When I wake up in the Morning

    I woke up as a turkey today. It’s funny because I dreamed of Thanksgiving last night. My family and I were sitting around the table and I heard my mom say “Becky if you eat much more you are going to turn into a turkey.” 

    Now that I think about it the day before I woke up as a cat. I had dreamt of my cat eating the flies in the window and enjoying a late afternoon nap.  

    And the day before that I woke up as a bee. I dreamt that I had fallen into a beehive and was covered in bee stings from disturbing them.

    And the day before that I woke up as an ant. I dreamt that I was eating pizza in the hall and the ants swarmed in wanting me to feed them. When I refused, they just kept multiplying.

Finding the Clearing

    It was a mid November afternoon. The days were getting shorter, and colder. Becca and her friend Sam decided to take their dogs for a walk on a trail they had never seen before. They left after lunch on a Sunday afternoon expecting to be gone for just an hour or two. At least that’s what they expected.

    After an hour and a half the girls decided it would probably be a good idea to start heading back for the evening. After a mile of walking they came to a four way branch in the trail. They could not remember which way they had come from. Even worse they didn’t remember this branch in the trail at all. They figured they would just continue straight because that seemed most logical not remembering turning onto a new trail.

    Ten minutes later Sam said “I think we are almost there I can feel it.” 

    “I don’t know Sam,” Becca responded, “It feels like we are going backwards again.”


Albino eye red,
Cheesy goldfish orange,
Fresh autumn corn yellow,
Evening lettuce green,
Frosty ice blue,
Evil villain purple,
Venomous snake violet,
Guilty rosey cheeks pink,
Stormy afternoon sky grey, 
Snowy owl white,
Spooky night black,
All colors,
Not one greater than the rest,
Equal rainbow.


Breaking The Ice

     Sara is new to her school in Mississippi. Ever since she was a little girl, she has been very shy. It’s the very first day and she knows nobody in her 7th grade class. She is scared to talk to them but doesn’t like being the awkward new girl who is always quit. She knows she will have to start talking to her classmates soon. 
    That night after school she went home and started thinking of something she could say to the other girls. Just after an hour of thinking she came up with four ways to break the ice between her and her classmates. 
    She made a list…

Observe the other students in her class and see who has similar interests as her. She then could say ‘Hey I like that too.’

Talk to another shy person that understands her point of view and how its hard to talk to new people.

Talk to one person that seems nice and become friends with them and their friends.