Mar 19
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Running around the city all day got me tired, so I laid down on the hill overlooking the city. I love looking at the city from this hill, but there's one thing that always takes my eyes off the city, the stars. I love looking at the stars and making pictures out of them. It’s so calming and relaxing I often fall asleep on this hill, just as I did tonight. 

Mar 17
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Mar 10
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I feel something off. Something wrong. All my friends have gone to the carnivalAnd I haven’t heard anything from them. What is going on? I decide to go to the carnival to find out what’s going on. When I get there I hear kids and adults laughing, I go in. Once I’m in I find my friends, nothings wrong! “Where have you guys been all day!” I yell, “We’ve been here, there are just so many rides!” my friend James says back. I look out and as far as I can see, the carnival grounds aren't much bigger than a suburban house. My friends walk over to the back and I see more and more ground that I didn’t see before, “what is going on” I mumble under my breath. I keep watching my friends, they seem out of their own bodies. How do they not find this place creepy? As we’re approaching a ride, I see a hypnotizing spinning circle above the rides name. Have they all been hypnotized?
Mar 04
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I like to

Mar 04
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A Fork in The Road.

Walking down the road, I come to a fork in the road. I stop and think, should I take the path my phone is telling me, or take the other path and see what there is. I decide to take the other path, on my way I come to a clearing, I can look out for miles and see all the trees and mountains. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Mar 04
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Mar 04
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In a word without verbal communication we all must learn the new language, the language of dance and movement. The language was always there, but with the noise of talking, no one truly understood this language. But now we show our emotion depending on how fast or slow we dance, whether we pick our heads back up or if we stay defeated. 
Mar 04
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Walking and talking
Listening to the sounds of nature
Hearing a faint buzz 
“What is that?” we ask each other.
Heat starts to radiate onto us
Closer and closer
Hotter and hotter
We wake up back at our house
We hear a voice tell us
All ur wishes have come true
Any future wishes will have the same fate
Peace on Earth
No more global warming

Jan 29
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For my first wish, I would wish for an unlimited sum of money, with the money, I’ll solve every problem that I can with money. I’ll have 10 years until my second wish, so I will have time to solve a lot of problems. With my second wish I would wish to get rid of all the problems that I haven’t already fixed. And finally, for my third and final wish, I’d wish for the ability to create anything I can imagine from thin air. With this ability I’d be able to make people immortal and also make then stay young. I would also be able to solve any problem that arrives. 

Dec 16
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Tomorrow I Hope 
All Of Our Problems Go Away
All Fear Leaves Us Alone 
Pain Is No More
Tomorrow I Hope 
Everything Is Peaceful
But I Know To Get All Of These Things 
A Lot More Tomorrows Are Needed