she’s going to find out about the party.”

“So what, the cake maker had a slight problem with the cake.”

“Slight! Are you crazy, this is a big problem. There’s no party without cake.”

“Becca chill, we can make one ourselves, we will just need to go to the store and get the ingredients.”

“Sam is going to be home all day today. She is going to see us and then the surprise will be ruined.”

“I’ll call dad and have him bring her to lunch. That will give us just enough time to make the cake and clean up before they get home.”


“Don’t worry Becca, I got this all under control.”


I Hope

Tomorrow I hope.

I hope families don't wake up hungry,

That everyone finds a little home and aren't on the cold icy streets freezing.

I hope that voices are heard.

I hope that kids walk into school feeling safe. 

Tomorrow I hope that people won’t be judged for what they believe in,

I hope people can be who they are and not be judged by others.

Tomorrow I hope everyone is safe.

I hope that trees in the west don’t go up in flames,

I hope that sea levels don’t rise and take out homes,

And that climate change slows and keeps glaciers from melting. 

Tomorrow I hope the world becomes a better place.