Moms, the ones who can always find something you lost even in places you have already looked. The person you can always go to for advice. The one who can pick you up when your feeling down. 
    Moms, they get you where you need to go and support you on even the littlest things. They know when things are off and not right. They are proud of even your smallest achievements. They smile when you smile and frown when your down.
    It is for these reasons that I revere moms. Even if they make you mad at times or you make them mad you always make up in the end. Without moms we wouldn’t be here and know what we know today. It’s important to have a strong respect for your mom and even your dad. For most parents you’re their number one priority and they do more than care about you. 

Waiting for Christmas


So close but so far away.

Christmas Eve.

Milk poured,

Cookies set,

Stockings hung.

Anticipation filling the air.

Thoughts of ‘‘What am I going to get?”

Sleep comes in small spurts,

Its 10p.m. before I fall asleep.

Then it’s 3a.m.

Jumping on the bed,

Filled with excitement.

What is sleep?

The hours pass by so slowly.

I know I can’t go downstairs until 6:00

Even then what if not everyone is awake?

Sitting on the couch, 

Watching gifts flow out from under the beautifully lit tree,

Wondering what’s inside for me.

Minutes tick by feeling like hours.

Father asks why I’m awake so soon.

I’m waiting. 



If I could go back in time and change one thing I have many things that come rushing to my mind but one sticks out in particular. I was in second grade and for many years I would ride my horse in shows. It was late October and I had dressed my horse up as a poodle. Little did we know he didn’t like things on his legs. 

    Both my mom and I were excited to get going so we had completely forgotten about a helmet. My horse and I were running around the area warming up before the show and the puffs we had put around his legs were bouncing up and down. One moment everything was great but the next thing I knew I was flying through the air. I hit the muddy ground hard and some lady I did not know came running and picked me up. I cried for a long time and didn’t open my eyes for five minutes. I was told to go to the hospital but I refused and threw a bigger fit when my parents said they were taking me. The deal was that if I stopped crying I wouldn’t have to go. 


Where am I?
I’m trapped.
I see monsters,
Scary monsters. 
Is this going to be the end?
I must escape.
But how?
Is this really happening? 
Can I really do this.
I must.
I have no other choice.
I have to see my family again.
I will see my family again.
I will take three deep breaths,
Then I will grab my knife and run for the Exit. 
But where is the Exit.

Ah it’s at the other side of the room.

There are five monsters,
all running at me.
What am I supposed to do?
This is the end
I know it. 
I’m halfway there,
Halfway to the exit.
They are feet away from me,
Feet away from having me as dinner.
I duck,
I run faster, 
I hope for the best.
I push the door open and slam it closed behind me.
I’m safe.

Just me

When I close my eyes 

My mind goes blank.

All my jumbled up thoughts,

Those thoughts,

They leave my head.

That space where I was stressing about anything

It’s blank.

The excitement about going to Florida in 15 days

It’s gone.

The pain where I was hit in the head

It lessens. 

When I close my eyes


It disappears.

I’m in a new world now.

A peaceful world.

Just me,

And nothing else.


    There is good in everybody. Boost. Don’t knock. Everyone is good at something different. Don’t bring someone down if they aren’t as good at something that you are. When someone does something good for someone else in school or the community show them that you noticed. Boost their confidence and help make them feel proud for making a difference and helping someone out. You would want to feel proud of yourself and have people notice and congratulate you for doing something good, wouldn’t you?


If not now,


When will I get to see, 

The sunsets in California.

When will I get to hear,

The morning birds

In the Bahamas.

When will I get to smell,

The fresh French foods of France. 

Or when will I get to taste,

The savory foods from the ranch.

If not now,



Alive at last

I feel alive when I'm riding my horse. That feeling when there is nothing in my way. Nothing holding me back. The cold breeze against my face as we run through an open field. The smell of horse filling the air. The clip clop sound of four sturdy hooves stomping down the main road. Peaceful rides through the nearby woods with friends that clear my head. The sound of small birds tweeting in the trees and the other horses calling from back home.

I feel alive when I step out the front door and the cold fall breeze brushes against my face. The colorful bright red, yellow, and orange leaves falling to the ground from the mighty trees above. The loud crackling of the old fallen leaves beneath my feet. When I hear the animals calling from the barn down the drive. Their thick fur coats starting to grow in for the cold winter that awaits. 


I wake up bright and early

There is snow on the ground

I hear the sound of snow being whoosed in the wind

Large chunks of snow sticking to the windows

I hear the phone ring for a snow day

I rush downstairs

I start dressing for the cold winter weather

Snow Pants,

Winter Jacket,

Snow Boots, 

My hat and mittens. 

I rush out the door

I look…




Untouched snow.

I now feel the cold breeze

Blowing against my neck

Giving me the shivers

It’s winter again at last.

Spooky Street

The house at the end of my street is abandoned. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. The rickety old door with a large off white sign on the front that reads “NO TRESPASSING” in large red bold letters. Well actually just between me and you the red kind of resembles blood stains in my opinion. There are large pieces of yellow tape wrapped around posts as if trying to keep people out. Some pieces of tape flapped in the mid autumn breeze. I’m 17 and I have never seen any form of life in, around or even near this house.